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From George Zimmerman to Kyle Rittenhouse: A Decade of Woke Misrule

Ten years ago this coming February, George Zimmermann shot and killed 17-year-old Trayvon Martin on a rainy night in Sanford, Florida. Without intending, Zimmerman triggered a dark new phase in the history of progressive America.

Beginning with the Sacco and Vanzetti case in the 1920s, the left lied to conceal the guilt of the guilty. Yes, Virginia, those two bad boys were guilty. Upton Sinclair, who “proved” their innocence in his epic novel Boston, knew they were guilty. “My wife is absolutely certain that if I tell what I believe,” Sinclair confided to a friend, “I will be called a traitor to the movement and may not live to finish the book.”

Unlike Sinclair, most of the “useful idiots” on the left did not need to be threatened to stay in line. For the next century, their self-righteousness led them to weep for a pantheon of martyrs from the Rosenbergs to Leonard Peltier to Mumia Abu-Jamal to Kenosha’s own Jacob Blake, all of them purported victims of American injustice.

With the dawn of the social media era, however, the newly minted “progressives” made a conscious turn to the sinister. No longer content to conceal the guilt of the guilty, they lied now to conceal the innocence of the innocent. As Zimmerman and Kyle Rittenhouse learned the hard way, Atticus Finch is dead. The woke have thrown in with the jailhouse mob. Mockingbirds beware.

With a few exceptions, however, technology has betrayed its leftist creators. Rittenhouse would have had no chance for justice were it not for the ubiquitous cell phone cameras. Had video captured the shooting of Martin, Zimmerman would not have been arrested.

Three days after Martin’s death, lead Sanford PD investigator Chris Serino called Zimmerman in for an additional interview. Bluffing, as police are allowed to do, he said to Zimmerman, “There’s a possibility that whatever happened between you and him is caught on videotape.” The gambit did not work. Said Zimmerman simply, “I prayed to God that someone videotaped it.”

Serino was testing Zimmerman. By this time he knew what happened. There was overwhelming eyewitness and audio evidence that Martin, an aspiring street fighter a half-foot taller than Zimmerman, gratuitously attacked the neighborhood watch captain. Here is what eyewitness Jonathan Good told Serino the night of the shooting:

So I open my door. It was a black man with a black hoodie on top of the other, either a white guy or now I found out I think it was a Hispanic guy with a red sweatshirt on the ground yelling out help! And I tried to tell them, get out of here, you know, stop or whatever, and then one guy on top in the black hoodie was pretty much just throwing down blows on the guy kind of MMA-style.

Good shared this story with local media the following day. By this time, the police had discovered a 9-1-1 call on which Zimmerman could be heard crying out for help for more than 40 seconds. The major media had all this information at their disposal from day three of the investigation.

The media also had access to another relevant audio. In December 2010, a Sanford police lieutenant’s son sucker-punched a Black homeless man. Although caught on video, nothing was done to get justice for the man until Zimmerman, then an Obama supporter and civil rights activist, launched his own one-man crusade.

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