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American Free Enterprise Is Alive & Well

By reading Lew Rockwell today you can probably make more money per hour than you have in your lifetime.  At the moment I write, with the President’s plan to raise the tax on capital gains, and there are rumors there will soon be taxes on profits buying and selling Bitcoin, you can probably make more money on this mini-venture on a percentage basis than Bitcoin or the stock market.

Before you are disappointed, the gains are in the hundreds of dollars, not thousands.  But you must read about this compelling opportunity.

First let me tell you, this is a guy thing.  Women are rolling their eyes.

It’s happening right here in America.  No accusation of skin color bias either.  Everybody has equal opportunity.   All you need is $10 to get started.  And, if you are a kid, you can “buy on margin” (get some money from your dad) to get started.

I can tell you, despite COVID-19, America is still the land of opportunity.

Buying sports cards at Target

My friend, who chooses to remain anonymous for obvious reasons, tells me this real story:

He was shopping at Target with his 8-year-old son and a clerk was attempting to stock the shelves with sports cards and packets of the cards fell on the floor.  My friend began to help pick them up, started a conversation with the stock clerk, and decided to buy some cards.  A few packs. The limit is 3 packs per customer per day.

My friend sensed a window of opportunity.  And that is most people’s problem – they can’t see opportunity when it comes knocking.  So, let’s proceed with the story.


After his purchase he went back to his car, researched the value of the sports cards on his cell phone, and discovered they were worth 3-4 times what he just paid.  He bought a pack of sports cards for $10 and they can be sold at eBay for ~$30.

He glanced around the car and noticed he had a different jacket and mask in the car.  So, he put them on and re-entered the store.

He wore a different mask and jacket and selected a different check-out line, and purchased 3 more packs. His disguise worked.  He used the face mask requirement to hide his identity.

Then he returned a third time with another combination of clothing and face mask.

Then he went back with his son who could buy 3 packs for himself.

At the end of the shopping day at Target he had 22 packs of cards, total cost $220 + tax.

Anticipated resale

Back home he opened some of the card packs as he found there could be individual cards in there that are worth over $1000 each.  He sold seven individual cards for more than the total he had spent to buy all the packs, $269.  He sold them within an hour at eBay the next morning.

This is why the store shelves at Target and Walmart are empty.

There are long lines at Target and Walmart for the sports cards.  Lines start before the store opens in the morning.  First come, first serve.  See pictures below.

Sports trading cards are going bonkers for men who have time on their hands and stimulus money to spend.

After-market basketball trading cards are said to be selling for 4-5 times more than retail price.

The cards are also sold online at Facebook. Or in online groups.

You can make a small fortune.  Profits are limited.  You can’t buy 100 packs of cards.  But with time on their hands, on an hourly basis it’s a big return, especially for the unemployed.  Beats sitting at home bored to death.

I don’t know how one calculates the percent of profit when the cards were purchased with free stimulus money.

Sports cards are also sold at hobby shops.  There is a difference between buying at retail stores like Target and hobby shop prices.  I’m told boxes of sports cards at hobby shops are very expensive.

My friend tells me you can also buy cards direct from Topps on their website.  Topps releases special packs of cards, called Topps Definitive.  A box of 8 “hit” cards, some with autographs, sell for $1599 for a mega-box.  They often re-sell out @$1700 a box in minutes at eBay (see below).

Part 2: Hot Wheels

My anonymous friend’s 8-year-old son is also into Hot Wheels.   One day he told his son, “let’s go look at Hot Wheels.”

Some Hot Wheels are really expensive.

Hot Wheels has a Red Line Club membership – $30 for the year, offered for only 1 day a year.  This year he decided to join.

I learn that Hot Wheels releases a car a month and you can decide to buy or decline each offering.  Members have a narrow window to buy online.  They open selling at 9 AM and everything is sold out instantly.  There is an online countdown – 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.  The first 20,000 get to buy one, worldwide.

The first time he bought a car for $30 that was selling for $150+ on eBay.  He actually listed and sold it on auction at ebay for $187.  The second month he did it again, bought for $40 and sold for $128.

Some Hot Wheels now sell for over $1000.

Only in America.

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