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And Now They’re Hoping For My Death

From the Tom Woods Letter:

As you know, I’ve been quite ill for nearly three weeks now.

I’m on the mend, but pneumonia can be a slow recovery.

Now: there’s something out there called left-libertarians. I know you don’t believe me. They exist. Most of them, like leftists in general, are a self-hating, miserable lot.

A particularly hateful one, who supports lockdowns (so you have an idea of what kind of libertarian he is), just posted this:

I have five daughters, one of them 7 years old.

“Michael Jaehnig” thinks her being terrorized at my potential death makes for appropriate social-media banter.

Another person — again, not a random COVID fanatic but specifically a left-libertarian who hates me ideologically — said he hoped I developed a blood clot and lost my leg.

This is what these people wish upon my children: a debilitated or dead father.

Meanwhile, the lunatics are panicked because of this chart — yes, this chart:

Did you realize that was the extent of what we’re facing? That little bit of nothingness at the end of the chart there?

Then how’s this: Baptist Health in Jacksonville, Florida, just scared heart and stroke patients away from their emergency room with what turned out to be an outright lie:

They had to issue an apology and reassure heart and stroke patients that they would not in fact be turned away after all:

Just when we thought we might have to start back in on other topics again, the b.s. takes off like a rocket.

I’ll be doing my best to get the truth out there. But as cynical as I am sometimes forced to be, even I didn’t expect people actually joking about my death.

Liberalism truly is a mental disorder.

Come join me with other well-adjusted people and support what I do:

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