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My Letter to a Mandate Junkie

To: Dr. Patty Perillo and Dr. Spyridon Marinopoulos UMD

Recently I received as a parent of a new student an email relaying that the University took steps for informing those students of the vaccination requirement for COVID-19.  I have reviewed the current track taken by the U.S. CDC as well as volumes of the emerging evidences as to the outcomes of the COVID-19 vaccines.  There is little to suggest that the pharmaceutical treatments referred to as the COVID vaccine should be administered to humans at all, let alone mandated as a condition of attendance to an institution of higher learning.

The decision to mandate this unvetted irreversible injection places otherwise free individuals into a dire strait, and this university’s order is supportive neither of classical liberalism’s basic tenets nor of the UMD founding ideals.  There is more evidence to support the discontinuation based on the VAERS reporting, numbers reporting harm and adverse reactions grossly in excess of any other vaccine on record.

The ambivalence of the State’s reactionary approach to the SARS2/COV situation has replaced individuality with a slavish lurching port-to-starboard based on daily news cycles and the mass production of a taxpayer-funded zeitgeist.  Were it not for the ham-handed manipulation of the testing techniques in support of planned outcomes, this charade would no doubt continue to disrupt daily life for a condition which is 99.7% surviveable.

The reduction of equal testing for identifying positivity in those who have had the shots is an obvious cloak for the pitiful state of both physical and mental health.  This happens in the vacuum of the societies who are replacing inquisitive and meticulous training with teaching-to-a-test as a method of learning.

The UMD approach also renders a secular populace powerless to avoid this experimental gene therapy short of resorting to religious exemption.  To back these prospective students into the very corner that liberalism purports to attenuate is immoral on its face.  By making religious exemption one of the only options, the State’s weak support of this product places its own decision above reasonable discussion or even a scintilla of compromise.  It is as dishonest as it is absentminded, and I expect more from the leadership at UMD.

To mandate this to students who wish to enlarge their minds embracing classical liberalism is to short circuit the pathways of Western Civilization’s enlightenment.  It is a step backward and you can do better.
I urge you to remove the mandate and restore individual choice in this matter.  Thank you.

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