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Bobcat Attack in North Carolina Demonstrates the Value of a Good American Husband

It’s a 46-second video that people can’t stop watching:

A man in a placid, sylvan subdivision of suburbia, in this case Burgaw, North Carolina, population 3,872, near Wilmington, was saying “good morning” to a passing jogger, and carrying a car cup and a plastic disposable plate of brownies, probably for his workplace, over to his SUV.  He remarks to himself that he needs to wash his car as he begins to load it.  His name is Happy, his wife’s name is Kristi, she’s bringing out a cat-carrier with a cat in it for a trip to the vet, and they are the Wades, getting ready to be off for the day.

Way off in the distance, some sort of animal darts across the street toward him at high speed and gets under one of the driveway cars.

Suddenly, there’s an unearthly call-of-the-wild scream, and then the man’s wife screams, as some sort of creature claws and crawls up her back and seems to be after the cat, but clawing and biting her as it pursues.  She screams in pain and yells to her husband to get away.

The man runs to her instead, not away, emerges, improbably holding the bobcat up like an auntie holding up a baby, and screams: “Oh my G*d, it’s a bobcat!  Oh my G*d,” as the beast thrashes.  He then flings the filthy thing about 15 feet across his yard, tossing it end over end like a rag doll, pulls out a gun, yells to the jogger, who runs back, either to gawk or help, and yells at her to “get back! get back! get back!” as the bobcat darts back under the car.  Then someone, apparently off camera, seems to question him again and he yells, “It’s a bobcat!  It attacked my wife!” and he would “shoot the f—–.”

…which, it turns out, he does, before the sheriff comes after a neighbor calls 911 and finishes the job himself.

Leftists on Twitter and beyond screamed bloody murder — animal abuse, foolhardiness, etc. — because the man confronted and flung the bobcat instead of running and calling authorities, leaving his wife to fight it in the meantime.

They had little understanding of what an immediate threat the man faced, let alone the dangers it posed, or the merit of his quick actions.  They just wanted the bobcat, which is the equivalent of a small lion or tiger in its power and predatory killing instinct, to feel good.

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