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Consider the Lowly Sandflies

Some flinched when Dr. Fauci commanded the children of America to take the mRNA shots fraught with deadly side effects, but now it’s out that the agency he has controlled for decades like a Byzantine despot, the NIAD, gave a $1.6 million grant to a lab in Tunisia — that world-beating center of the bio-sciences — to study what happens when puppy-dogs are pinned down so that ravenous sandflies can chew their snouts off.

I guess it didn’t go to well for the puppies. (And doesn’t one wonder exactly what was learned doing that?) We are not Tunisia, of course, at least not yet. We are the mighty USA, a nation imbued with the moral spirit of Walt Disney, and for us this puppy-dog caper might just be an experiment-too-far. We’ll have to stand by months, maybe years, to find out what the effects are of mRNA shots in human children, but two known possibilities stand out: inflammation and scarring of the heart (myocarditis + sequelae), and an incrementally disabled immune system. Do you really want those shots in your children? — America might ask.

And how does Dr. Fauci imagine the child vaxx program would be carried out? In the schools, I suppose, where the subjects of the experiment can be conveniently rounded-up every day. Would you suppose that roughly half the parents in the land would then withdraw their kids from the public school system and, if so, what becomes of the system when they’re gone? Not anything good, I promise you. But consider that it is already a rotten system ever more incapable of turning out citizens who can speak English, write a coherent sentence, and add up a column of figures, let alone name the capital of Tunisia (warning: trick question!).

Dr. Fauci is ever more emblematic of the American predicament: maniacs and doofuses in charge of powerful institutions strategically positioned to wreck the country. For now, they strangely enjoy protection within this matrix of captive institutions while carrying out their nefarious missions. So, the question arises: do Americans wish to live in a wrecked country?

Looking at the cities controlled by the party of chaos-and-wreckage, the answer seems to be yes. San Francisco, home of House Speaker Mrs. Pelosi, decriminalized crime, an interesting civics experiment from the Thomas Hobbes school of social engineering. Remove the penalty for stealing $950 worth of goods and see what happens. So far, the result seems to be that incentivized folks will enter places of business and help themselves to the goods on display without paying for them. Mrs. Pelosi’s prescription for this is to pass public spending acts that will reduce the value of dollars so that $950 will eventually be the price of a Snickers bar. Problem solved! Steal two and the police might have to get into the act.

For the worker bees of Silicon Valley — rich beyond the wildest dreams of the workless and hiveless bees out in flyover country, weeping over their childrens’ Happy Meals — San Francisco is the big city hive, the center of their universe, the place where all the honey is stored. Yet the sidewalks outside San Francisco’s fabulous restaurants, where honey is dispensed, are littered with the human equivalent of dung beetles. But what is the insect kingdom without diversity?

Likewise, Seattle, home-base of Bill Gates’s Microsoft and Jeff Bezos’s Amazon, celebrates especially the diversity between stupendously wealthy creatures of the board-room and the filthy, reeking scavengers of the bottoms and margins, huddled in their miserable tent encampments under the freeways in Seattle’s eternal rain. At least those poor creatures get to stay zonked on fentanyl so they don’t suffer so much when the sandflies chew their snouts off.

Has America begun to wonder: is all that okay? And if it’s not okay, what about the people who are keeping it not okay? Do they get to remain in charge of the institutions that exist to regulate okayness? This is the quandary America finds itself in, starting with the head-of-state who, in the proverbial sense, has no clothes, and from him running through all the sub-heads-of-state such as DOT Secretary “Pete,” Homeland Security chief Alejandro Mayorkas, Attorney General Merrick Garland, new four-star admiral Rachel (formerly Richard) Levine — in charge of the HHS Public Health Service (including mental health) — and Dr. Tony Fauci, as pesky and eternal in the nation’s public life as the sandfly of the Tunisian littoral.

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