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Beware of the Modernizers

Many controlling Jezebel spirits exist. They are demonic and need driving out from among us.

Within that subset, a truly evil spirit exists inside some. It is the spirit of the modernizer. It is he who seeks to use trends as his ultimate authority in his weapon against his fellow man.

It is NOT the tinkerer who experiments with building the latest technology and wants to be left alone to do so. It is NOT the technologist who drives industries. It is NOT the research-minded who likes to own every new invention within his field of expertise, whether that be every new cell phone, every new cooking utensil, every new gun, or every new 3D printer. Trends are not bad. Technology is not bad. Change is not bad. They can all be blessings. The spirit of control is what brings something so beneficial across a bad line. The modernizer takes what could be a blessing and uses it to tyrannically squeeze control out of another. 

The Modernizer In Your Midst 

He looks down the nose at his country-dwelling aunt from the same village he came from, before he was a cosmopolitan city man.

He belittles his father who works the same job he has always worked, the job his grandfather, and great-grandfather worked too, an honest job with very clear cash flow and very clear duties, very different than the way money seems to be made in modernity.

He calls his grandma’s religion — religion that has lasted the test of time — “superstition.”

He calls his grandpa’s money — money that has lasted the test of time — “barbaric.”

He calls the village neighbor’s cures — cures that have lasted the test of time — “dangerous and unproven.” These are cures that helped bring him safely to adulthood, cures used several times a year for the first two decades of his life.

He calls his uncle, who’s house is effectively the family armory, “a paranoid assault weapons freak.” Uncle, grandpa, grandma and the rest know too many stories passed down through the family over the generations to be anything but knowledgeable about protecting themselves.

The protection is not from intruders and thieves, though that is important. The protection is not from animals, though that is important. The protection, they are most mindful of, is the need to protect themselves from those who come at them first with smiles and gifts and seek to liberate them if they would only give up “a few basic liberties” they take in life.

When such people are told “No, thank you,” by these content village folk, they tend to take insult and to come back without that smile. Many times, over generations, the family stories relate how quickly the person who claims to want to “help” can turn into the worst opponent of your health, wealth, and happiness.

He calls the stable marriages that his family knows “puritanical and oppressive.” It matters little that such stability has worked well for so long, a stability that was enriching to generations.

He pejoratively calls the stable home life he grew up with “regressive and anti-feminist.” He blames its lack of exoticness, for his need for therapy. He was never able to properly “explore alternative lifestyles” as a child he insists. The moral fabric of the home and village held him back.

Am I describing anyone contemporary for you? I may be describing a leftist or a technocrat for you, one that exists in your own life today. They are the people who don’t want to share their opinion with you through discussion.  They are the people who want to use the force of government and its guns to intimidate you, coerce you, relegate you to second class status, and to effectively do whatever is needed to impose their will upon you. 

It may sound like someone contemporary but I’m really trying to describe someone from a century ago, or even many centuries ago.

The trend is timeless.

History Has A Lesson It Wants To Teach You & Ottoman Times Tell A Story About Sociopathy & Cowardice Just As Well As Many Other Times Do 

One friend, a true lion of a man, a man imbued with a warrior spirit, is able to comment on the weakness of men in California and the Ottoman Empire alike. He may not realize it, but as he shares the stories from his family and from his own reading, he describes the same cycle of cussedness, prosperity, decadence, and decline of California and ultimately the United States, as he describes the once great Ottoman Empire:

“The only tough ‘Turks’ are the Kurdish minority who originated from the Persian Empire. The rest are wimps.”

Denied a flight on Turkish Airways, the cowardice of the man who turned him away reminded him of the tales of cowardly neighbors and overlords passed down in the family. Is such hyperbole factual? Of course not. “Only,” is a figure of speech. “The rest,” is a figure of speech. In every time and every place, the brave stand, but in such hyperbole can truth certainly be found as well. The conqueror always wants the brave man to think himself alone, to imagine resistance as futile. He is, in fact, never alone.

The Modernizers Have Long Been With Us 

The modernizers have long been with us. If you can zoom out your microscope a little, how often the truism from the Bible is able to be proven right about nothing under the sun being new — not even the modernizers who bask in the new.

No, even they are predictably old. And some such modernizers, when they grasp a sip of power behave as predictably immoral as so many modernizes throughout history have.

Some have their limits. Others don’t. In your midst right now are those with no limits. Until given a sip of power, we do not know who they are.

For The Well-Being Of All In Their Lives, You Included, Some Men & Women Never Deserve A Sip Of Power 

They may be in your very own home. They may kiss you goodnight at the end of each day. They may claim to love you. They cannot love you if they do not understand how to curb their desire to control you. The most fundamental aspect of your humanness they deny when they seek to control you. 

