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Is the Omicron Scam a Dress Rehearsal for Something Much Worse?

Omicron, Omicron!
you are a gigantic con.
Invented just in time for Christmas
and never proven to exist, [1]
you’re the latest make-believe variant,
tops on every Globalist’s list.

The infamous Imperial College London
is your birthplace, O-My-Con—
the institute owned by Gates’s money
where the shady Prof., Neil Ferguson
concocted wildly inflated predictions
that millions would die from the Covid bug
(claims that Ferguson later retracted;
he got fired, with a wink and a hug).
But those claims served as the pretext
to declare a pandemic and lock down the world.
Next, Tom Peacock of Imperial College
took up the baton with a panicked tweet
saying that you, Omicron, are awesome,
a new Godzilla hard to beat. [2]

The corporate media lapped it up,
creating the latest round of fear-porn
then they “found” you, Omicron, in Africa
the perfect place for you to be “born”
since so many sensible African nations
are opposed to the harmful Covid vaccines
but the Globalists will jab them by any means.

The bald truth is, almost nobody’s dying [3]
while presstitutes and politicians keep lying.
They’re selling a hoax, but the public’s not buying. [4]

Omicron, the out-of-Africa story
somehow adds to your fame and glory
but as Dr. David Martin has noted,
the naming of variants is all junk science,
an MSM/Big Pharma game:
“just an alteration in when you start and stop
what you call the reading frame.” [5]

Not only that, the PCR test
can’t tell Covid from the seasonal flu [6],
so how the hell, dear Omicron,
could the PCR test identify you?
It’s a giant scam as anyone
with half a brain can plainly see.
But the government puppets and media whores
want to bamboozle you and me.
People, do yourself a favor:
Turn off the TV!!

Omicron, the pundits admit you’re mild
(like a child needing no vaccination),
yet Fauci keeps warning his brainwashed followers
you’ll soon be embedded all over the nation.
Devious Delta served its purpose.
Now, Omicron, it’s your turn
to panic the masses with more propaganda.
Will the suckers ever learn?
You’re just what the Evil Doctor ordered
to keep the fake pandemic going. [7]
The Official Narrative is wearing thin.
It’s crumbling…the whopper lies are showing.
So you’re a lifesaver, Omicron!
Fauci and Gates will be sad when you’re gone.
You’ll be replaced by another variant,
a media-manufactured scariant.

O Omicron, although you’re a weakling,
you’re a godsend to the Merchants Of Death.
You’re The Plandemic’s Last Dying Breath.
Anyone who dies from a stroke or the flu
gets listed as a COVID death.
That’s how the Death Toll’s been vastly inflated
to keep people panicked and agitated

And O! Omicron, I find it ironic,
your name when scrambled spells moronic.
Moronic is certainly an apt description
of those who follow Gates’s prescription—
getting poisons jabbed in their arm
causing unprecedented harm
killing millions around the world,
paralyzing boys and girls,
heart damage, miscarriage, sterility, strokes,
immune systems shot to hell—
all of it caused  by the gene “vaccine”
NOT by you, Omicron.
The clot-shot’s not working out too well.
It doesn’t prevent viral transmission.
It doesn’t give the jabbed immunity
and when it wreaks havoc, the vaccine makers
will offer more boosters with impunity.
They’re totally free from liability
as they spread death and debility
while folks line up for their next shot
due to their gullibility.

At vaccination centers worldwide
people are convulsing or dropping dead. [8]
That guy got jabbed, now he’s paralyzed.
This healthy woman profusely bled.
It’s the Fauci/Gates Vaccine.
It’s often lethal.  And it’s obscene.
It’s happening all over the world.
It can’t be hidden anymore.
They’re coming for you, Mr. Gates.
Fauci, better lock your door.
Biden, you are senile scum.
You’re truly evil—not just dumb,
and Trump, ignorant buffoon
wants everyone jabbed very soon.[9,10]

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