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Dropping Out of College Today

Writes a friend:

My younger brother‘s son, 18, tall, smart, good-looking, and a good kid, has told his dad and mom that he now plans NOT to return to UT-Knoxville, Fall 2021, for his sophomore year.

How UT-(every place) has devolved into an LGBTQ indoctrination camp run by deranged lesbians would shock the boy‘s grandparents and great-granddad, alums of the grander old school.

No one could figure out why my nephew, a promising student, would quit college. It just isn‘t done, they said.

I think I know why.

All you have to do is visit any college campus during term, drop in on lectures, visit the student center, read the student publications, go to the “cultural“ centers, and notice the signage plastered everywhere. Just go, back to your beloved college and report back everything you see.

We older generations have utterly failed to protect the younger generations and their freedoms. The shrieking banshees that control the universities today are seething with hate for young straight white males like my nephew.

My neohew and his mates barely tolerated the hysteria of the Covid Religion last year.

UT-Knoxville, like most childless-womb-run US universities, enforced masks on campus. My nephew and his mates loosely complied, wearing gaiters begrudgingly. And, they had one impromptu rebellious expression that bound the boys together: they let their hair grow long and free!

So, when my nephew announced at a family gathering that he was not returning to college, completely to his family‘s dismay, a few of us uncles understood all too well. We wouldn‘t return to the cesspool that is university today, either.

This is one way, yet again, to remove young straight white males from the society their ancestors built and gave their life‘s work for. Their ancestors left them an inheritance, and it has been stolen.

My nephew, a smart young Austrian economics man, is going to start his own business and try to avoid, as much as he can, paying into the slavish, diabolical tax system. He is also open to leaving the US one day, if freedom breaks out elsewhere.

He has not abandoned his country, his country has abandoned him. There is no America for him and other young Americans of heritage. He is free to go!

Western man, I ask you: What is your life‘s work going toward?

See this.

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