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How To Get Attacked By a Dog: Wear a Mask

A reader writes:

I am not discounting the list of 376 health issues you cite from wearing the mask. I am adding to it.

My daughter is a delivery driver. They were ordered to wear a mask when delivering because a customer complained. The problem is dogs are aggressive to people when they can not see the face. They will attack. Take the mask off — FRIEND. They instantly welcome the driver and love on them.

Not seeing the face, the dog does not understand what is walking toward them.


A Caring Mother 


In case you needed an additional reason not to wear a mask, here you have one. Dogs are creeped out by you in a mask. They appear to have more sense than some humans and a fair dose more honesty.

As corona communism was upon us, my daughter, at the age of 2, in some ways had more sense than most adults. She avoided people with masks, looking at them suspiciously.

They would talk to her thinking they were all cutesy, and this immensely friendly child was uncharacteristically avoidant in response. She wanted nothing to do with them. She would retreat into my shoulder, guaranteed.

If the person did not get the message and persisted, I would say, “Let my daughter see your smile. You look frightening in that ridiculous thing.”

Then, literally some of the most ugly looking people you have ever seen in your whole life emerged from behind the mask, giving a big smile. My daughter would instantly be waving at them and looking at their faces and watching their lips move and interacting with them.

It was a night and day change in her behavior once that person dropped the mask. These experiences were in the dozens, maybe in the hundreds. It was 100% the mask.

The mask was off-putting to her. I understand why some people cling to their masks. They have looked in the mirror. You do not expect people with such good-looking eyes and foreheads to look so strange in the bottom 2/3 of their faces. My daughter thought nothing of that aspect, though. She loves everyone.

And I do too, even the masked, even those who would like to see me held down and injected full of who knows what.

Dogs, Men, Screens, and Vaccines 

I will not, for a second, claim dogs to be superior to man. That thought is a sickness of this era, and several previous eras, but this era more so.

I see more dogs in the parks than I see children in my West Coast lockdown land. That is a sure sign of a society that has lost its cause for existence. I am even starting to see more dogs in the park IN BABY CARRIERS than I see babies in baby carriers.

Some people get along better with dogs than men. Pump anyone with enough chemicals and fill their lives with enough screens, and they will eventually turn anti-social. That does not change the fact that man is superior to dog. Man is made in the likeness of God. Man is given dominion over the earth.

One nice thing about dogs is true though, dogs and children both often have a sense of instinct that has not been acculturated out of them. They know there is something fundamentally wrong with a mask.

The Mask Didn’t Start In 2020 

Adults, too, can have that sense of instinct and can prevent it from being acculturated out of them.

In the hands of an adult human, that sense of instinct, or even a deeper sense of what is right and wrong, can be so very powerful. He can use that faculty of reason alongside such powerful wisdom to create such amazing impact on the world. Most choose not too. Most choose to be acculturated and to live life comfortably in the herd. They practically choose to make themselves something less than what man is fully capable of being. They have masked themselves for years. 

The changes since the Ides of March 2020 have been but an outward manifestation of what so many were already actively and voluntarily doing in their own lives — an outward manifestation that I, for one, am grateful for, as it helped me to open my eyes far wider.

Deprogramming Toxic Acculturation, And The Joy Of Being With A Child Absent That Toxic Acculturation 

I forever find myself deprogramming the toxic acculturation that has seeped into my mind. The fallout of the Ides of March 2020 has sent me into overdrive in that work.

A child and a dog, each with very different potential in life, share some healthy traits — an ability to be in touch with instinct, in a way many adults choose not to be. In addition to that, a child can be in touch with reason, morals, ethics, and common sense in a way many adults can, those choose not to be. This is especially true if that desire is nurtured in that child.

At 18-months-old, and largely pre-verbal, my daughter was more in touch with all-of-the-above more than numerous 18-year-olds I know. She was even more in touch with her ability to reason.

It is fascinating how much a child can do to express reason with only sounds and gestures and actions, and it is equally fascinating how an Ivy League trained adult with an enviable vocabulary can barely speak a single sentence of reason.

Good acculturation leaves that intact and builds upon it. Bad acculturation diminishes it. This is at the root of what can be truly toxic in a culture. This concept is at the root of the word “decadent” — that which is so above and beyond that it encourages decay — or “demoralize” — that which not only discourages, but which also tears at the moral foundation of a person.

The Preschool Teacher Who Won’t Educate The Children Of The Masked 

Go find a preschool teacher who is honest about the impact of masks. Ask her a few questions on the topic. The insight will be phenomenal. Ask an honest speech therapist. Even go find a teacher.

A nursery and daycare owner near me is politely declining the children of maskholes. She has found the lockdowns to have had such a developmental impact on children to the point that their behavior verges on the anti-social.

Do you know how big of a deal that is?

It is almost impossible to find an anti-social child. Of course, kids take some time to warm up to a stranger, but once that baseline is established they become very warm. They know intuitively that their survival depends on their ability to socialize with other humans.

While the lockdowns have been hard on all children subject to them, that preschool teacher finds they have been hardest on the maskholes.

Many dogs and many children see something wrong with what is happening. The question remains, though, will the adults who understand the sickness of what is taking place stand up in their own lives and never again wear a face mask? I am talking to you. Will you never again mask your child? Will you insist people drop their mask while speaking to you? Will you complain to managers about their employees being masked? Will you stop eating at restaurants where the servers are masked, or at the very least where they refuse to remove their mask? Will you take it a step further and demand accountability for all that has taken place?

In due time, the vaccine narrative will crumble. The mask mandates, however, may long be with us if we allow it to be. The public health establishment continues to leave them in place as the new normal, as a placeholder for the next vaccine or other strange public health approach they force on society.

Regardless of what the world does, one thing is required of you — to demand a higher standard for yourself and your home, to never wear masks again.

In your life and in your home is where all change begins.

If you still wear a mask and don’t want to be wearing a mask, you need this book, these articles, and these videos shared with anyone on this list. If you think face masks are safe for anyone to wear, you need this book “Face Masks Hurt Kids, which talks about how face masks harm everyone. 

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