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Bill Sardi, 1945-2022, R.I.P.

A few weeks ago, on February 14, one of the kindest and best people I have ever known passed away. Bill Sardi was a great friend to LRC and wrote more columns for us than anyone else. These columns concentrated on his specialty. Bill was an authority on nutrition and healing the body naturally, and he selflessly devoted himself to helping and advising people on how to regain their health. As Scott C.Tips says, “One of the major reasons that Bill was so successful with his writings and commercial endeavors was because ‘money’ was not his God or even his goal. God was his god. Deeply religious, Bill based his efforts – both in work and in the other areas of his life – on biblical principles that he not only profoundly believed in but also practiced daily. Immensely generous, Bill had the reputation amongst his friends and family of overpaying his employees, constantly showering others with expensive gifts, and, perhaps most importantly, spending hours upon hours of his own time on the phone or in person freely giving others the benefit of his nutritional wisdom, which invariably resulted in him sending them the supplements discussed free of charge to help heal them.” In Memoriam Whole Foods Magazine.

Bill believed that Big Government and Big Pharma were engaged in a conspiracy against the American people. Indeed, the conspiracy went further. It aimed to reduce the world’s population in order to make it easier to bring the survivors under the control of globalist planners. “The revelation that in 1981 a French economist, socialist and political advisor, Jacques Attali, said that the burden of providing for the burgeoning population retirees in western nations would force an economic crisis that would bring on the planned extermination of older people via a ‘pandemic targeting certain people… a virus affecting the old or the fat… the weak will succumb to it, and the fearful and stupid will believe in it and seek treatment’ is now encircling the globe electronically via social networks.  

This is what Attali envisaged decades ago

Attali denounces his quotable text as ‘totally invented,’ that he advocated euthanasia for people over 60-65 years of age, saying his statement was made up from ‘truncated sentences’ cherry picked from comments he made during an interview and later published in the book by the title L’Avenir de la Vie (The Future of Life) by Michel Salomon.

Regardless of Attali’s denials over what he stated in 1981, in 2009 he is quoted to have suggested a pandemic be used to control human populations that also included global taxation and a global police force.” See also this.

As you might expect, the Covid “vaccines” played a big part in this conspiracy. Bill pointed out last year, “The race to produce the first licensed COVID-19 vaccine is worth $94 billion (7.9 billion people X $12/shot) if the entire global human population is immunized once over.  These ginormous financial rewards are combined with politicians seeking political capital for ushering in the first vaccine against this (imagined) deadly mutated coronavirus and being called a hero for saving millions of lives.  Surely a monument of great proportion will be built to honor the demagogue politicians who save humanity from this modern plague.

The WHO playbook bans politicians from managing pandemics, but in America that requirement is disregarded.  Infection and mortality numbers can be run up to destroy the career of a political opponent.  Just transfer the COVID-19-infected frail elderly to nursing homes and place refrigerated trucks in hospital parking lots to make it falsely appear the hospital morgue has no remaining space for all the cadavers.  This plays well on TV.

Then add the hidden agenda of using the pandemic to usher in draconian limitations on freedoms by those who want an out-of-control pandemic to justify global government and a ‘financial reset,’ accompanied by the abandonment of paper money and coins.  Money is now a source of the virus.  Don’t touch it.  Of course, no other viral epidemic has been traced to transmission via paper money, just COVID-19.  It is a very unique virus.”

If we stop this conspiracy, Bill thought, prospects for our health are bright. New research shows that natural health products, such as a combination of reserveratol and zinc, can greatly extend our natural life span: “While resveratrol-based nutraceuticals have been available since 2004 they are not widely used, not even in the top-100 herbal supplements.  Among those who already include resveratrol in their daily health regimens, it will take years before it is suddenly realized it may produce a new generation of super-healthy centenarians.  Resveratrol dietary supplements avoid the problem of inebriation that accompanies wine drinking and provide a sure dose of resveratrol.  The medical community has been quick to brand resveratrol pills as ‘not bioavailable’ and of useless value. . . Furthermore, another nutrient, the trace mineral zinc has been proposed to prevent the age-related decline in the immune system.  Zinc has been shown to reduce the percent of senior adults who died from 52% to 10% and only 10% of zinc-fortified seniors were hospitalized versus 22% for those who did not supplement their diet with zinc. The problem is, aging is not classified as a disease that has an insurance billing code attached to it.  There is no financial incentive for doctors and hospitals to direct people how to live longer and healthier.  It is a disease-care system.  If aging is delayed 20-40 years, the demand for doctoring will decline.  Furthermore, longevity butts heads with a healthcare system that can no longer afford to care for senior Americans.  The Medicare Trust Fund is virtually empty except for new contributions from the paychecks of younger workers, many whom are now unemployed.

So, when it comes to longevity, Americans adults will have to assess the best available evidence.  Mountains of research say it is now possible to live 120 healthy years, but the decision to do that will have to be your own, not your doctor’s, and no, Medicare isn’t going to pay for anti-aging pills.”

Given his exposure of the conspiracy’s plans, and the unique threat his natural methods of healing posed, it was to be expected that these enemies of humanity would strike against him. First, underhanded methods used by his ex-wife kept him apart from his beloved son. One of his supporters writes: “Also know that Bill’s passing in no way contradicts anything that he taught us and in many ways confirmed his opinions. (I always thought if he died before age 120, it would be from a big pharma hit!)

What isn’t mentioned in this article [by his twin brother is what I believe initially weakened his cardiovascular system—a 5-year-long excruciatingly painful custody battle for his beloved teenage son. Any time that I talked with Bill, I heard the details of the brutal struggle and unfair opposition tactics. The family courts in California seem to be prejudiced against fathers…no matter the facts.)  We should know by now our emotions affect our health. What he was up against was literally heartbreaking.”

Bill became ill and what was done to him in the hospital finished him off. His twin brother Wayne explains: “Nonetheless, Bill started recovering after a week in the hospital when his supporters demanded that his ventilator, oxygen and addictive sedation (phentanyl) be reduced.  It was reported that Bill came out of his drug-induced sleep and was able to communicate by nodding his head and signaling with his arms.    He was reported to be agitated and resisting his intubation that left him unable to talk. He was thus given more sedation. In other words, Bill was very aware of the plight he was in and that he had been ventilated against his specific directives.  Every one of his business associates and close friends told me that Bill would never have voluntary assented to ventilation, intubation or Remdesivir (or vaccination).”

We can best carry on the work of this great man if we absorb his wisdom and continue the battle against Big Pharma and Covid tyranny.

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