All they need is a little sip of power for them to turn into a monster. That little sip of power can be when society goes crazy and family and neighbor alike are encouraged to report each other secretly to a host of government agencies. If you think that through, deep down, you know how exactly that person who “loves” you will act. Would they publicly report you? No, not until society allows for that shift. That little sip of power can come when a relative falls ill and the ability to euthanize falls in their hands.

I mean really ill. I mean that moment where your 29-, 49-, or 79-year-old life would come to an end if they listened to the death panel influenced doctors and did the easy thing. Or, that life of yours would meet the ripe age of 92, if you were just nursed out of this dark turn by someone who cared enough about human life, namely your human life, to act in its defense.

If you think that through, deep down, you know how exactly that person who “loves” you will act.

Would they publicly execute you? No, not until society allows for that shift. But they would privately execute you as a doctor gives them the “moral” authority to do so, as if such a doctor has even a single moral word to speak.

People like this deserve to be kept far away from power — in your life, in your family, in your community, and in the world around you.

Don’t Let The Reality Of The Numbers Shock You — Upon The Shoulders Of The Remnant Will A New Society Be Built 

A big sip of power was given to those in the public health profession this past year. It was the power to move markets, to declare life non-essential, to close the house of the Lord, to run experiments on the population, and hardly a man stood up in his life and put an end to that tyranny. But thousands, hundreds of thousands, millions, and perhaps event billions stood up.

Yes, I thought many multiples more would stand up to such tyranny. Reality had a rude awakening to offer me. It was my recompense for living in denial about reality for so long. Everyone, sooner or later, is brought into line with reality.

A Remnant stood up. Upon their shoulders will a new society be built. It will be them who will steer those who will to follow back onto a righteous path. It will be them who will fight the wars that matter, perhaps never using a kinetic weapon in the entire process.

Those thousands, millions, and maybe billions are the Remnant who stood strong. They are the heroes who “hardly” stood up. They are the ones who will wisely shape the future as the modernizers do what they have always done: run about the world sociopathically reaching at every bit of power and exploiting it until stopped by he who knows better than to allow the enabling of such a person with such a thing as power.

That is the reality of life.

Modernizers You Should Know & Who I Hope You Will Think Of Every Time You Hear Their Genocidal Name 

To return to a time period already mentioned, another friend points out a little more depth about the once great Ottoman Empire. He really points it out about every empire though. There are sociopathic tyrants who lead society astray, there are sheep ready to follow, and there are lions who can stand up to stop it all or be convinced to sit back and do nothing.

A Greek philosopher writes, elaborating upon the previously spoken words:

“In reality, there are no ‘Turks.’ They are Greeks, Armenians, Assyrians, who were forcefully Islamified within the last millennium. And went on to commit a few genocides, against their Orthodox Christian brethren, indigenous in Asia Minor, the Balkans, and the greater East Mediterranean region.

“The Ottomans lost World War 1, but right before the war, during, and in the aftermath they completed their triple genocide — against Greeks, Armenians, and Assyrian Christians all over Asia Minor and Eastern Thrace.

“Ironically, it was the ‘modernisers’ who did it — of the ‘Committee for Unity and Progress’ — who aimed to create a ‘nation-state,’ by eliminating ALL (indigenous) non-Muslims, AND non-Turkish speakers (they decimated Arabic-speaking Muslims, too). 

“That ‘Committee’ was led by three thugs, the ‘three pashas’ — Ismail Enver Pasha, Djemal Pasha, and Talaat Pasha. 

“The Armenians killed all thee of them by the end of 1922. They are also known as ‘the Young Turks,’ a genocidal brand name.”

Perhaps such commentary may make some Turks angry, but it is not written to anger. It is written to illustrate. If the above is true, if you zoom out the microscope far enough and a Turk is a lot like an Armenian only with a little different religion, how very instructive that detail is.

Why Would A Turk Slay His Brother? 

Why would a Turk then slay his brother? Different religions have peacefully coexisted in Asia Minor for all recorded history. They have also not peacefully coexisted. What was the variable? What changed?

Often, it was the modernizer who came along, divorced from the wisdom of the ages, filled with some tumult of the trendy moment, treating a trend as his authority in life, and did bad, really bad.

Because we are such an intellectually impoverished group through our schooling, so many Americans cannot think past Hitler and Stalin, and to think even that far back is practically a miracle.

But that is really enough. There was nothing new about even those two, provided you zoom the microscope out far enough.

Modernizers — Not Those Who Encourage Change, But Those Who Force Individuals To Change According To The Will Of The Modernizer & The Schedule Of The Modernizer 

Charismatic young people come up. They care not for the past. The past is a reliable measure of reality and wisdom, as the past reliably predicts how their efforts will turn sociopathic and will ultimately lead to their demise. Times change. Often slowly. Modernizers don’t like the speed of change. They don’t like that their trend isn’t everyone’s trend.

