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All My Nanny Clients Expect Me To Get The Covid Vaccine, What Do I Do?

A reader writes:


I just wanted to convey my sincere, heartfelt gratitude for everything you have done and continue to do to empower us. I just purchased your book.  Myself and elderly mother were able to go in to a Trader Joe’s in Menlo Park, California WITHOUT a face diaper. Hallelujah praise the LORD! Store manager kept on telling the employees with the hawaiian shirts that it was “OK, they called me beforehand” after they would encounter/follow us and say “Ma’am you need to wear a face mask.”

I can tell you here in my area (Atherton, California) ALL the nannies are having a hard time due to the masks for themselves and for their charges ~ very sad indeed. Not only that, but all the agencies such as TANDCR in Palo Alto, California (Town and Country Resources) and all the other agencies REQUIRE the satanic clot shot. I have been a nanny/personal assistant for over 20 years, and I can tell you that it is unbelievable to me how SO many folks with letters in front and behind their names are SO lacking critical thinking skills. It’s astounding. So far my dad/mom boss have NOT yet enquired about my vaccine status nor do I wear a mask in the household. They both are fully vaccinated. :-/

IF you are in the area please reach out. I would love to thank you personally and shake your hand.

Lots of light and blessings to you and your family. 

~Nanny of the Year 


Thank you so much for this note!

Though you aren’t, at work, personally impacted by these draconian ultimatums, you appear to be reading the writing on the wall and preparing for what the future may hold. It sounds like you and your friends in the industry are basically saying “All my nanny clients expect me to get the Covid vaccine. What do I do ?”

My immediate answer is this:

1.) Increase your hourly rate by 25% and,

2.) Advertise yourself as “Never vaccinated against COVID-19” and “100% unmasked” and “An experienced nanny.”

I believe the following will organically occur:

You will find more clients than you know what to do with and will have to soon open up the “Unvaxxed Nanny Agency,” with the motto “More expensive than the competition, but we won’t shed death on your grandma.”

Social Media Will Be A Goldmine 

If you really do it right, all the social media maskholes will attack you. Contrary to popular opinion, do not fear that, embrace that. It’s free publicity!

Your marketing material can make all the claims about the harm done by the Covid vaccine. You can have a lot of fun with that. As the owner of the agency, it will be your job to attract attention and find work for your nannies. Lots of marketing is total deceit. It can be a lot of fun to run a marketing campaign that is 100% honest and calls out those in power for their lies.

Ideally, you will go so overboard with your anti-vaccine rhetoric that Pfizer will want to sue you in the crooked courts. That will basically guarantee that you will live the rest of your life in the lap of luxury. You can’t pay for publicity like that. Imagine the billboards “Unvaxxed Nanny Agency,” new motto “We are so anti-vax that Pfizer sued us and won!” No matter what such a lawsuit costs, if you play it right, you will win in the end, and you will sleep at night with peace of mind that you are fighting the good fight each day.

You can go so overboard with your marketing that no social media censorship will be able to stop you. People will share your marketing with their friends just as a conversation piece. They will do this even if they disagree with you. If you play this right, the most awful, arrogant, hateful people on Next Door will become your most ardent marketers. Remember, it does not matter whether or not they agree with you, it only matters that they are passionate about you. Get them passionate about you, and word of your efforts will spread. Just imagine the fun you could have with the signs as you tape them to light poles and bus stops.

Sample flyer text 1: 

Don’t work for a vaxxhole!  

Unvaccinated nannies wanted. 

Starting pay 25% higher than the competition. 

Sample flyer text 2: 

Sick of the mask yet? 

Our parents will never ask you to wear a mask, because they see right through the lies. 

If you are unvaxxed and unmasked, we will beat your current pay by 25%.

Sample flyer text 3: 

Are you tired of the Covid lies? 

Come work for a company that won’t force you  to take the unsafe, ineffective Covid shot.

Sample Flyer 4: 

Vaccinated and masked nannies are more dangerous to children than Covid. 

