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Ever Changing the Goal

In this plandemic, I noted there is never the least apology, remorse, as each “goal” is reached surpassed, but is utterly worthless, from start to failure.  We have allowed this to go on, not you and I, but the vast majority.  Rahm Emanuel,  and crisis, Obama, and we do this for the world, they can easily say they will conquer this problem, yet when they fail, no one is “tarred, feathered, run out of town on a rail”.

I’ve lived with the results of “classified, experimental anthrax vaccine”, having returned in December of 89, yet I can only occasionally see mention of the vaccine, beginning in 91, and quite often, stated as established fact, 2008, or some other date.

For every paragraph written detailing the results, the physical impact on the half a million Veterans who continue to suffer, is denied, ridiculed, any possible suggesting it was a badly concocted, definitive faulty jab, with a hundred to a thousand pages of ridicule, for those who’ve tried to open the dialog, yet not one word of “what it is”.

I no longer consider people writing such trash, its too voluminous for mere people, and I have to assume it’s computer generated.  I’ve lost two pounds a day for weeks, a negative aspect of my “health care”, I am a well experienced technical expert, I’ve been part of investigations on new possible accessions of high end avionics, from about Sergeant to my retirement, and I’m accustomed with arguing with idiots, who think they understand a system, and demonstrate in argument, they don’t even know how it works.

When a Veteran posts intimate details of their life after the Gulf, there won’t be a single word of support for his plight, but merely an hundred pages of commentary to denigrate every aspect stated, and to ensure no one believes the vaccine story.

The feds quashed all dissent by 91, but also eliminated one of the four experimental versions, and the war department continues to vie for ability to begin again, having been stopped several times by the courts.

What is entirely absent is the truth about their existence, what they were used for, because there never was a risk.  We left for the Gulf, because Kuwait had been horizontal drilling into Iraq’s oil fields, Saddam took it to the UN, with sound evidence, was somewhat well received, until the US denied it, didn’t allow it be acknowledged by the UN, in the end.

Anthrax letters happened, suggested from Iraq, and ultimately, it was proven they were Ft. Detrick’s patented weaponized anthrax, and no possible other source, leading to the accusation of Dr. Hatfield.

Never mentioned was the fact those letters, envelopes, were very carefully packaged, sealed, taped over the seal, almost impossible for one to be infected, only surprise mass deaths didn’t occur.

Those letters, accusations at Iraq, were the reason for “anthrax vaccines”, and they were deliberate red herrings, be Powel couldn’t gin up enough support for the war, and that was sufficient to “get over the hump”  The fact is, no one was ever infected in those, they were products of our intelligence services, “drive to war”, yet to this day, military officials continue to push for “the vaccine”, now using the “you can easily get it from wet wool, and half a dozen other ways, all related to “animal husbandry”, possible only by constant a repeated exposure to animals.

I’ve given my best research for better than thirty years, and there is not yet a reason to fear an anthrax attack except from our military industrial complex.

I currently know one thing more than from the start, in 90, a statement well made suggesting squalene used as an adjuvant, yet I know an hundred reasons I’m an idiot, for wanting to know what it is.

This set precedent for the current imposition, and established the pattern of denial, and ridiculing anyone questioning the narrative.  Our deep state sent out the anthrax letters, to gin up sufficient fear to get war power authority, and they apparently continue on, because they can’t let the narrative be broken.

They have murdered countless Veterans, destroyed lives, solely to prevent the questioning of reason to invade, and uphold “the right, rational reason to invade Iraq”.

My wife died two years ago come May, the lockdown the last straw, I’ve “shed” this disease with Connie, and our daughter, and I’ve had to take serious consideration this was mRNA, because nothing else explains the “shedding”

I’m a mechanic, machinist, metal worker, and I hope you with your resources, can find rational persons will to delve to the truth.  I’m not sure I will make through the year, confluence of factors, not just the plandemic, but a half a million Vets suffer from this, and most are aging fast, much faster than normal.  The effort to close, ridicule, deny is overwhelming to the extreme, not the least allowed question even be finished.

I’m going to beat this, or die soon.  If this anthrax lie continues, it will forever be justification for intervention by force into all our lives.

Semper Fidelis,

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