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A Pox on You for Christmas

This Christmas the most desired gift may be a resveratrol pill as an antidote to a predicted smallpox pandemic. Resveratrol (rez-vair-ah-troll) being that molecule in red wine that prevents blood-clotting heart attacks and activates the Sirtuin1 survival gene that mimics a lifespan-doubling calorie-restricted diet.

Don’t we have a smallpox vaccine?

This is because, like the Director of the National Institute of Infectious Diseases 2017 prediction that a looming pandemic would soon materialize unless his institute was adequately funded, we now have a billionaire vaccine backer masquerading as a philanthropist, who just happens to have ownership in a company that recently gained FDA drug approval for smallpox, and just happens to have spent $319 million bankrolling the news media, asking news reporters what are we going to do if and when biological terrorists release smallpox in ten airports?

This has resulted in news chatter blamed on conspiracy theorists that Bill Gates will unleash smallpox on Christmas day.

Germ games

In fact, Mr. Gates, with his paid-off sycophant reporters thrusting their microphones forward to catch his every word, recently said the world ought to be conducting “germ games” and funding vaccine research to the tune of $1 billion a year, because bioterrorists may get hold of stocks of smallpox and other germs.  Germ games refers to practice scenarios of a pandemic catastrophe.

Let’s see if I get this straight.  Bill Gates, the self-proclaimed oracle of future pandemics, warns of weaponized smallpox just after the FDA approves his new pox drug.  I’m not mentioning the drug to give it undeserved publicity, but readers can click on the link here.

Sounds like Gates want to use public money for his own gain

Gates was writing about future pandemics and preparation against them in 2015.  So why, with all his wealth, were there no testing kits for Covid-19 when it hit the world, and there had even been a Bill & Melinda Gates sponsored  exercise called Event 201 to prepare for it?

This threat of smallpox is also spawned by the theory as global warming will melt the permafrost and humanity will encounter previously frozen diseases.  So, a pandemic could be unleashed even without a bioterrorist!

Smallpox propaganda; keeping Americans on the edge

That was followed by a specious report of vials of smallpox being found in an abandoned refrigerator, the vials later found to have no smallpox virus, but this certainly ignites public fear of smallpox when this virus was eradicated decades ago.

The timing of all this hoopla over a looming worldwide outbreak of smallpox comes just when younger generations have not been vaccinated against this virus.

Daniel Horowitz, senior editor of TheBlaze, in an article entitled: “Are Elites Planning a COVID Repeat… With Smallpox?” writes: “When Bill Gates is warning about smallpox right before vials of smallpox are discovered, and in the same week a Maryland woman tests positive for monkeypox, we should pay attention!”

Horowitz reveals a potential repurposed smallpox drug actually carries a black box warning for increased mortality after taking just two doses.

And what is The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation doing funding a consultant to the company that makes an implied claim its pharmaceutical technology could be used against smallpox “even though there is no data to support that?”

If a bioterrorist were to release smallpox, it would have to come from the two stockpiles in the world in Russia and the US.  So, just what is our government doing, issuing a purchase order for $113 million of smallpox vaccine?  That report even mentions, in the absence of routine vaccination (abandoned in 1972), smallpox could “potentially be used as a biological weapon from unsecured stocks or genetic engineering.”

So, what’s with resveratrol?

It so happens a scientific report published in Frontiers in Microbiology found resveratrol “dramatically suppresses the replication of pox viruses.”  With over 250 brands of resveratrol pills, it’s a consumer’s market.  Best to get your res pills before the contrived pandemic begins and the smallpox virus, or the threat of the smallpox virus, is set loose.  Remember gift certificates for your loved ones! J


I write this having a commercial interest in red wine pills which critics say is a conflict of interest.  But there is no problem in Bill Gates hyping vaccines when he has a commercial interest in vaccinology.  Gates even pays off the news media to get word out about “his vaccines.”  Even the FDA that approves vaccines has a conflict of interest as it derives a great deal of its income (~45%) from drug and vaccine makers.

Gates: Untouchable

Gates is untouchable.  A USA TODAY report says: “In a world in which nothing happens by chance, those with wealth are assumed to have the power to engage in and cover up maligned activities, and as a result, Bill Gates is an inevitable subject of conspiracy theories …. Gates is ‘the perfect villain’.”

Anyone who questions Gates is a conspiracy theorist.  Of course, it WAS GATES himself who said there should be 10-15% fewer people on the planet.

There are fact checkers who deny this and say Gates’ words were misunderstood and his TED talk was edited.  So, I take his words directly from the script from the website:

“First we’ve got population.  The world today has 6.8 billion people.  That’s headed up to about nine billion.  Now, if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive services (abortion, my words), we could lower that by, perhaps 10 or 15 percent.”