Quit being cheap. 

Give your child the upbringing they deserve with an unvaccinated and unmasked nanny. 

Sample Flyer 5: 

Never want grandkids? 

Good, then keep your vaccinated nanny and give the vaccine to your kids while you’re at it. 

Everyone else — call us. 

I Am Being Sincere About The Potential I See

I know this may come across as playful and tongue-in-cheek, simply because it is so different from how most people view the situation, but please be assured that I am being sincere.

A wise 81-year-old woman, wise beyond her years, who labors daily in her massive garden and doesn’t look to me much older than fifty, has said to me “Remember to rise every day in expectation. Expect miracles every day. If you don’t expect those miracles, God can’t give you those miracles.” That said, please allow me to encourage you to ignore the way of the world. It is distraction. Expect great things that align with your values, and if you execute on them faithfully, great things indeed will happen.

There is no one that is 10x, 100x, or 1000x smarter than you. There is no one who works 10x, 100x, or 1000x harder than you. But there may be people who have faith for 10x, 100x, or 1000x more than you do. For many, that is the variable. Another wise man of faith has twelve important two-letter words he likes to reference, “If it is to be, it is up to me. Do it!”

This is to say, that my dreaming with you here is sincere, as sincere as it gets. You are in a truly brilliant situation in life. If you embrace the challenge, you will overcome it and help yourself and others shape your destinies moving forward. And you can have a lot of fun doing it!

Joyful Activism Can Be Your Marketing 

For marketing efforts, you can hire people to attend all the local protests and hand out flyers for your agency. You can go to city council meetings, yell about vaccine mandates during public comments and finish each of your public comments with “…and that’s why I run the Vaccine-Free Nanny Network — Call us at 408-555-1212 right away because we are running out of nannies are services are so popular. Again that’s 408-555-1212. We are the Vaccine-Free Nanny Network.” 

There are many dozens of recorded and broadcasted city and county meetings in your area each week in which you can offer a public comment like that. In fact, why stop at only the public comment. Comment on every single agenda item. Comment on it, even if you know nothing about it. The more you stick out as not belonging, and the more places you stick out in, the more people will know about you and talk about you.

Not only can you have fun ridiculing, belittling, and shattering the laughably amateurish big pharma, big government narrative, you will grow your business, spread the word of your services, and influence even more people to recognize the authority they have over such evil in their lives.

Courage Is Contagious 

I can’t overstate the potential of the situation you are in. Those who seek to be our overlords think we will just accept it and let life go back to normal. You can concretely produce a very different outcome in the community around you.

You’ll not only be a hero to hundreds of families who thought they’d never find an unvaxxed nanny, but you’ll also be a hero to hundreds of nannies who never thought they’d find an unvaxxed family. On top of that, you will also save lives, and you will be an inspiration to millions around the globe. By simply being able to see your situation as an opportunity, you will, in your day-to-day life, be able to play your role in turning back the creeping totalitarianism.

You Have A Special Level Of Influence 

I want to point to something a little more special as well. You have a special level of influence that nannies in Paris, Berlin, Tokyo, Austin, and Miami do not have.

California has a special role in American culture. It leads the way in so many regards. After the morass of 2020, its gubernatorial recall efforts have prompted and promoted backlash at governors and officials across the country who have encouraged this corona communism that has so seized this land. To watch this backlash spread from California has been a masterful indicator of its influence in the minds of so many. We know California’s influence can be used to promote bad, we must not forget it’s potent ability to leverage the good.

In recent years, California has largely pushed forward bad influences on American culture. The lockdowns nationally and globally started in your neck of the woods, when, on March 17, 2020, the coterminous city and county of San Francisco announced a three-week lockdown that has now extended nearly 18 months, a lockdown that the other Bay Area counties, including your own joined in on. The San Francisco Department of Public Health has a special place among health departments globally — it is seen as one of the most willing to experiment on its residents. Across the country and around the world, health departments said, “If San Francisco is doing this, it must be okay for us to do this.”

