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Inspiration: What the World Would Be Like Without Covid

Don’t read any further.  You are going to get hooked.  I’m warning you, there is a mood lifter in this report like no other.  And it comes from a most unexpected source – a bunch of high school girls from Japan.

Here is what others say about the topic I’m writing about today:

“How the whole world would be when there’s no more covid”
“Better than coffee!”
“I’d watch them over any pro football halftime game show, they’re better than the halftime show at the Super Bowl.”
“I cannot stop watching! This is fantastic!”
“Why does this make me smile?”
“The swishing ponytails are kind of hypnotic”
“What strikes me is the JOY and KINDNESS they share with everyone who sees and hears them play”
“My heart smiles when I watch this”

I must be off my rocker.  I’m hooked on watching videos of a high school girls band from Japan.  Wha?

Yes, I got into the habit of taking video breaks from my compulsive writing assignments about health, economics, and world events, many of them quite depressing, people dying when natural remedies are at hand.  By going to YouTube and listening to uplifting music by marching bands.  You know, the USC band and song girls performing CONQUESTTUSKTRIBUTE TO TROY. It’s a way to keep charged up to keep writing.

But as I searched around YouTube for the next marching band to listen to, YouTube kept pointing my searches to a high school girls band in Japan.

Once I watched and listened, I was hooked.  I’m in awe of them.

It’s not just the music, it’s the inspiration.

It’s recognition of all the time and practice these high school girls, and a few boys, have put into their entertainment.  Their music director Hiroyuku Tanaka has them practicing 7 days/40 hours a week.

One online news source said: “Feeling down? Kyoto’s Tachibana High marching band is here to brighten your day.”  It did mine.

And hey, it’s not just me, it’s the entire world.  There are more foreign viewers watching Tachibana High School, based in Kyoto, Japan, than Japanese fans.

What others say:

“I have to admit. I’ve never been entertained by any marching band until now.”
“I love this band they are so lovely to watch…over and over again…”

Quite possibly the most entertaining ‘Brass Band’ in the World!  — The MusicMan UK.

They are not just a band.  They are a phenomenon.

They play non-stop, waving to crowds and marching in between their renditions of popular music, with endless smiles, and precision dancing (prancing), doing 360º turns, all while playing their instruments, including a baritone saxophone, concert French horns and concert euphonium (brass instrument).

Then there is Hitomi Kanamaru.  You will see her in the last row, playing a flute, with what looks like a knee brace.  Actually, she was born without a lower leg.  She has a prosthetic.  She is the inspiration for the whole band.

There are five guys in the girls’ band.  Someone told me once that girls perform better when there are a few guys around.

And the accolades keep pouring in:

This is insane actually. My marching band won several competitions but honestly this is way more impressive.
“I’m thousands of miles away, nobody else is watching this, but I’m clapping after each song! “
What strikes me is the JOY and KINDNESS they share with everyone who sees and hears them play.”
“Tachibana band spreads joy and hope as they are marching by.”
“The Kyoto Tachibana Band is the most popular and magical band in the world.”
Most entertaining “marching” (dancing) band ever. Simply superb.
“I’ve literally been binge watching Tachibana videos for two days now and even read about their history and nickname. Super impressed with the energy and music.”
They should tour the whole world to share their love of music and talent. What a role model for the children of the world.
My school band can’t play like this when we’re sitting down!
So organized omggggggggggggg even with all the dance moves nothing sounds out of place !!!!!!
Man, this ain’t your average band. The way they harmoniously play music and dance smoothly at once is so wholesome, from start till the end I’m still smiling
Just so fantastic. Not just the terrific sound, but the choreography and precision are beyond belief!
These youngsters are quite sensational. The sheer brilliance of their musical and band marching skills has to be seen to be believed. They bring a great deal of joy and happiness everywhere and every time they perform

Their signature piece is Louis Prima’s 1936 song “Sing, Sing, Sing”.  You can watch them play it on stage.

Writing about man’s inhumanity to man is sometimes an emotionally burdensome task.  Sometimes I have to take a break from the thought of all the anguish, suffering and lost lives from this plague that is now sweeping the globe.  The fact the globalists say this is an opportunity for a global reset while they do little to stop it is a tip off it is a pre-planned event, with the world’s major news media bombarding the world with fear and anxiety to you via television every minute.  But I have an antidote to all the fearmongering: Tachibana High School marching band.

Screw CNN, MSNBC, CBS, FOXNEWS, ABC.  Suicides up? Alcohol consumption at an all- time high?  State of the world beyond depressing?  Send in the band from Kyoto.

Here are some links: (sound up)

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