The vaccine dissenter

Why doesn’t everyone know that smallpox wouldn’t have been halted if the world had listened to an obscure young East Indian doctor who dared to ask: “if a house is on fire in a village, no one wastes time putting water on the other houses, just in case the fire spreads.  This is the mass vaccination strategy, instead, as they rush to pour water on where it will do the most good – on the burning house.”

Modern medicine over-treats/vaccinates millions of healthy people to spare one life at great cost to society.

Of course, mindless news reporters don’t see that is precisely where modern medicine ought to be headed, now that we have a soon-to-be-approved drug that can be prescribed when Covid-19 infection is acute, a drug that will keep infected patients out of the hospital and the morgue.  Since natural immunity is superior to vaccination, mass vaccination can be ditched and the acutely ill given the drug.

Polio as the pillar of proof for vaccination

Ah, we hear polio has been eradicated due to vaccination.  So we ought to be thankful for vaccines.  But aren’t those cases of acute flaccid paralysis being reported among youngsters actually polio by a different name?  And don’t those cases of paralysis emanate from the polio vaccine?  Modern medicine has cunning ways to cover its tracks.

The numbskull emails

I’m counting many emails I have received that I’m a health quack, anti-vaxxer, quasi-scientist, vitamin-pill huckster.  But to ask the critics a pointed question, just precisely how do vaccines produce immunity without zinc and vitamins A, C and D which are necessary to produce an immune response?

Modern medicine has proceeded to address the viral pandemic as a vaccine deficiency and until the vaccines became available, if Americans would just lock themselves in fear in their homes and distance themselves from others so as to not develop any natural immunity from exposure to the circulating virus, then they would be totally dependent upon vaccination for immunity and would also be vitamin D-deficient to boot for lack of sunshine.

2,612 new vaccines in the R&E pipeline

There is another factoid that needs to be shared.  Modern vaccinology presents vaccines for each and every infectious disease.  Currently there are 2,612 vaccines being investigated for infectious diseases.  That represents a lot of jabs for humans over their lifetime.  This sounds like a madman is behind all these vaccine agendas.

The prospect of a universal vaccine

What is needed is a universal vaccine.  We already have some.  Zinc to name one.

However, there is a biological phenomenon called trained immunity.  It is why well-vaccinated school-age children aren’t experiencing Covid-19 symptoms.  The vaccines they have received aggregately confer broader immunity to other pathogens.  Only recently have immunologists recognized the initial innate immune response to pathogens, while non-specific towards any particular pathogen, can produce long-lasting epigenetic immunity.

Durable immunity has traditionally been attributed to the adaptive immune response that kicks in days after initial infection to produce memory antibodies and T-cells.  Under trained immunity a broad protection can be achieved.  (Don’t tell this to the medical sector of the stock market.  This fact would bring down Wall Street).

A report published in Frontiers in Immunology concedes there already are molecules that fall into this category.  Certainly, the Calmette-Guerin tuberculosis vaccine falls into this category and exhibits protection from coronaviruses.  That report even states trained immunity “may result in the next generation of anti-infectious vaccines.”  Whoa!

Overlooked beta glucan

Among the candidates for a universal vaccine that could be used as an “immunostimulant” for different infections is beta glucan, which has been known but overlooked for decades.  Beta glucan, derived from the walls of yeast cells, is considered an “immune trainer.”

Any shortfalls of beta glucan supplements are attributed to the poor quality products on the market.  Consumers should be advised, one brand of beta glucan (Wellmune) tested far ahead of others.

End of the vaccine era

The superiority of natural immunity, exposed in the current Covid-19 pandemic, applies to all infectious diseases.  If one cares to investigate behind the curtains, modern synthetic vaccines do not produce long-lasting immunity.  Natural immunity is 6-13 times more protective against recurring cases of Covid.  That is why health authorities don’t even count natural immunity.

There really never were all those thousands of deaths from influenza.  Maybe a few hundred deaths, not 36,000 flu-related deaths as the Centers for Disease Control publishes.  In fact, the only people who tell me they had flu symptoms are those who just got vaccinated.

Oh, there are conditions that produce flu-like symptoms, but they aren’t really influenza.  A long-list of drugs induce flu-like symptoms, in particular anti-inflammatory drugs.

The flu didn’t vanish during the Covid-19 pandemic as the CDC says.  It never really existed, except in small numbers.

And wasn’t smallpox just a vitamin A deficiency anyway?  At least ocular variola (smallpox) was considerably more common in areas where vitamin A deficiency resulted in blinding cases of River Blindness (trachoma).

Smallpox is horrid.  If the propagandists release a photo that looks like this, it will panic most people and they will run to get the medicines and vaccines.  Despite the facts, there will be no telling the masses otherwise.

Now you know you have had the wool pulled over your eyes. For informing you of this, I am branded and ridiculed as an anti-vaxxer, a health quack and vitamin peddler.  When opponents have to resort to ridicule rather than deliberate facts, that should be telling.

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