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As most readers know, the totalitarian enemies of freedom and promoters of totalitarianism who own and run Google have cut off this Web site’s income from advertising.  Too much “misinformation,” the evil bastards say.  They claimed that some articles were “demonstrably false” but did not explain why.  They also absurdly said that the articles on this site could “undermine participation or trust in electoral or democratic process,” aka government.  Apparently, criticism of government policy is no longer permitted in America as long as Senile Joe and his merry band of Bolsheviks are in power.  Four years of extreme, vitriolic hate, 24/7, on the Google platforms during the Trump administration was all hunky dory of course.  Including the false, unreliable, and harmful claims that Trump was a Russian spy/puppet.  Talk about undermining trust in “democratic process.”

Google also of course claimed that the site is promoting “harmful health claims” by not believing every single word that comes out of Anthony Fauci’s mouth.  Or as their own bureaucratic mumbo jumbo put it:  “contradicts authoritative scientific consensus.”  (In The Road to Serfdom F.A. Hayek wrote that in totalitarian countries “truth” is determined not by research, discussion, and civilized debate, but by announcements by “authoritative” government sources.  Such announcements are the “consensus” — or else.  Google claimed that the entire blog is guilty of these sins.  Every last word of it.

The rest of Big Bolshevik Tech will probably follow suit.  If you value all the hard work (by Lew more than anyone else, who works seven days a week) and information that is produced by all the writers who appear on this Web site, please donate whatever you can now.  It will be our way of spitting in the faces (figuratively speaking) of these evil, totalitarian-minded thugs.

I personally do not profit at all from writing on this site apart from any additional book sales that might be stimulated by my articles and blogs, so this is not a self-serving plea.  It is a plea to help us to continue the fight for freedom and it is time for all of you to step up.

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