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If You’re Waiting For A Vaccine Mandate To Stand Up For Yourself, You’re Waiting Too Long

SUBJECT: My Son Can’t Go To Prom Without Taking The Vaccine — What Do I Do?

Dear Allan, 

Our high school will not allow students to attend dances if they have not been vaccinated. Due to the vaccine not being mandatory, this is illegal. They do not have anything in place for religious exemptions. I wanted to speak to an attorney so that they can write a letter on the behalf of the parents of unvaxxed students. Does anyone know of an attorney who could help us?  

There is a lawsuit that will come out tomorrow where a federal judge halts Western Michigan University’s forced vaccine policy after the school denied students an exemption based on their religious beliefs.

Thank you so much in advance for any leads.  

-High School Mom 


Very sick, this idea of a kid having his arm twisted to take the vaccine so he can go to prom like everyone else. While you don’t write it in your letter, any school that would have come up with this policy is a school that is also masking your child — a particular evil that you have allowed your child to be involved in.

You’ve Waited Far Too Long To Address This & Will Probably Now Have Some Catching Up To Do 

I’m happy you’ve drawn a line and said “Enough is enough.” Your family will be better off for this leadership and clear communication during these confusing times.

I also wish you would have written me before you let your child put on a mask and go to school. If you would have dealt with this same underlying sickness among the administrators and staff at the school then, you would not have had to deal with this now. That is because

1.) You would have worked something out,

2.) Administrators and staff would have been reprimanded and put in their place, or

3.) You and your family would have parted ways with that school.

Now, with this dance hanging over your child’s head, and the many pressures of adolescence and the inevitable shortsightedness and myopia that occurs at that time in life, if you do not draw a clear line, both with your child and with the school, don’t be surprised if your son comes home to report “They gave me the shot today,” or “I stopped off on the way from school at the weird tent behind the corner grocery store that the Public Health Department has set up in that grimy alley and got the shot,” or “I’m calling from the hospital, I got the shot three weeks ago without telling you, and now they said something is wrong with me, but I’m too disoriented and dizzy to understand, so I need you to come here, and help me.”

You Are Playing With Fire, As Is Anyone Who Pretends The Face Masks Are Any Different From The Vaccines — They Are Placeholders For Each Other & For Far Worse

I am concerned that you are really playing with fire and not taking the danger of this situation seriously. The face mask is very harmful for you and for your child. It is not safe. It is not effective. Wearing one is a total lie. The vaccine is not safe. It is not effective.

These steps toward tyranny, which are deceitfully claimed to be approaches toward greater public health, can no longer be given your tacit approval. Additionally, I am worried that you are looking for a quick fix, and a piecemeal approach, when what you are facing is a whole web of intervention full of demonic bloodsuckers that can’t wait to get their hands on your child.

Elected Officials In Your County Want To Vaccinate Five-Year-Olds 

Elected officials, in your county, by the way, are discussing how to get 5-year-olds vaccinated in school, with little regard for parental input. It is a foregone conclusion, in their minds, that someone your son’s age will also be convinced, in a school setting, to take the vaccine.

Those are not back room bureaucrats in smoke-filled rooms. Those are elected officials in your county, talking about that in open meetings.

Those same comments are being made all over the country by elected officials. Thankfully, you have more authority than them, over the well-being of your son, if you choose to exercise it.

I don’t write this just for you, but for other parents out there who have not been put in this bind, confronted with this creeping vaccine policy. Before that policy is upon you, a policy that many plan to put on you and your family, you have a chance to get ahead of it by fighting the masks. 

Options To Consider While You Are Seeking An Attorney 

While you are seeking an attorney (which is a great move), I’d like to recommend a few other approaches too.

Any attorney with a basic ability to write pithily and construct a legal letter will probably do for what you need, which would be a legal demand letter, or maybe a cease and desist letter tough enough sounding that it will get the school administrators to flinch.

A lawyer doesn’t need to be too expert on this topic to pull that off. You probably just need the school to flinch long enough for a few administrators to come to their senses and for one or two other administrators to feel a need to speak up. If you can get an expert attorney easily, so much the better.