In all times we are to identify our values, communicate our values, and defend our values. If we can do exactly that. If we can identify our boundaries, communicate our boundaries, and defend our boundaries, then all modernizes are deemed ineffective. That’s all it takes.

Not most of the time.

Not when it’s easy.

All the time.

If we just do that all the time, we disarm any ability for societies or empires to be run into the ground by sociopaths. It is not the emergence of sociopaths that lead great empires astray. It is the unwillingness of lions to stand firm upon their values — that is what determines the directions of all societies in all moments in history. The emergence of sociopaths as leaders is merely a symptom as they rise up to fill a power vacuum created by the sleeping lion. The would-be sociopath in our midst is nothing new. They are, at all times, around us, often in smaller numbers, discouraged by the lions around them, encouraged on a better path, kept in line, waiting for that chance to taste a little power.

Identify your values, communicate your values, and defend your values. Identify your boundaries, communicate your boundaries and defend your boundaries. Each and every time. That’s all it takes.

Modernity Wants You To Feel Small, I Write To You On Behalf Of Those Who Realize How Big You Are 

This is one of many reasons the face mask is so important. Each and every time it must be pushed back against and not be worn. It is a very tangible way of proving who honors their own boundaries and who doesn’t. With the science available in spring 2021, no one wears the mask because it works. Anyone who wears the mask only does so because they dishonor their own boundaries in some way. Perhaps to make others feel comfortable by donning the lie. Perhaps to acquiesce for the sake of convenience. Perhaps to shrug and say “It really doesn’t matter to me.”

Right there is a prime, tangible example of the power vacuum you help to create, no matter how small. Just as Congress abrogates power to the President and the states abrogate power to the central government — theories you can perhaps speak for hours about, but which you yourself can tangibly have almost no effect on — you abrogate your sovereignty to another person, or to an institution, or to society at large — a detail you can have total and complete control over.

Is it just to focus on the evil out of your control while ignoring the evil entirely within your control?

One is big and one is small,” modernity assures you. “Do big things!”

My friend, the biggest things, the very biggest things in your life are the things done by you and which directly impact you. Far off decisions mean next-to-nothing if you can be master of your own domain. All that takes is to identify your boundaries, communicate your boundaries, and defend your boundaries.

When you do otherwise, you abrogate rights that are rightfully yours. Every decision that you shrug your shoulders at and let another make for you, rather than checking your values, checking your boundaries and proceeding accordingly, is a decision you empower the modernizer on, as you drip power into the hands of those who least deserve it.

These are people who will reliably bring destruction and ruin with all power placed in their hands.

That’s who YOU, I’m not talking about anyone else…that’s who YOU help to empower when you decide not to decide, when you choose to let someone else decide for you. When you choose to acquiesce. When you choose to go along so someone else can just feel “comfortable,” instead of being confronted with the truth that weight loss, improved diet, exercise, vitamin D and a host of other approaches will extend their lives but the mask won’t do a thing for them. Or it can be any other truth for any other period of time, a truth that will never be researched by anyone but a lion, never mentioned by anyone but a lion, never fought for by anyone but a lion.

You damnable coward. Don’t let yourself be that. Be better. So much depends on that moment. So much depends on every moment of your life, every decision of your life.


Modernity wants you to think otherwise — that your actions don’t matter — and the modernizer and his ilk preach that doctrine louder than any other, in many forms: nihilism, post-modernism, universal basic income, perpetual adolescence, modern monetary theory, the utter lack of consequence. This list is nearly endless. It all comes down to the same modernizer-empowering nonsense: “You don’t matter.”

You DO matter. Your every action has consequence. You are made in the likeness of God. That detail is so special that it’s put right in the first chapter of the first book of the Bible and is the foundation of virtually all western culture.

If You Knew The Horror, If You Understood How Close We Are To Never Being Able To Turn Back, You Would Never Again Shirk 

If you’ve lived in post-communist lands. If you understand the fact that communism is here and has come to our land fully implemented with very little chance left to turn it back. If you understand the total control that can be had over this globe if a few men in this corner of the globe do not immediately stand up. If you understood the number of deaths caused throughout history by grown men who merely shrugged their shoulders, complied, and convinced themselves that they were just “following orders” or “staying in my lane” or “minding my own business.” If you understood that, you would never again wear that mask for any reason.

What are your values?

What are your core values?

In all horrific times in human history, those able to identify core values and say “No!” to those who would oppose them are those who were able to weather the storm with wisdom.

It does not always guarantee survival. That requires a different skill set. But it guarantees that your approach be the right one. Stand firm on your values.

What Happens When You Decide Not To Decide 

The core values passed down in the generations of your family are the core values that made your DNA able to be here at this moment in history, a moment so many other family lines fizzled out before making it to.

You’re here. And you have some choices to make.

