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EPA’s Totalitarian Assault on America

Using ‘transparency’ and ‘dialogue’ to target auto racing, then all fossil fuel use, all controlled by a dictatorship of faceless and nameless totalitarians
– Duncan Flanakin


“One of the Trump EPA’s final actions revised and overturned “secret science” rules that let the agency hide or modify questionable data and still claim it was being “transparent,” writes Paul Driessen. “One of the Biden EPA’s first actions restored this secretive, manipulative science. One of its next actions aims to use ozone regulations and secret science to eliminate racecar driving in America – and then eradicate fossil fuel use, and control the entire US economy.”

“Biden-Harris EPA Administrator Michael Regan clearly has “bold aspirations and a long to-do list,” says the Washington Post, as he works to increase “cooperation” between the EPA and its “subordinate” state environmental agencies. As Duggan Flanakin explains, this means EPA intends to dictate, and states will be expected to fall into line.”


EPA’s totalitarian assault on America

Using ‘transparency’ and ‘dialogue’ to target auto racing, then all fossil fuel use
All controlled by a dictatorship of faceless and nameless totalitarians

Duggan Flanakin

Biden-Harris Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Michael Regan is clearly on a mission. He has “bold aspirations, and a long to-do list,” says The Washington Post. But to succeed, the Post acknowledges, he must “help the EPA get its groove back.” As Reagan put it, “We’ve got a lot of work to do, starting with rebuilding staff morale and getting all our staff back to feeling as if they matter, their voices matter.”

Regan says his job is “to restore the scientific integrity and the utilization of data, of facts, as we move forward, and make some very important decisions.” His second goal is to increase “cooperation” between the EPA and its “subordinate” state environmental agencies. EPA will dictate; states will fall in line.

A big step toward that goal was extending a Memorandum of Agreement between the EPA, the Environmental Council of the States, and the Association of State and Territorial Health Officials. According to Regan, “EPA is committed to building on the values of transparencyrespect, and an open dialogue that are the cornerstone of a successful partnership with the states.” As EPA defines the terms.

The EPA’s use of “secret science” 

An Obama-appointed federal judge just restored the EPA’s use of “secret science” in formulating regulations that businesses and industries must follow just because the EPA says so – with “scientific evidence” that cannot be cross-examined. U.S. District Judge Brian Morris (in Great Falls, Montana) took just hours before vacating the Trump EPA rule that would have ended this Star Chamber style rule.

For decades, the EPA relied on unreviewable studies to impose draconian restrictions on businesses and industries, and thus on the U.S. economy. Trump wanted to bring true transparency to the process. Opponents claimed the Trump secret science” rule would block the use of critical public health studies kept secret supposedly to protect the identities of trial participants – which of course was not the case.

As Trump EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler explained, the “secret science” rule in no way blocked previous “secret” studies; rather, it created tiers in which preference is given to studies with public data. Peer reviewers looking at a study’s raw data did not need to know any of the subject’s names, so no patient confidentiality was at risk. Moreover, in most cases, a review of basic methods, statistics and results is sufficient to determine if they actually support the study’s conclusion. Wheeler also noted:

“Too often Congress shirks its responsibility and defers important decisions to regulatory agencies. These regulators then invoke science to justify their actions, often without letting the public study the underlying data. Part of transparency is making sure the public knows what the agency bases its decisions on.”

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