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Now Is the Time To Dig Down

I want to take a moment to thank you the readers at LRC, the writers at LRC, as well as Lew Rockwell, and all who contribute to the running of this site for being such a wonderful part of this year. I give to that effort  and encourage you to as well. I do that because the existence of LRC means so much to me. These past two years may have looked very different for me without it. It is a website and community that must be nurtured long into the future, especially because we have some bad dudes in the world with some bad plans for our future. More importantly, it is a place where lions gather and where sleeping lions are woken up. Such gathering places and news outlets are so vital at a time like this.

This past year has been a challenge that a select few have risen to.

The readers of these pages, in their correspondences and conversations with me, have shown themselves to be true lions that I am grateful to associate with.

I want to thank you if that describes you. And if you are anything like me, no matter how fierce of a lion you are being, you know that you can do better. I take this time of year to reflect on this and to make commitments to improve myself. If you are not already doing so, I would like to encourage the same of you as we enter into a new year.

2020 and 2021 have seen our country and the globe largely led by the most atrocious voices imaginable. I look forward to 2022 being a time that the lions increasingly move into positions of influence — in their own lives, in their own homes, in their own communities, and beyond. So much of my latest work has focussed on that.

As I prepare for the year ahead, these past two weeks, I have been asking three questions about everything in my life that I can think of:

1.) What am I doing right?

2.) What am I doing wrong?

3.) What can I do better?

Anyone who has ever attended any of my organizing meetings knows that I am apt to ask such questions. When I find the answers, I do not continue slacking. I do not wait for January 1 to change. I change immediately.

From a principled and disciplined perspective, why would anyone want to spend another minute doing that which he knows to be wrong or inferior. It is morally lax to know what is good and to instead choose to give yourself and those around you less than your best. From a perspective of utility, I know that my change is far more likely to stick when it starts before January 1, rather than on or after.

Do we always achieve it? No. I have such lofty goals that I seldom achieve them, but I can tell you that I am always striving for them and striving to be better, praying and pep talking myself into pushing out of my comfort zone. Before you know it, what was once far outside of your comfort zone turns into a regular behavior that is almost habitual for you to engage in and to think nothing of.

That is usually only a few weeks of effort away. What a joy it is to realize that anything I do not like about myself can be removed this moment and replaced in almost automatic fashion with a good habit within a few weeks, as long as I simply make the right choices a handful of times. Some tasks are more complex, but broken down into small steps, this is still true.

I know this battle we are in the midst of is ours to win, and I encourage you to improve in your own life that which matters most, whatever that may be.

The way I see it, this week ahead is not time to gorge and lie around, because you want one last chance to do that, since you know that you will be in the gym at 6:15 a.m. Monday, January 3, as part of your New Year’s resolution. This week ahead is a time when less takes place in the world and in which people are given an extra excuse to have downtime. In the midst of that downtime, if you can ask those above questions about your own life, I know, my fellow warrior, our forces will be better prepared for the year ahead. This next week can be used to set the tone for this upcoming year. And while you are asking the questions, paint yourself a picture of your ideal goals in that area of life.

I often find that billionaires are not 100 times, 1,000 times, or 10,000 times smarter than many others. The range of human IQ does not allow for such numbers. Billionaires are 100 times, 1,000 times, or 10,000 times more successful than many others because they dream 100,000 times bigger. This week is a chance to dream 100,000 bigger about what you want the new year to look like — I mean unreal, seemingly implausible dreams that will change your life if you get even a fraction of the way toward them. Many, including myself, overestimate what they can accomplish in a day and underestimate what they can accomplish in a year. Keeping that in mind, do not ever be dismayed by the day that did not become all you thought it could be, and instead stay focussed on the year you are in, the year that your wildest dreams can occur.

I wrote earlier about the dark times of the last two years. They hardly bother me.

This is especially true when I am surrounded by lions like you. Now, if I were alone, I might be singing a different song, but that is not the case. And that is part of the reason I believe you need to get yourself into a place where you are surrounded by lions and can get through the day maskless.

Even the very ugliest parts of the US continue to offer that opportunity. I live in one of them. It is full of lions who I have painstakingly found. I walk the street unmasked and live life relatively normally. Because that is how I live life, I know the demoralizing media accounts about that place are so full of lies. I am led to conclude that the demoralizing media accounts about all other places are full of lies as well.

Next time you read about a politically connected big wig buying a failing newspaper, ask yourself, “Does Warren Buffett really need that failing newspaper in his portfolio to make money?” “Does Jeff Bezos really care about a more truthful media?” The media does not exist to tell the truth, it exists to get you to pay attention and to get you to believe a narrative. The narrative now is “Give up.”

As long as you see that, as long as you recognize this is not a kinetic war, but a psychological war for your mind, you recognize the battlefield you are fighting on and how to defend it. Never get demoralized. Never spread to those around you anything that demoralizes. Stay away from those who demoralize and that which demoralizes. Stay focussed on your goals, stay focussed on the realities of the world immediately around you, stay focussed on you, stay focussed on your values, stay focussed on enacting your wildest dreams. You do these things and you win the psychological war. That is it. It is that simple.

The most toxic and costly psychological war in human history has been waged against you and those around since the Ides of March 2020. It says a great deal that you are still standing. But the enemy is not done. We do not just need to endure. We need the enemy to wave the white flag of surrender and to agree to surrender unconditionally. In that, we will have the opportunity to regain freedoms once imagined lost. 

In the days ahead, my team and I will launch more videos across all of our channels (YoutubeRumbleBrighteonUGETubeBitchute,) and add new channels, I will continue my several times weekly column at, we will add to the useful information and trainings made available to those who have signed up at, and most exciting, I believe: a project months in the making, we will release the followup to the bestselling Face Masks in One Lesson.

This book is packed full of science that unequivocally makes the argument that face masks are not just pointless to wear, face masks are in fact HARMFUL to you and your family. This is true whether they be worn by you or worn by those around you. The practice of face masking must be done away with and come to be seen as harmful to society.

Currently, we are scheduling a Saturday, January 1, 2022, launch date for Face Masks Hurt Kids.

I hope it will be a resource that parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and anyone concerned can carry with them into the new year as a tool to bring sanity back to their circle of influence. Keep an eye out for the friends and family discount on Face Masks Hurt Kids right when it launches.

That is what you can expect from me in the weeks ahead. However, this piece of writing is not about me. It is about you. At this time of year when I count my blessings, I consider the brave lions I have encountered, since the March 17, 2020 lockdown orders, to be one of the best gifts in my life. If you are such a person, I count you among my blessings.

I hope that I can give you my all and the best of what I have, to also one day be seen as a blessing in your life that helped you retake the reins of the world around you.

Thank you so much for the fight you are giving. Done right, we can retake freedoms some may have once thought impossible to retake. This fight is ours for the taking. I look forward to one day celebrating those victories with you.

To get there, we must see that now is the time to dig down and to give more of what we have. Now is the time to refine what we have to offer and to offer more of it and better. Now is the time not to give into evil, but to proceed ever more boldly against it.

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