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On Woman: A Personal Definition and Call To Action

For some time there has been discussion about gender, probably an extension of gender roles if the WokeLessLeft finally settles for the ground they’ve held for at least a generation.  Because we, that ever present, often amorphous, endlessly extortionate and never reflective invocation have been led into an idea none can seem to answer (of want to answer, more likely) I would like to offer a definition.  Of course, all definitions have to be personally generated to be “alive” in the individual espousing such an idea, I will allude to my recognition of the issue in reverse chronological order, before I make my recommendation, which was inspired by the KentanjiBrownJackson hearings before being realized once again by a SkyNewsOZ clip that caused a rather emotional outburst from me.

This is a complex issue for some people, and as such there are numerous indicators that can aid in the discovery and resolution.  After having first researched a cause for my personal outburst, once I pinned it down, which took a few minutes, numerous indications emerged and while I could offer many of those ad nauseum, the idea of illness inspired by the concept at hand is not my intent-I will do what I can to be brief without becoming profane, which seems to necessary more often than not.

The movie, not film, “Waiting” is a decent comedy.  There’s the sort of hijinks that Anthony Bourdain wrote of in “Kitchen Confidential”, but an important scene is after the servers at the restaurant are done for the evening and one of the waitresses defines the issue without hesitation, equivocation, or cowardice.  For those that have doubts, this illustration of the issue under discussion may be useful, although I had already developed my own opinion before this movie.

Recognizing the immediate inspiration for my aforementioned outburst, the film “The Counselor” offers a scene where one character outlines the idea to another actor by sharing an experience where a third actor (or actress if one prefers) defines the issue with what she has available.  The first actor relates this experience to the second and seems a bit shaken by the realization, which offers certain inferences and further questions, one of the criteria I include when separating entertainment from art.

This led me to my favorite poet, and because he has been for a good fifteen years, I doubt this will change but I do like surprises-they keep me fresh and fluid.  Charles Bukowski was not a particularly imaginative writer, but there are no doubts that he was a writer and at the beginning of the book “Women” Buk offers some very important clues on this subject, as well as his own evolution in it’s acceptance and application.  She really brought it to him, he wrote and said later; perhaps we should all be so fortunate.

Remembering what I could of “Women” reminded me of “The Rosy Crucifixion” a trilogy by Henry Miller.  I would probably enjoy reading it again, at least in part because the weekend in a Seattle motel room when I first read it was accompanied by two trips to state-run liquor store around the corner-only the government is allowed to profit on the good stuff out there-and while time causes everything to fade, some residue always remains.

There are other examples that led me to my conclusion: being the son of a single mom who relied on adolescents as babysitters, her involvement with the Girl Scouts (which offered many learning opportunities for a prepubescent boy), and other seemingly unrelated but ultimately undeniable experiences, but attempting to define this issue should not be an unending or emotional confessional.

In the clip from SkyNewsOZ, some politico is asking a few of buzzword-spewing, box-ticking, bobble-heads to ‘table a pair of pennies’ and no one seemed to have an opinion on the subject.  It was so silly, I don’t recall anyone’s name, but when the last person was asked I had a brief moment of optimism that led to my emotional outburst.  In fact, this being a subject that’s on some people’s mind, I offered my recommendation my step-dad before he and my mother took me to dinner last night.  I don’t know as some of my fair sisters would be willing to follow the recommendation I offered Paul, and being a lifelong Lutheran he seemed both uncomfortable with the subject and amused by my presentation, but he’s grown accustomed to my perception of the shared reality over a few decades and I’m getting less overt with time.

Some of the more subtle among us have surely outlined the issue for others, although this being a now contentious issue demands a greater commitment by them and while many of the younger among us have been drawn into a collective perception that dissuades consideration & criticism, I have no doubt that some, perhaps many, and ideally most would be willing to help others among us sort this issue for some time, at least on a one-to-one basis which most of us probably need.

If the last person in the SkyNewsOZ clip, or KentanjiBrownJackson for that matter or even the elderly person waiting tables for the married restaurant owners [Tim & Nick], had merely lifted her skirt or “dropped trou” while screaming “IT’S THAT!” and pointing to the origin of all of us, I don’t believe there would be any further need to discuss  it.

Whether some of us sob like a small child with a bruised ego or salivate like Pavlov’s dog tied to ringing fire alarm might be a topic, but conversation is healthy once something someone actually has something worth hearing rather than volunteering as the tail-end of a human centipede, which sounds like a terrible movie.

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