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If You Wear a Face Mask Anymore, You Have No One To Blame But Yourself

I live in one of the most locked down places in the United States. I live in a place where obedience is demanded, where people are rabid about those who do not properly virtue signal on all topics as obediently as possible, where people become enraged at those who do not bow down.

I live in a place where corporate policies are not honored, but as long as someone can lord over you for a few moments, then whatever that person feels becomes that policy at that moment, no matter how cruel, how devious, how inhuman.

I live in a place where whatever the headline of the latest salacious news article was is honored as policy, as if it were the highest law of the land, as if it were constitutional. I live in a place where whatever comes out of the mouth of the high priest Fauci first thing in the morning is the new law inviolable, that no one may, for any reason, challenge. I live in a place where I walk through my day, every single day, with no mask ever for any reason.

If I can do that in the place where I live, what is your excuse in the place where you live?

In Spring 2020, I Couldn’t Wear A Mask Safely, Millions Couldn’t 

I had a personal reason for an individual accommodation to a face mask order, because of that in the Spring of 2020 I had to figure out a way to go on with my life without a face mask.

As the newspapers and television stations and media in general were speaking about the mandatory face mask orders in the Spring of 2020, I recalled something that made me question the narrative. Having had some experience with the media, in which they were not as trustworthy as they would like to be seen, I paused and verified what the media was reporting. I looked for the face mask related and lockdown related primary source documents that the media was reporting on and which the press conferences were based on.

Doing An Internet Search For Face Mask Orders Will Free You From Trusting The Media 

In the situation of face mask orders and face mask policies, that meant a simple internet search to find out what my local grocery store’s face mask orders were. When I was traveling, it meant learning what a hotel’s face mask policy was. When I was planning on buying a plane ticket, it meant first researching what the airline’s face masks policy was, what the airports face mask policies was, what TSA’s face mask policy was. When I was walking down the street, it meant knowing what the county face mask order was, what the state face mask order was, what the city face mask order was. These are a lot of layers of bureaucracy.

I get it.

I really get it. It’s annoying.

I’m sorry you and I need to live through this, but it’s the reality of the situation and one that we must accept.

I was left with an option of trusting the media, who had proven themselves not trustworthy, especially in matters like these, or I was left with an option of having a look at the primary source myself and being able to evaluate it myself.

I did exactly that, I referenced the primary source. What I found out is that virtually every policy and every order I came across had massive exemptions in them. Out of thousands, I’ve only ever encountered one written policy that specifically denies all exemptions.

Reading the primary source can be very empowering.

Reading The Primary Source Can Be Very Empowering 

The marketing copy placed on big signs uses the terms “mandatory” or “required” or “necessary.” The actual policy, the primary source, seldom uses terms like that.

Often, instead, the actual document that constitutes the policy uses terms like “exception,” “exemption,” “in cases which,” “all other times,” all of which make it obvious that compliance was not “required” by any means. The media weren’t the only ones telling lies and misrepresenting the policies. The marketing and communications teams within these organizations were as well.

What I found was that in places like Sonoma County, California is that if every person living there would just read their face mask order, they would realize this “mandatory” face mask order exempts people who have difficulty breathing while wearing a face mask.

Others would realize that despite all the hullabaloo about masks and religious worship, the people of Michigan could read their face mask order and see that face masks in Michigan are never required in churches.  That’s the actual written policy, regardless of what the media claims.

Many other policies like these abound. Many other exemptions like these abound, so many that if you just read the local order you’ll realize how many people really fit into them and do not have to wear a face mask. Even in April 2020 how clear it was how many people fit into them. Now that’s even more abundantly clear.

If You Are Aware Of The Exemptions, You Are One Step Closer To Invoking Them, And One Step Closer To Never Wearing A Mask Again 

In Spring 2020 I developed a method for invoking these exemptions. Many times the people at the front door of an establishment wouldn’t understand these exemptions, yet they were the official, publicly available written policies of the company they worked for. Sometimes the managers wouldn’t even understand these exemptions. You, as a customer who could not wear a face mask, just had to be aware of them and just had to be ready to invoke them.

Sometimes living freely means you need to convince others to let you live freely. Sometimes that’s as simple as educating an employee about their own corporate polices.

People were writing me having quite a difficulty invoking them. Some people were saying “I went to the front door and no one knew that there were medical exemptions.” Other people were writing me saying “I went to the front door and started yelling about my constitutional rights, and they turned me away.” Other people were made to go through all kinds of strange contortions.

Lots Of People Live Life Unmasked, And It’s Almost Always Way Easier Than You Thought 

Along with hundreds of readers of I was able to develop a technique that really works very, very well and works in at least 95% of situations. I wrote a book Face Mask in One Lesson to describe this technique and to elaborate on the other 5% or so of situations in which it does not work.

This works so well, so often, that I feel comfortable saying the only reason anyone should ever wear a face mask at this point in the Spring of 2021 is because they want to be wearing one.  