The Santa Clara County Department of Public Health, in the heart of Silicon Valley, led by the degenerate Sarah Cody, also has a reputation. They do not need to pay any attention to the local populace or pay any regard to human rights or to medical ethics or the concepts laid out at Nuremberg. They are diligently engaged in experimentation with the support and funding of the tech oligarchs around you. They have a special blank check to do whatever they want in the name of experimentation on the populace and in the name of advancing the rule by technocracy. What a fascinating dynamic you live in, at the spear tip of the resistance, and what that means is that you have a great deal of ability to influence not just your own corner of the world, but the entire world.

If it can be stopped in San Francisco, it can be stopped everywhere. If it can be stopped in Silicon Valley, it can be stopped everywhere. In living your daily, free existence, you are incidentally fighting a fight for a Mexican grandmother in a village 30 miles outside of Oaxaca, for a underground Chinese Christian in Inner Mongolia, for a man in eastern Slovakia and his family who will not stand for this nonsense and who has been treated so shamefully as a result, but who remains resolute.

Every American has an outsized ability to spread freedom through their daily decisions, moment by moment. But you, ma’am, at the tip of the spear, surrounded by what must feel like the greatest tyranny you’ve ever experienced, as it breathes down your neck threatening to crush you and all you hold dear, you ma’am have influence at the spear tip that it is so much more powerfully magnified than most other Americans can hope to have many miles away in the safe havens for liberty. 

You were made for a time and a place such as this.

And there is an active group of lions looking for you, dear reader. They are crying out for someone like you and do not know how to find you.

You Live In Silicon Valley — A Special Place To Be Right Now — But There Is A Missing Ingredient 

You live in Silicon Valley. All the moms who agree with you have been shadow-banned into submission. All the nannies that agree with you have been forced out of work. The dads who agree with you have become local pariahs. If you go find them, and connect them, you hit the jackpot.

Are your picturing this yet?

Because I am.

The missing ingredient is your courage, a missing ingredient the enemy recognizes, as he seeks to demoralize and discourage you, to convince you that truthful words spoken will result in censorship, so why not just keep quiet and keep hold of the meager rights and privileges you still have. Those encouragements for cowardice are the counsel of the enemy, even if they come out of the mouth of a dear friend. The last thing needed now is cowardice around the truth, shame around the speaking of wisdom, bashfulness around faithfulness.

The missing ingredient in the world you described to me is your courage. You are living out some of that life in courage. I commend you for that. Dream big, expect miracles, deny fear any quarter in your life, and live out the rest of your life with the massive measure of courage you have in you.

Are you picturing this? Do you see the potential of this moment you live in, dear lion?

Because I do.

A new America is being forged in the fires and ashes of the has-been American empire, that has a senile and illegitimate ice cream eater hiding in his Delaware basement ceremonially calling the shots, as he flees from the goat herders of Afghanistan, the graveyard of empires.


Welcome to the new America. Thank you for being a part of it.

Something tells me, that new America will be forged in the same fires and ashes that a new California is forged in.

Transitions like these take time and effort, but oh what a joy they are when a free people are finally able to step into their inevitable, incredible future and taste freedom for themselves and their families.

Recognition, in yourself, of how free you really are is what freedom really is. Once you realize that, no one can stop you from acting upon it.

Any person of inaction, no matter how well-versed they are in the theory, knows nothing of freedom. He is a man held hostage by a theory, convinced that theory has bearing upon reality.

Their actions show how little they respect freedom. How palpably they deny its existence and hide behind theory. It is through action that values are shown.

Filled with that spirit, you will be left with no other choice than taking bold steps akin to those I describe: the types of choices a free man, a free woman, makes when they look around them at a confused world.

Live that free life and the world around you, the world as you know it, will become that free place you desire.

Say no to the evil. All of the evil. Never wear a mask again. “Face Masks in One Lesson exists to help you do that, as do these pieces, and the email newsletter at full of quick, easy to watch videos on how to make that, and other bold steps, a reality in your own life. 

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