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Article by You, John Ellement, in the Biston Globe

Did you or any of the doctors inquire or wonder if his unusual, tragic, heretofore “bewildering,” heart condition could possibly be a vaccine injury?. As you may have read in other papers not part of the legacy media cone of silence, cardio vascular injuries have been among the most common reported on VAERS, especially for young, healthy black males. Preston’s Brooks School is a vaccinated community with strict protocols regarding even the appearance of unvaccinated individuals on its campus. I do not expect any of his doctors to ask these hard questions as the medical community, excepting those I have ccd on this email and a small handful of others, has ignored and gaslit any mention of connection or causation.

If you did ask the hard question and are satisfied with the medical answer, I will respect your journalistic integrity a bit. If not, then it is another shining example of the Boston Globe’s continuing fall from grace. The newspaper whose brave spotlight team garnered awards for exposing the sexual misconduct and coverup of the Catholic Church has yet to publish a single article on vaccine injuries and the off  the chart numbers recorded in the underreported VAERS surveillance system for vaccine safety! Not one !! Have you all been so transfixed by pharmaceutical advertising or public health propaganda to not even ask hard questions? Our kids lives may be at stake! I sure hope Preston recovers, and that his family is satisfied with medical answers if the hard questions were posed. By the way, the doctors I am ccing are not antivaxxers, which is your broad brush dismissal of any claims that the shots may have safety issues! Dr McCullough is one of the world’s premiere cardiologists.

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