There is no reason anyone should ever feel like they have to be wearing a face mask, especially knowing that’s not what’s best for their body. There’s no reason anyone should ever be wearing a face mask if they’re not able to safely wear one. There’s no reason anyone should ever be wearing a face mask at this point if it’s something they truly do not want to do.

If you want to be wearing a face mask and you believe it’s best for you and you believe it’s best for others, please by all means wear your face mask. Live a life in denial of the science.  Live a life harming yourself. Live a life harming those around you as you wear a biohazard around your face, touching it, moving its contents around, touching things around you, breathing its contents out into the world, leaving it on the table, on the ground, or hanging from a rearview mirror.

That face mask on your face is more of a biohazard than any child is. Yet we treat children like the biohazard and face masks, those ten cent polypropylene things from Wuhan, we treat like blessings. What a messed up existence that is.

The Only Reason To Wear A Mask Is Because You WANT To Wear A Mask 

The only reason you should be wearing a face mask is because you think you should be wearing a face mask. There’s absolutely no other reason. If you wear a face mask today you have no one but yourself to blame. That’s the truth.

I don’t want you to blame yourself. I just want you to stop wearing one.

I get that it’s hard to have a three-minute conversation with a stranger letting them know you can’t wear a face mask safely. That’s what passes for hard these days. I get that it’s hard to look up a store phone number before you walk in the door and to speak to the manager first. That’s what passes for inconvenience these days. I get that it’s just easier to comply with evil. It’s always been easier in the short term to comply with evil. It’s always been more alluring in the short term to comply with evil. It’s always been more enjoyable in the short term to comply with evil. I get it.

Doing what’s right can be really hard sometimes.

That doesn’t change the fact that if you wear a mask, you only have yourself to blame. Literally no one will force you to wear a mask if you put up the most basic level of resistance.

Can you do that today? Now?

The other option is to just comply and to see where that gets you. It might be fine. Or it might not be. I don’t know the future. My guess is that the madness of the last year does not stop without push back.

The resources are out there for you to never wear a mask again. The resources are in this article for you to never wear a mask again.

This Phrase Works So Well: “I’m Unable To Wear A Face Mask Safely” 

A technique developed by myself and readers of that works so well, so reliably, is to speak to a person with decision-making authority and to say to them “I see you have a face mask policy. I want to come through your front doors in five minutes. I am unable to wear a face mask safely. What can you do for me?” If you can take three minutes to make a phone call to a manager before you enter a store and to tell them that, you would not believe how well this works.

Sometimes I’m Pedantic With Face Masks, Because I Want To Test The System   

When I am trying to figure out what is true and what is not true, I can be pedantic to the point of inanity. I don’t know how many people reading this would do what I did last night. I was attempting to enter the local Safeway. I was not going to wear a mask, as is the norm for me, and I wanted to test this technique rather than just brazen through the door, or rather than using a handful of other techniques.

I like using this technique. I like recommending this technique. I like testing this technique. I like theorizing about this technique so that I can write about this technique and help other people use this technique. Unless I can do so in an expert fashion, I really have no business claiming to anyone that this works. Therefore, I practice these methods a lot and talk with others who do the same.

I called the Safeway. I pushed eight for the customer service desk. Hold music played. Phone rang again. It brought me back to the switchboard. I pushed eight again for the manager’s desk. Hold music played. Some minutes later the phone rang again and it brought me back to this switchboard.

This happened over and again. For 15 minutes I waited on hold in an effort to test this technique and to see if it continued to work as well as it had the previous time, to continue to gauge the sentiment, to continue to kind of get a feel for how a moment like this goes, to be able to get a feel for shifting corporate attitudes trickling down and shifting societal attitudes.

Perhaps you understand from this example, what I mean, when I say I can be pedantic to the point of inanity, when I’m testing a theory. I test against every option. I try to test against every variable. I try to have a matrix in my head of what worked and what didn’t work and to identify the weaknesses in my theory, over and over again, testing and retesting.

A Lot Of Businesses Don’t Care About Masks Anymore, Help Push That In The Right Direction By NEVER Wearing A Mask Again 

A detail of this theory that I observed last night was that if it takes more than a few minutes for a manager to pick up the phone, you should probably just enter the door and ask to speak to the manager. Speaking to a manager beforehand lets some customers walk a little more proudly through the store, having been given permission to breathe freely by the person in charge, rather than walking about with the internal dialogue and posture of being ready for someone to come scold you. Alternatively, you can skip the manager step and could just go about your business. You’d be surprised how few people working at a store actually care. Many now assume that if you are maskless, you belong maskless.

I walked in the door of Safeway, went to the customer service stand. No one was there. I went towards the checkout and there were only two lanes open. One person was frantically trying to make the machine work. The other person was frantically checking out a line of people. That man was not dressed in a uniform, but in a pink button-down shirt.

I said to him, “Sir, I’m looking for the manager.”

