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A Comment on Comments

I am sitting on a few comments to the recent posts that focus on the coming apart of Christendom, and am not sure I will post these.  I am finding these destructive, not constructive.  I do not like the mudslinging between traditions.

Yesterday’s post was based on a Protestant scholar’s evaluation of Protestantism; the post tomorrow is based on the concerns of two Protestant pastors about their own tradition.  Such things are positive signs for me, that people are willing to consider the log in their own eye instead of the speck in another’s.  Some of the commenters could learn something from this.

An example of an individual from one tradition looking into the history of all Christian traditions is John Strickland, through his books on the history of Christendom.  Strickland, an Orthodox priest, treats all traditions with respect, but offers criticism where he sees it.

Another example is Paul VanderKLay, who demonstrates an excellent characteristic of being able to hold respectful conversations with Catholics, Orthodox, atheists, whatever – and this from a Dutch Reformed pastor, whose tradition considered the pope the anti-Christ.

There is value in each tradition, and there are reasons to find fault in each.  Going back through history, the opportunities to find examples of either are almost endless.

So, what is my point in writing posts such as these, especially when I know that those who are new to this blog don’t understand my ground rules and purpose?  Certainly, it is not to debate theology or doctrine.  No one who reads this blog is qualified to speak authoritatively on such topics.

My point is simple: the world is coming apart, and our liberties are being crushed – and this has accelerated in the last twenty months.  Only one institution can turn this tide, and the vast majority of the official representatives of this institution have failed completely – if not, in fact, are in service to the enemy.

There is a remnant, to be found out of each tradition, that sees and understands this.  The battle this remnant faces is captured in Ephesians 6:12, and I have best described it here.

Those who see the world this way need not tear each other down.  We are all we’ve got.

Reprinted with permission from Bionic Mosquito.

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