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Month: April 2022

Cuckold and the Dome

Behind that slap and that sad man cursing at the Alopecia Awards was a story. It is one of psychological manipulation, marital pain, cuckoldry, and being Hollywood, of course, boatloads of narcissism. Oh, and a non-life-threatening hair condition. This is what I learned, losing many brain cells in the process so you don’t have to. Alopecia …

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‘Regime Change’ Doesn’t Work, You Morons

Not long ago, candidate Joe Biden’s most troubling behavioral tendency was the surprise outburst of belligerence. Campaigning, he’d challenge questioners to push-up contests, jam fingers in the sternums even of supporters, and plunge into rambling monologues about leg hairs and chain-fights. Now, the president’s face is often a mask of terror, like a man unsure …

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