Will you stand on the wisdom timeless or will you stand on the trend short lived?

Will you pass along your values? Will you pass along your seed?

Will you decide not to decide any of this at all?

If that’s the decision you make, I can tell you the outcome.

If you decide to be led by the trends, looking like an obedient sheep each day in order “to keep the peace,” in order to just get past the checkpoint “this one time,” in order to “go along to get along,” even if quietly you believe something different, I can tell you exactly how that works out. That’s called cowardice. You’ll become an alien in your own home. If allowed to progress, this era too will deal with cowardice just as every era has era.

If you decide to lean into the wisdom timeless, if you decide to stand by your core values. If you decide that, then you are promised the best odds of all.

You are promised a fighting chance.

The People Who Walk This Earth Are a Little More Special, & The US Has A Benefit 

The world today is populated with people who figured out enough to perpetuate their DNA and their values. The United States is filled with those same people, plus someone in their recent family line figured out how to successfully uproot their family in search of better opportunity. As distant as such a decision may feel, a great deal rests on it.

That’s a special extra litmus that exists. No other nation enjoys the same litmus to the extent the United States does. There are also a few others litmus tests that exist in America that make it the ideal place for this fight.

Everyone on this globe is engaged in a great fight, and Americans are a little better armed.

The modernizers have a plan for you. It’s not identical to the plans of other modernizers throughout history, but it’s a lot like it. The details are barely important. I can promise you this: unless you’re a modernizer you won’t like the plan they have for you. At least 90% of modernizers will one day realize they too do not like the plan, by which point it will be too late for them to change anything. Those are the people Ludwig von Mises, Vladimir Lenin, and many others called “useful innocents” or “useful idiots,” — the modernizers who changed their minds after it was too late for it to matter.

Yes, the modernizers have a plan for you. And they want you to believe their plan is the only plan. Their plan is the only choice.

Good News: The Modernizers Never Win, 

Awful News: Great Horror Is Often Suffered Until The Lions Awake 

Such an idea is laughable. The modernizers never win. They always lose. They leave catastrophe in their wake. But they always lose. You can’t force enough men into the new way to win. For whatever reason man simply isn’t made to be forced into the mold that the modernizer dreamt up last week, last year, or last decade.

The reality of life looks different that the plan of the modernizer. That is, in fact, the ultimate measure of the modernizers: he who denies reality.

But victory is not guaranteed in the short term either. Great suffering is promised when those who seek to modernize a population are given a taste of power.

More Than 100 Million Died At The Hands Of Communists, But A Bigger Problem Exists Than “Communism”

It’s often pointed out that 100 million died at the hands of communists this past century, the Century of the Great State (1917-2016) — people who died at the hands of their own government, a government that came to power claiming to operate in their best interest. This does not even begin to encapsulate the forced and coerced abortions in places like communist China. The same research, research that is selectively left out — tells the story that more than 250 million people died over the last century at the hands of their government. Even more may have died at the hands of non-communist governments than communist governments. “Democide” R.J. Rummel called it — murder by one’s government.

Though I know we have entered into a period of corona communism in the United States, this research shows that communism is not the indicator of mass murder: putting your trust in the hands of the state to determine the trajectory of individual life and livelihood is. The modernizer will always rise up and take that centralized role when the individual, the family, the community breaks down.

The Modernizers Fill The Vacuums You Won’t

Don’t point fingers at the Dr. Anthony Faucis and the Bill Gateses of the world. They are the modernizers, filling the power vacuum. A power vacuum left by who? That person is the one the finger needs to be pointed at. The finger needs to be pointed at you? How have you let that power vacuum form in your home, your family, and your community, dear lion?

I’m not looking for excuses. I know modern life can be hard and distracting. I’m not looking to condemn. But I’m looking to you to stand up now, in every way that you can. Short of making sure you and yours have enough water and food to make it through this day, hardly anything else can be more important right now. We have a very short window of opportunity ahead of us. Come fall flu season, people will fall ill and die, and the actions taken in 2020 will come to pale in comparison to the actions taken in 2021 and 2022. If we do not stop that.

How do we win? We wake up the lions.

Don’t worry about the sheep. Don’t worry about the leftists. Don’t worry about the modernizers. Wake a lion and the newfound freedom that ripples out fills the world in a fury of awe.

How do we do that? How do we wake up the lions? I’m sure you can figure that out.

Wake up enough lions though, in the world around you, and you win.

How do I wake up the lions? I get them to stop wearing their mask. I get them to honor their own boundaries each and every time. The tools it takes to do that are the tolls it takes to say no to the vaccine and the tools it takes to say no to all the other goofy ideas of the modernizers. 

Read “Face Masks in One Lesson, my writing, and sign up for my email newsletter at for videos, classes, and activism opportunities. 

Just wake up more of your fellow lions. It’s all you have to do. 

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