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Big Fail

Is it still lying if you’re senile? Ethics experts and other viziers of morality might puzzle that out now that something-like-truth is emerging about Covid-19 and the vaccines that have set-up about 150-million Americans — and many more folks in other countries — for a premature exit from this world by way of thrombotic organ failure.

Hence: did the blunt tip of the “Joe Biden” regime’s spear, Ol’ White “Joe Biden” himself, actually lie Wednesday when he told American’s (and the world) that the Covid-19 vaccines are safe? And to “stay calm and get vaccinated?”

The “Town Hall” format featuring “JB” was like one of those old carnival tent shows where a microcephalic is brought onstage to perform awesome intellectual feats, like counting from one to ten (skipping the number seven) to the delectation of the assembled bumpkins with normally-sized but perhaps lopsided heads. “Joe” dazzled the Ohio crowd with a series of impromptu utterances that were not just word-salad but a whole cold buffet of fugitive thoughts. For instance:

And we must be the leader of the free world. If we don’t do it, nobody good is likely to do it or has the capacity to do it. I really mean it. I genuinely mean it. So, it’s the thing, Don, that is the only time — and by the way, the first time I walked down stairs and they played “Hail to the Chief,” I wondered, “Where is he?”

This does kind of raise the question: how are the other nations of the world going to feel about us when they discover that vaccines developed by American companies under US Government grants have gifted scores of millions of their citizens with thrombotic organ failure? Brace for impact. Oh, and by the way, since our military personnel were first-in-line for the vaxes, how does that bode for our preparedness in the event of some severe geopolitical unpleasantness?

On the other hand, Dr. Tony Fauci (a.k.a. “The Science”) did not appear to be senile in his Senate testimony this week, just desperate, since the full story of how his long and rather secretive campaign to heroically develop the vaccine-to-end-all-vaccines — which seems to have come to grief in this Covid-19 catastrophe — is just busting to come out. And the story, as I understand it, is that for over twenty years Dr. Fauci has been pumping gazillions of taxpayer dollars into the creation of bio-weapon-grade coronavirus research, and vaccines against them, while registering patents on all that stuff. Also, that there was nothing “novel” about the “novel” coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19). Rather Dr. Fauci and his colleagues, such as Peter Daszak of the EcoHealth Alliance, and Dr. Ralph Baric of the University of North Carolina, had been swapping these coronavirus iterations from one lab to another for years — including the Wuhan, China, Lab — seeking to provide a rational for vaccines that they expected to profit from, if only the government (or many governments) could be induced to deploy them.

In the fall of 2019, around the time Covid-19 came on the scene, they were all set to go. Moderna was already at the head of the development line, patents in place, with its computer simulation vaccine featuring the S1 spike protein as its active agent, with Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson taking up the rear. Exactly where and how the virus got loose remains a mystery, though the Wuhan lab release (accidental or otherwise) is one hypothetical story with legs. A less-known one, because the Pentagon’s DARPA was involved in the same virus research, has to do with a US Army delegation sent to China for some sort of ceremonial exercise in the fall of 2019 with, perhaps, infected soldiers, intended to light up that country with yet another in a long-line of animal-to-human viruses… thus priming the heroic debut of Dr. Fauci’s sponsored world-saving vaxes.

Poor Mr. Trump was hustled into the “Warp Speed” cover story for these shenanigans — which perhaps explains why he never looked entirely comfortable onstage with Dr. Fauci and the rest of the White House “team.” Meanwhile news about the efficacy of the vaccines, and especially any adverse reactions to the vaccines, has been very carefully managed by the government, the captive news media, and the — let’s just say it — the evil social media including Facebook, Twitter, and Google’s YouTube.

How much are they squelching the actual numbers of deaths directly related to the vaccines? A savvy correspondent with a medical license writes:

…the rate of reporting [adverse reactions] to the VAERS system in the US and Europe is very poor: somewhere between 1 and ten percent of actual events being reported.  This obviously means that the actual death rate is likely much higher. So, I would not be surprised if the real number of ‘vax’ induced deaths in the US is in the range of 100,000 or more, much more. This is very reasonable when you take into account the shockingly frequent effects involving myocardial inflammation and blood clotting. Both of these pathologic processes logically stem from inflammation stimulated by massive production of the S1 spike protein by the injected mRNA. The S1 spike protein, as you know, is the inflammation-inducing toxin in Covid infections. There was a major fuck-up by focusing on stimulating the production of S1; they, the PTB researchers, thought that the S1 protein was just a marker for SARs-COV, not the pathogenic toxin. In my opinion, most of the deaths from the mRNA ‘vax’ are going to take much longer via long-term inflammatory damage to the vascular system (including heart tissue, brain blood vessels, etc.). Of course, they will deny that such deaths are related to the ‘vax’ given the time distance from the injection.  Too many people, making too much money from the mRNA shot….”

This is where things stand at the apogee of summer. Every day we are learning more about the spike protein time-bombs the vaxed population is walking around with in their veins. And now its coming clear why science has been made such a fetish of lately: because science has failed spectacularly, which is an even greater tragedy because when this stupendous calamity is over, what’s left of the civilized world will, by default, turn to superstition as its logical replacement.


You may be interested in my podcast interview around these issues with David Martin, released Thursday, July 22, here.

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