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Major Alert/ All US Businesses Threatened

The World Economic Forum, which was a co-sponsor to EVENT 201 at Johns Hopkins Center For Health Security along with Bill Gates in October of 2019, just prior to the onset of COVID-19 in January of 2020 and announcement of a mutated coronavirus pandemic in March of 2020, is now announcing CYBER POLYGON, a war cyber warfare game that will be blamed on overseas “enemies.”  CYBER POLYGON is a drill scheduled for July of 2021.

Should such an event occur, it would paralyze every business, church, hospital, even security and police forces.  It appears prudent to make plans for a major online cyber business disruption given public authorities appear to be clueless or even complicit in this event as they have been in COVID-19.  Consumer-related businesses would be wise to advise their customers to stock up on necessities, particularly food, toiletries, vitamins, medicines and alternate sources of power if possible.  Doctors should schedule patients accordingly.

Please be aware the death rate from COVID-19 is only 0.26% (quarter of one-percent — Annals Internal Medicine January 2021), which is less than seasonal flu when nursing home deaths are are removed from mortality data.  That means 99.7% of lives are not threatened by this infectious disease and the lockdowns, social distancing and face mask wearing are baseless attempts to curb the spread or delay infection and therefore keep people from developing natural immunity and make them totally dependent upon emergency-use experimental vaccines.

The anxiety induced by COVID-19 (CNN admits it fear-mongered the population to maintain high television ratings) has resulted in a 500% increase in alcohol consumption and an increase in sleeplessness that has resulted in an increase in coffee and tea consumption, with all three of these factors blocking a key nutrient (vitamin B1 thiamine) that controls the autonomic nervous system that controls breathing, heartbeat and digestion. Loss of smell and taste are also a consequence of this vitamin shortage. This explains long-term COVID symptoms.  This is the 2nd underlying pandemic that is ongoing as the pandemic measures continue.

Click through to the links below to validate this warning.  This is not a sensationalist report.

Cyber Polygon is a war game being held by the World Economic Forum (WEF) this July/2021 which is meant to simulate a major cyber attack on the global supply chain and the economic system. There has been endless discussion int the media the past year building up fears of cyber attacks by Russia, China, Iran and even North Korea.

See this.

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