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Davos Man and Open Borders

You could say Parag Khanna is the quintessential “Davos Man.” This silver spoon globe-trotter, a specialist in globalization, wants to change the world forever, openly advocating a mix-and-match “Civilization 3.0” under a decentralized world government. And he couldn’t care less how you feel about it.

The term “Davos Man” was coined by Harvard political scientist Samuel Huntington in a 2004 article entitled “Dead Souls: The Denationalization of the American Elite.” Huntington said that these people made up a very small percentage of Americans and were transnationalists who “have little need for national loyalty, view national boundaries as obstacles that thankfully are vanishing, and see national governments as residues from the past whose only useful function is to facilitate the elite’s global operations.”

Parag Khanna certainly fits the description. He wants to see young people in the global South move en masse to the decrepit North. He wants technocratic elites to manage this human flow using digital passports, artificial intelligence analysis, and top-down social engineering. He wants to erase national borders and re-map the planet according to infrastructure connectivity. He wants mega-cities to come alive with smart sensors and our bodies to swarm with nanobots.

Most of all, Khanna dreams of a “Great Migration.” This would emerge from the “Great Lockdown” that we’ve already seen and the “Great Reset” yet to come. But a brief survey of the American landscape shows that Khanna’s dream of a “Great Migration” is already coming true. It has been since at least the 1960s, in a chaotic piecemeal way.

“I believe we will go from nearly zero migration in 2020 to a re-sorting of billions of people in the unfolding post-pandemic era,” Khanna told a Skift Global Forum interviewer last August.

Khanna’s use of World Economic Forum (WEF) buzzwords such as “Great Reset” and its permutation “Great Migration” is no coincidence. He worked for the organization in Switzerland from 2000 to 2002, and continues to be a top WEF agenda contributor. Having been properly groomed in his formative years, he traveled the world on generous publisher advances, passing judgment from on high along the way.

Unsurprisingly, his prolific output reflects the mentality in Davos, Switzerland, where the WEF gathers: aloof, technocratic, and totally out of touch with normal human emotions. Khanna is aligned with international interests over national allegiance. He exudes intellectual superiority and utter indifference to a traditional sense of the sacred. He may not hold the levers of power directly, but he certainly has the ear of many who do.

Hearing his arrogant pronouncements on how the whole world ought to be—and we’re talking about the entire planet here—we can surmise he’s also spoiled beyond redemption. Yet the ideas and actions behind those arrogant pronouncements have been quietly unfolding for years.

The habits of Chinese investors are one example. In recent years, they have been buying up valuable U.S. real estate, from the coastal cities to the heartland. Meanwhile, their children fill our ivory towers, occasionally as spies.

Down on the ground, despondent foreign nationals are pouring across our southern border. In the wake of the Afghanistan debacle, thousands of barely vetted Muslim men were flown into U.S. cities. Most are expecting full citizenship.

In the spirit of anarcho-tyranny, the Biden regime allows this chaos to unfold while contemplating interstate vaccine passports for legacy Americans. Such mandates have rabid support from those who fear the COVID-contaminated Others among their own countrymen.

All of this is in harmony with Khanna’s global vision of Civilization 3.0. “Immunity passports, travel history, criminal records, financial statements—we should be digitizing these certifications and develop secure blockchain platforms that ease the exchange of information across responsible agencies,” he said in the Skift Forum interview. “We need passports on apps.”

Way down the road, Khanna imagines, this organized disruption, coupled with total digitization, will lead to an entirely new type of human being. In his new book Move: The Forces Uprooting Us, this Davos Man writes:

We have wealthy countries across North America and Europe with 300 million and counting aging people and decaying infrastructure—but roughly 2 billion young people sitting idle in Latin America, the Middle East, and Asia who are capable of caring for the elderly and maintaining public services.

What about the problems of incompatible values, social fracturing, and erosion of collective identity that will only accelerate under the weight of more mass immigration? Khanna insists we have nothing to lose.

We should therefore also be very cynical about the notion that ‘culture is destiny,’ as if there is a fixed national culture passed down from generation to generation without modification or adaptation.… Fusion prevails in the end. Our destiny is to be a global mongrel civilization.

But this global fusion won’t stop at bloodline and cultural heritage. Through full digitization, human beings will transcend bodily limitations altogether. “Technology has dematerialized goods, services, and money,” Khanna writes in Move, “turning them into bits instantaneously warped around the world. It was inevitable that this would happen to human minds too.”

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