He said, “I’m the manager.”

I said, “I’m not able to wear a face mask safely, I want to make sure it was okay for me to come through here.”

He said, “Well, if you’ve got a medical thing, yeah, it’s no problem.”

He shrugged his shoulders and he went back to what he was doing, which was running a customer’s items through the scanner. It was practically a waste of his time for me to even bring it up to him.

I’m sure he appreciated hearing that from me.  He probably appreciated getting a quick heads up, in case someone was going to freak out on him, or on me, perhaps even one of his employees, one of his virtue signaling employees.

But you know what, he’s got more important things to do that to worry about you or me not wearing a mask, just like most people on the planet. The few who want to be busybodies just need to be politely put in their place.

Never Wearing A Mask Again, Is So Much Easier Than You Think, At Least That’s What People Tell Me 

What many thousands have written me about and have been pleasantly surprised about and which I suppose you will be pleasantly surprised about as well, is how little most people care that you’re not wearing a face mask, how little most people will give you a hard time if you’re not wearing a face mask, how easy it is to not wear a face mask.

Sure, there are people here and there who have a snide comment, who sneer at you, who want to be the boss of you, who have this feeling that if they have to follow the rules, then why aren’t you also following the rules. People like this want to lord over you.

I have news for you. I hope it’s not news, but it might be news. Those people exist in every era, in every situation, whether we’re talking about trimming a hedge or climbing a mountain or buying a piece of real estate or putting up a billboard, there are people out there who want to lord over you.

Never Live Your Wonderful Life Worrying About What The Lowest Common Denominator Think, They Just Deserve To Be Ignored 

And those people just need to be ignored or put in their place or responded to, depending on what you feel like. But those people don’t matter. You can’t live your life for those people. You can’t live your life for the lowest common denominator of society, which is exactly what those people are.

You need to live your life as the most amazing you that you can. The most free you that you can be. The most obedient to the best principles that you can be, rather than being obedient to the lowest of the low principles. Be disobedient to the lowest of the low. Let the lowest of the low speak poorly of you. Consider it a compliment. Be complimented when such people come and give you a hard time. Be complimented.

My friend, you have no one to blame but yourself if you wear a face mask, even one time more, and for any reason.

I Wonder If Anyone Can Wear A Face Mask Safely 

In the spring of 2020, it was a different story. It wasn’t clear what exactly the policies were. It wasn’t clear what was harmful to the human body in these situations and what wasn’t. But now it’s abundantly clear how harmful these face masks are for so many people.

And that information doesn’t trickle through society on its own. That’s your job, my job, the job of anyone incentivized to have that information trickle through society, the job of anyone who wants to live in a more free country, rather than to see an endless continuation of the corona communism of the past year.

Many millions of Americans were exempt from the mask policies in the spring of 2020. Now I have to ask, can anyone actually be wearing these face masks safely?

So many studies seem to indicate that the answer to that question is “No!”

There are many people who cannot be wearing these face masks safely.

These Techniques Above & Below Literally Work 19 Out Of 20 Times  

These technique works. They are here for you to use. You might be shocked by how well they work. You might be shocked by how well they ripple freedom out into the world.

People write me about many different situations and edge cases, but really it just comes down to the same useful techniques.

1.) Get your hand on the policy.

2.) Have a look at the exemptions.

3.) Have an honest conversation with the person who can make a decision over the policy.

4.) Don’t do it with tension. That’s less likely to work in most situations. Government is a notable counter-example to this, since government is so used to operating by force and pressure.  Keep things calm, keep things reasonable. Sometimes you’ll find an unreasonable person, keep it calm, keep it reasonable. Move up the food chain a little. Eventually, you’ll come across a reasonable person with very little tension.

Literally 19 out of 20 doors will open for you with very little effort.

Literally 19 out of 20 doors will open for you with very little trouble.

Literally 19 out of 20 doors will open for you.

You will not believe how easy this process is.

If you wear a face mask ever again, for any reason, the fault is your own. I have very little sympathy for you if you do.

And in this process, I will be your willing assistant, your willing adviser, your willing accomplice. If you contact me and let me know, you cannot wear a face mask safely and that you think you have found an edge case, and maybe you need a little bit of extra elbow grease, I will so happily help.

I’ve written a book “Face Masks in One Lesson for this reason. I have written many LewRockwell articles over the past year on this topic for this reason — to help you never wear a face mask again, for any reason. 

We have a short window of opportunity to stop the normalizing of face masks. 

I have made videos to help walk you through this simply, if you like watching videos or like listening to audio, instead of reading. You can access them by signing up for the email list at

These resources I have made for people who have vowed to live life by a higher standard, who have decided that they will never wear a face mask again, and who might need a few extra pointers to help get them over that line and to help them with a few edge cases.  

Everything you really need to accomplish this though is inside of you. If you have the will to do this, you really will be able to live a normal life and never wear a face mask again.

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