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No Money for an Alma Mater?

Tuck’s 35th Anniversary

Thx for checking in, but as I had mentioned before, both the Covid lockdown policies and the mandatory Covid vaccination requirement for administration of an experimental product adopted by the College and by extension Tuck, have made me determined not to donate for any causes. Similar policies adopted by Princeton and the UVA Law School have colored my giving decisions there as well. I appreciate your reaching out and am certainly grateful for the education and job opportunities my Tuck experience afforded me. But there are some moral hills I have to stand on, and this is one of them.

As an aside, since we last communicated, in my judgment concerns that I voiced about the necessity (especially for young healthy students), efficacy and safety of the experimental injections have, if anything, increased. That we are slowly pivoting to a removal of the mandates in many cities and some colleges and universities does not detract in my opinion from the harm that was perpetrated on the younger generation from these policies: either a sharp increase in mental health anxiety among college age students, including excess suicides or to be determined longer term safety issues from an experimental product that was hastily rolled out with a complete liability shield to those involved in its manufacture/distribution. These physical safety issues go beyond the publicized reports of young males susceptible to myocarditis and include potentially neurological, immune and fertility issues. By suspending the right of free and informed medical consent, I think we have set back trust in public health for decades to come.

Scientists and doctors much more versed than me in these issues of bioethics and mandates include Drs. Malone, Kheriaty, Mccullough, Kulldorff and Risch to name only a  few. Malone coinvented the technology for the MRNA vaccines, Kheriaty was fired from U Cal for refusing a vaccine after he had natural immunity, Kulldorff and Risch are epidemiologists of renown at Harvard and Yale. They have been mostly censored or deplatformed, which is too bad, because I think the lack of debate on everything Covid has also destroyed confidence in public health and the decisions of many institutions of higher learning marching in lockstep to their dictates.

No need to respond as I know you have zero to do with these policies, and we have always been friends. That will not change at all, but I simply have to stay true to my principles in this case. I don’t see that changing.

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