Get The PDF Of The Policy & Use It To Your Advantage 

I’d like, also, to recommend you get a hold of the policy, an actual PDF of the policy, likely some pages in length.

This piece I wrote on attending a graduation maskless is the same process as attending a dance with no vaccine card. Many have found it helpful.

This is a piece about being maskless at school. This, too, is the same process as being unvaccinated at school.

This is a piece about being maskless at a private school — focusing more on civility and less on the coercion, threats, intimidation, and shows of force that so commonly end up associated with both governmental activity and governmental activism. This, again, is the same process as being unvaccinated at school, or anywhere for that matter.

At The Core Of All These Tactics Is This Strategy 

All of the above really comes down to identifying the exact policy, understanding the policy, and then having a conversation with a decision maker about the policy in a way that allows him to say something between “Yes! I love that idea” and mournfully humming the words “I guess,” in the true Eeyore fashion that so commonly resides at the core of most school administrators. It doesn’t work all the time, but it works most of the time.

Many parents have found these to be helpful pieces while they were in the process of finding a lawyer.

Again, at school or elsewhere, if you can

1.) Identify the policy & understand the policy— which, again, needs to be a PDF drafted by a lawyer, not a sign, bullet point email, or website, none of which are policies, and

2.) Figure out the authority for the policy — private schools, especially small private schools, may feel less pressure to have a formal policy, and then

3.) Have a reasonable conversation with someone in authority about the policy, then you are halfway to where you need to be.

You Can Cautiously Escalate & Get The School Board Involved 

If you need to take it a step further and get the school board involved — escalation that should be prudently done, since subordinates to the school board may soften up when you do so or they may dig in — here’s a piece on how to communicate more effectively with school board members. No matter how seasoned of an activist you are, I bet you have not thought through every approach proposed in that detailed piece.

Or You Can Replace The School Board

If the school board is unhelpful, it may be time to replace them, though I recognize that may not alleviate your immediate concerns. This piece outlines how to do that — how to replace a school board member or any other elected official.

If All Else Fails… 

If all else fails, and only if all else fails, here’s a piece on doing a Hail Mary pass and storming the doors of the school, policy or not.

Tips For Finding A Lawyer

As for your question, here’s a piece on how to find a lawyer. The piece especially deals with how to sue your governor, but the same information applies for suing any tyrant.

Finding All This Information On Video 

Many of these pieces are sent as videos to those who sign up for my email newsletter at In order to get information, I like reading the written word best. That’s not everyone’s cup of tea, though. Those videos have been carefully crafted for those who do not enjoy reading as much as they enjoy videos.

For people who prefer lots of videos at their fingertips all at one time, the following Radio Remnant channels all have my videos.

RumbleBrighteon,  UGETubeBitchute, LBRY (Odysee), and this lame one that works fairly well, but which I loathe to support: Youtube.

Organizations Who Might Take An Interest 

In addition to the lawyer tips in the piece above, America’s Frontline Doctors, Informed Consent Action Network, and Children’s Health Defense are all likely to want to have an intake person hear your story (though likely through a form), perhaps with an interest in helping find you a lawyer. Christina Hildebrand of A Voice for Choice, a long time vaccine safety advocate may also take an interest, though she is not an attorney to my knowledge. Do a search for Covid attorney in your area or state, or for vaccine attorneys. Many, many attorneys and organizations like this exist. You may not need a specialist, though that would be nice, and you may not need an attorney either, though having one may help you flex your muscles in a little more intimidating of a way. True to the kind, resourceful, and entrepreneurial spirit of so many people, there are many local cottage operations seeking to help others navigate tyranny in times like these.

This Is A Passion Of Mine 

I hope this note is helpful to you and others in a similar situation. I have spent much of my free time since the very first day of the lockdown, March 17, 2020, helping people, parents especially, navigate the one-size-fits-all health orders. If you can say “No!” to the mask, you can say “No!” to the vaccine. The principles involved are the same.

