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Fauci’s Fall: Frank Luntz Focus Group of Trump Voters Disses Both Fauci and the Covid-19 Vaccines

Last year at this time, Dr. Anthony Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases as the NIH, was riding high. Pundits from both left and right – including the opinion hosts on Fox News – as well as President Trump and most of the public were constantly singing his praises. Fauci managed to hold onto his extremely high approval numbers though the fall, even after President Trump began to distance himself from the head of his White House Coronavirus Task Force last summer.

Three days ago, pollster Frank Luntz presented the conclusions of his focus group of Trump voters who weighed in on Fauci and the Covid-19 vaccines in a segment on Special Report with Bret Baier. (Video here) The title of the article about the segment at Yahoo dot com tells the story:

Dr. Anthony Fauci takes credibility hit among Republicans

The focus group members’ soundbites that Luntz showed – on Fauci and the vaccines – were all negative – presumably representative of all 19 Republicans in the focus group.

Some examples, from six different focus group participants:

  • I’ve tuned him out, frankly
  • Liar.
  • Puppet.
  • Flip-flopper
  • Inconsistent.
  • Self-serving.

Luntz’s summary of the group’s opinions: “They’ve given up on him because he keeps changing the goalposts. He keeps changing his mind. . . I don’t want to undercut Dr. Fauci’s credibility. But among Trump voters, he has none.”

Support for Covid-19 vaccines didn’t fare much better. Luntz: “If we are to get people vaccinated, what these Trump voters are telling me is that they need evidence other than Dr. Fauci. Their own doctor, their own health care provider – they’re more likely to trust than anyone else.”

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