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pure perversion and idiocy everywhere

Looking around today we find absurdities, and idiocy abounds and is being spoken of & taught without shame as fact.

For instance you cannot follow any science and find more than two biological sexes for humans. The idea that children should be groomed for sex in our “public” schools by being taught anal sex, or purposefully confused by psychopaths about their gender and encouraged to maim themselves for life based on such lies, or taught to hate based on insignificant outward features is pure idiocy and a huge disservice and waste of time. It seems apparent that a war is being waged against all people by their governments (communist takeover) especially whites and christians everywhere. Christians have always been hated by the vile, including communists, pedophiles, people who want sex with animals and abortionists, etc. It is nothing new.

Among other common lies spewed like poison pills are

1) Election Fraud on a massive and obvious scale.  I personally watched the votes go DOWN.

2) Covid hoax.  Medical tyrany.  It’s a flu.  Masks make it worse.  If you have no symptoms you are not contagious.  Take vitamin D, zinc and ask your homeopath about sources of hydroxychloroquine.  This hoax was used to CREATE FEAR to turn our government into a dictatorship and handout money to favored buddys of politicians.  Since all gov’s followed the Chinese communists lead on shutting down our economy (very unAmerican and unconstitutional) we gather they’re in bed with communists or threatened by them.  There are 3 dead African presidents who challenged the covid hoax.

2)  Global warming.  It’s cooling.  It’s the sun and it is not man made.  All life on earth is carbon based life.  Carbon is not bad, lol.  We are not powerful enough to effect the sun and it wouldn’t be a good idea to try.

3) Anti-white racism and hate for christians.  Politicians hate us because we don’t like welfare, believe our rights come from god and aren’t any government’s to take away.  We believe in self determinism, also known as free will.  We are populists and expect “our”?! government to take care of our interests first before other nations or business interests.  These beliefs generally make us unpopular with the communist tyrant team.

Christians believe in protecting their children and teaching them math, language, history, discipline, respect, etc so that they may succeed. We do not believe in calling math racist to allow children who may need more help to fail in life do to our enabling their cop-out.  We do not believe someone is lesser or more based on insignificant traits such as skin color but rather adhere to the judgement of character and ability. We believe in free will. The right to speak freely, worship freely and respect other’s rights to do the same so long as they do not infringe on our rights. We believe we have the right to (the fruits of our labor) earnings. We believe in the rule of law and the separation of church and state.

We should all be equal before the law but we cannot remain free under communist ideas of trying to guarantee equality of results, aka EQUITY. Some people are born taller and have a better chance at being a basketball star than others. Should we cut off their heads then? Some people spend their whole lives whining instead of working to better themselves. They hate those they see as better than themselves and refuse to consider how much work, time and money it took to achieve what they have.  In true communist fashion they just want gov to steal for them from that other guy.  Communism is hate and envy racket. Communists would say that we should then steal from one who worked and invested to give to others who did not and so covet what another has earned.  A belief others owe you something for nothing is a belief in slavery.  If your government is empowered to enslave any you should be aware they will enslave all.  These powers do not stop once given.

  Be careful what you ask for.

We believe that we are all blessed and can do well on our own if given EQUAL OPPORTUNITY. We do not believe in hiring one person over another based on color. Affirmative action is just one of the ways we bent over backwards to be sure we were more than fair.  Now it is seen as an entitlement and it is being used to hire less qualified over others based only on race.  We want the most qualified regardless of insignificant traits. We want performance. We cannot succeed without it. We cannot be free under communist identity grouping, theft, envy fueled  hate and human disregard.

We are in the middle of an ideological war. Are we happy hating each other? Are we happy sitting on welfare, with broken families and no positive morals whatsoever? Who started this and what is their purpose? America was the least racist and most tolerant country on the planet but hatred and entitlement mentality is being pushed. To who’s advantage is it that we become poorer and dependent on welfare or totalitarian big biz?  It sure is tough to object to unconstitutional gov or stick up for your own beliefs in a  tyrannical big corporation if you are dependent on them for employment, money or food.  These crutches are a trap snapping closed….communism kills.

Let’s create more options and work together to retain freedom in America so that all may have the opportunity to work their way up the economic ladder.

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