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Jezebel Spirits Thrive When There Is No One Willing To Stand

On a recent flight from Tampa to Atlanta, a woman got in the face of another passenger and yelled at him for not having a mask on. He said he was eating and would not be putting it on. This mask Nazi ultimately struck him in the face and spit on him. He remained seated and stood his ground verbally, though he also unfortunately rolled in the proverbial mud a little, especially when he descended into using foul language with her.

This woman, later identified as Patricia Cornwall, was taken with a spirit of control, a Jezebel spirit, as some people describe it. This is true of many who support the health mandates. In the Bible, Jezebel was the wicked wife of King Ahab. She was allowed to thrive in her wickedness.

Sheep, Hyenas, & Lions 

I have often asked readers to ignore the more sheep-like people, such as your triple masked neighbor. They spook easily, have little along the way of a moral guidestone, have existed in all times, and are not the variable.

I have previously asked readers to ignore the hyenas, such as the well paid people growing even more well paid due to the health mandates they helped implement. They are the true terrorists, the enemies foreign and domestic, with the domestic form of this terrorism being the more meaningful version. Though their evil can astound in its depravity, they too are a mere distraction. They have existed in all periods of time and are not the variable.

It is the lion who deserves your attention. The trajectory of all history depends upon them — those lions who stay asleep or who awake. A woken lion will exude freedom by the very nature of his walk through the world. His actions may be unpredictable and hard to coordinate, but they will be actions that nonetheless exude freedom. This can frustrate a collectivist committed to organizing lions and unfamiliar with what it is like to interact with a truly free man. A lion cannot even prevent himself from exuding freedom if he tries. It is the natural consequence of his walk through life.

In a time like this, the objective of the free man, then, is to awaken as many lions as he can. Time spent focussed on hyenas and sheep is often a distraction and a waste of one’s limited personal resources — time and energy being perhaps the most valuable among those resources.

How The Story Turns Out For Jezebel

To return to the Bible and the antagonist of this essay, the story of Jezebel finally ends when Jehu comes to her home and calls on her servants — a group of eunuchs — to throw her down. Yes, Jehu literally wants them to defenestrate Jezebel from the palace. They proverbially regain their manhood by doing exactly that. Jezebel dies, Jehu tramples her with his horse, Jehu goes for lunch, and some time later he sends people to clean up Jezebel’s remains.

By that time, Jezebel’s remains had been devoured by dogs.

The Comparative Cowardice Of Killing 

Though the eunuchs threw her down to her death, a bold act, I wonder if they could have had the decency to simply stand up to her civilly, look her in the face, and tell her “No!” That is the truly bold behavior. That is the behavior that would have prevented the wicked reign of Jezebel and may even have prevented her ultimate death. It is the behavior that was needed from her husband, an intact man who was less of a man in the story than even the eunuchs. Killing someone is the comparatively easy way out, perhaps even a total act of cowardice when it is committed against a person you do not have the guts to stand up to face to face.

There could be worse consequences of doing that, rather than killing Jezebel. It might even be foolhardy, knowing the many consequences that had befallen others trying the same. The honest, bold, face to face conversation is often the brave thing to do, and often absent in the life of so many who feel the boot of tyranny.

Is Jezebel Really To Blame? 

Jezebel has an awful reputation that has lasted the test of time. While it is common to blame Jezebel in the story, there is an often overlooked detail. Jezebel would be unable to have such power and influence without her weak-willed husband, King Ahab.

He is truly the problem in the story — Ahab is the one that enables the Jezebel spirit rather than commanding authority over it. He does not do the difficult work of leading his household to do righteously. He, instead, empowers the wickedness of his household.

What If Jezebel & Ahab Had A Child? 

Later in the Bible, there is more trouble caused by the seed of Ahab. Having watched her mother and father interact with each other in such a way, their daughter, Athaliah, behaves similarly in the presence of a weak man who empowers her. The Jezebel spirit thrives in the presence of weak men. This is understandable. Nature abhors a vacuum. Power rushes to fill the empty space.

Like that era of societal decay, in which Jezebel and Ahab lived, this contemporary era is also an era in which those two spirits thrive: the Jezebel spirit (a spirit of control) and the Ahab spirit (a spirit of weakness).

These are not necessarily gendered roles. A man can be taken with a Jezebel spirit. A woman can be taken with an Ahab spirit. Generally they are gendered, though.

Basic Tenets Of Adulthood

We are called to identify our boundaries, communicate our boundaries, and defend our boundaries. Similarly, we are called to identify our values, communicate our values, and defend our values. If you cannot do that, you are not a fully functioning adult. Such weakness is intolerable and leads to great evil in your life.

The Ahab spirit is not he who does evil himself, though King Ahab did great evil. The Ahab spirit is that which is weak in the face of evil, thereby allowing, accommodating, and enabling evil. It is an evil of omission, not an evil of commission. It is a lack of responsibility for a situation in which a man is expected to take responsibility.

Jezebel & Ahab Love Government Roles 

The career bureaucrats at all levels of government recognize the existence of such weakness and feed their power and control by feeding into the Ahab spirit of elected officials.

This is true in the White House, where a senile, unelected grifter is the figurehead, incapable of managing his way through a press conference, let alone manage the officials under his supervision.

This is also true down to the school board level, where bureaucrats distract officials with mounds of meaningless paperwork, while ushering through meaningful votes quietly, usually without being noticed by the elected official and certainly always without opposition.