The Face Mask Is The Real Battle You Need To Have 

Though it is not the precise battle at hand, if you are not already doing so 100% of the time, I would encourage you to diligently say “No!” to the face mask for a few days and to make this a policy for you and your family, vowing to never wear the thing again for any reason. This is an ideal approach before then graduating onward to the vaccine battle. The two are one and the same. Both are ineffective and dangerous one-size-fits-all commands that should not be imposed upon anyone.

Anyone who is not yet faced with any ultimatum like the one you are now faced with, dear High School Mom, would be wise to follow that advice before a vaccine ultimatum appears in that person’s life. By saying no to the face mask, that person will be all trained up by the time the vaccine mandate comes, if it comes. It is far easier to deal with this tyranny and to build your muscles on the topic of the easier to navigate face mask than to do it on the topic of the “there’s no turning back” vaccine.

Saying “No!” To The Face Mask Protects You From Having To Take The Vaccine 

Once you have given in to taking the vaccine, there is no turning back. The past year-and-a-half, since the Ides of March 2020, have taught me that if you will say yes to the face mask, you will say yes to the vaccine, you just have not been given the right reason yet, and if you say “No!” to the face mask, you have all the tools you need to say “No!” to the vaccine. Anyone who says otherwise may possibly be the exception to the rule that I have not yet encountered, but the reality is, they are far more likely to simply be in denial, a common reaction to encountering difficult-to-bear information.

In case the harm done to the wearer by the unsafe and ineffective face mask is not enough, this observation above is a vitally important reason to draw an impenetrable boundary and to never wear a face mask again. The vaccine only takes ten seconds of weakness to irreversibly receive.

Saying yes to the face mask prepares you for that. Saying “No” to the face mask steels you against that. Public health officials spend a great deal of time studying behavioral psychology and other forms of manipulation. Many of them fully realize this connection between the two.

There’s Great News: It’s Only A Matter Of Time Before We Win & Time Is On Our Side! 

Time is on our side. Accessible to the public, official government records across a few continents now show 100,000 reports of death from the vaccine. These reports are likely understated. The narrative of the Covid shot being safe and effective won’t hold up forever, just like the narrative around other vaccines being safe and effective won’t hold up forever.

Once enough tragic miscarriages (nothing to do with the vaccine, we are assured) occur, once enough high school all-American athletes tragically end up with the permanently scarred myocarditic heart of an 84-year-old who has had three heart attacks (nothing to do with the vaccine we are told, totally normal), and once enough Vice Presidents of condo associations realize their brains have irreversibly aged far more quickly in 2021 than normal (also nothing to do with vaccine, masks, lockdowns or anything of that sort), then the narrative will be over. There is a limit to how far this psychosis can go.

I very much wish this tragedy did not have to occur in order for the blind to see what is so apparent to so many of the rest of us. History has forever repeated the same story of tragedy preceding revelation.

All you have to do is wait this psychosis out. I’m sorry that this psychosis maybe messes up some of your child’s memorable high school social plans. It is a great shame what is happening to children in the midst of this psychosis. The double-digit childhood IQ loss observed over the past year, alone, far overshadows the already vile few points of IQ harm that lead or fluoride in the drinking water causes. Yet, so many remain silent, and so many parents pretend all is well.

My Final Plea For You: The Education Your Child Really Deserves 

Finally, I know this might not be for you, but I beg of you to stop letting the people who came up with this twisted, manipulative, discriminatory, statistically racist dance attendance policy, to have influence over your child. Please stop leaving your child in their care. Please stop leaving your children alone with them. Doing so will not end well.

This last article is my request that you pull them out of that school as quickly as you possibly can, ten minutes ago being far too late to have done so. As hard as it may be to pull off, I believe you will all, as a family, be better off for it. Just as children don’t belong in a face mask during this psychosis, nor do children belong vaccinated against Covid during this psychosis, they most certainly do not belong in school during this psychosis.

Draw a line between you and the mask. The bestselling book “Face Masks in One Lesson exists to help you do that, as do these pieces, and the email newsletter at  full of quick, easy to watch videos on how to make that and other bold steps a reality in your own life. 

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