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International Group of Attorneys Proceed With Covid-19 Crimes Against Humanity Grand Jury

• A group of attorneys from around the world have convened a model grand jury in Germany in order to provide testimony from various expert witnesses attesting to the crimes against humanity committed amidst government responses to covid-19.

• The various witnesses, consisting of professors, doctors, journalists, military, and government officials will testify regarding a number of topics including Project Dark Winter, psychological operations, economics, eugenics, and more.

A collective of lawyers and attorneys, and one judge, from around the globe representing an independent organization known as the Peoples’ Court of Public Opinion on behalf of the German based Corona Investigative Committee, have come together to begin criminal investigation proceedings to present what they allege to be evidence of crimes against humanity committed by policy makers in response of the covid-19 pandemic.

The Grand Jury is a model proceeding, meaning that at the present moment it holds no legitimate legal standing.

However, the aim of this undertaking is to provide to a grand jury, in this case the general public, throughout the proceedings, legal statements and evidentiary materials — including testimony, affirming that willful criminal activity took place on behalf of the accused.

In hopes that the exposure of this evidence may provoke actual criminal charges and indictments in the future.

Dieses Modell machen wir uns zu eigen, um mithilfe von echten Zeugen, Rechtsanwälten, einem Richter und Experten aus aller Welt der Öffentlichkeit nachzuweisen, dass wir es hier mit weltumspannenden Verbrechen gegen die Menschlichkeit zu tun haben.

— Corona-Ausschuss (@CoronaAusschuss) January 31, 2022

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