It is exactly how some bureaucrats run the show unchecked for decades, while the elected official is made into a mere rubber stamp and occasionally a scapegoat, with the public never able to figure out why nothing changes for the better, no matter who they elect.

Lots Of Leaders Are Just Like Ahab, Which Means The Jezebel Spirit Thrives 

With the Ahab spirit endemic in this era of weak men, it is virtually impossible to find a man in a position of authority not taken with this complacent weakness. Such a man is very unlikely to accept responsibility, is perpetually obsessed not only with longevity but with longevity of career, and is often spoken of as a true leader. He is the opposite of a leader. He is little more than frivolity and vanity incarnate. It is very difficult to find any male in a position of governmental authority who is not taken with an Ahab spirit. Great effort is taken to make it seem otherwise.

The Jezebel spirit can only thrive in the presence of an Ahab spirit. Anyone with a sense of authority in his life and who demands responsibility for what is taking place around himself does not let a Jezebel spirit thrive.

The Contemporary Term For Jezebel 

One contemporary term for the Jezebel spirit is “Karen.” The man on the aforementioned flight, after being struck in the face, commented “Sit down Karen…you’re going to jail!” A Karen is a person of any age, race, or gender who seeks to control another person, usually by attempting to report that person to authority.

Though imperfect, the term Karen is a truly telling and informative term from our era and must not be easily dismissed for any of its foibles. It is one of the rare instances of our popular culture providing ancient and useful wisdom organically, even in our morally corrupt and intellectually impoverished setting. Karen is in several meaningful ways the contemporary equivalent of Jezebel.

In a spirit of distraction and confusion, some have taken to make Karen mean “any middle-aged white woman that you don’t like.” That is not the case. There is no race, gender, or age requirement associated with this term. That Karen spirit can appear in anyone, just as a Jezebel spirit can exist in anyone.

Ahabs Have Always Hated Taking Responsibility — Why It Is Not Your Oppressor’s Fault That You Are So Oppressible 

It has been said that “It is not your oppressor’s fault that you are so oppressible.” I tend to agree with that sentiment, at least in my own life. I find it a very helpful approach to take. It is up to you to decide if it is fitting for your own life as well.

I seldom let anyone complain to me for more than a few seconds about how oppressed he is in life, without pointing out the Ahab spirit that he welcomes into his life, which makes being oppressed by another almost a guarantee.

Yes, I tend to find, that it is not your oppressor’s fault that you are so oppressible. If I mention how many divorced dads I have had to say this to, I may get a flurry of angry emails. Ahab never seems to want to take responsibility. This era needs a lot less Ahab and a lot more take-charge Jehu, figuratively speaking, or else this era marked by a preponderance of Jezebel and Ahab spirits will be the supremely weak, unhinged, and wicked era we pass on to the next generation.

Face Masks: The Flag Of Ahab & Jezebel, Their Modern Day Heritage, & Their Dynasty 

One reason that face masks are so important is that they push the boundaries on acceptable behavior and permissible oppression. They train those who wear them for further oppression. They also signal to oppressors that those who wear them are ready for further oppression.

A host of other sociological activities take place that I will not now get into, but which I write at length about in my books Face Masks Hurt Kids and Face Masks in One Lesson. This is to say that a face mask is much more than a face mask. It is much more than an attempt to stop the spread of a disease. The disease prevention claim, by the way, has been unequivocally disproven at this point.

Face masks, in fact, hurt you. Face masks are harmful both for those who wear them and those who allow them worn around themselves.

My experience has been that those who refuse to say “No!” to the face mask every single time are those who will take the Covid shot. They have just not heard the right reason yet. Every time they put on the face mask is training and preparation for them to take the shot. In fact, taking the shot is far easier. It literally only takes ten seconds of weakness, and in some cases, the shot produces a lifetime of regret. You are paving the way for that, and worse, each time you put on a face mask.

Saying “No!” to the face mask every time is of fundamental importance and reverberates into other areas of life. 

The Jezebel spirit wants you to mask up, wants you to take the shot, wants you to comply to much worse. The Jezebel spirit wants no boundaries on anything as she says “just this one last thing,” and never stops coming up with that one last thing, because she never meets resistance.

Jezebel spirits thrive in our era. That is precisely because Ahab spirits thrive in our era. Such a vacuum of moral authority is all a Jezebel spirit needs to thrive. It is the job of the upright, mighty man of valor, the job of the upright, virtuous woman, to say “No!” to these spirits and to take authority over them. That may not change the world overnight, but one step at a time, taking authority over that spirit of control in your own life, will change the world as you know it. The simplest and most meaningful step in making that happen is by saying “No!” to the face mask. Not just once, not just sometimes, but each and every time. 

Who will you be? An Ahab? A Jezebel? Or a Jehu?

No need to answer that question verbally. Everyone knows the answer by seeing the face mask choices you make. The choice is all yours.

Face masks are harmful to humans. “Face Masks Hurts Kids is a 500-page book that digs into the science of that topic. It is currently available at a reduced friends and family price through all major book retailers during the soft launch period. “Face Masks in One Lesson is a book on how to never wear a mask again. Thousands have used the techniques in that book to stop wearing a face mask. Also helpful to you may be my LRC articles on the topic, as well as the high quality trainings and videos on the topic that are sent out to everyone who signs up at

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