OSHA Rule Out. Lawsuits Readying. Get Ready.

For those of you so inclined here is the disastrous OSHA rule. They’ve designed it so it passes muster based on what SCOTUS has said before but there are a lot of things chip away at here.

Some quick reactions and analysis. Looks like work-from-home folks are exempt and there is a religious exemption:

As I predicted, the OSHA reg, to issue tomorrow, is drafted to stand up to court review. It’s not a vaccine mandate. It’s a testing and masking mandate, with exceptions for mandatory vaccinations, religious accommodation, and work from home, inter alia. https://t.co/7CVFQ9UUJe pic.twitter.com/OBXYMYWxkO

— tedfrank (@tedfrank) November 4, 2021

But look out… it may be worse than initially thought. Masks are the control device

OUT: Masks as source control.
IN: Masks as punishment and social ostracism for choosing not to get a vaccine.

Biden’s OSHA mandate is even worse than previously reported.https://t.co/kmmJUrv6wK pic.twitter.com/3GgbqnSPFf

— Phil Kerpen (@kerpen) November 4, 2021

Texas Attorney General is having none of it:

Biden just announced his plan to wield OSHA to mandate vaccines on private businesses. And I’m announcing my plan to sue him once this illegal, unconstitutional regulation hits the Federal Register.

Here comes another winning #Texas v. Biden law suit!https://t.co/mG9pDpy2wG

— Texas Attorney General (@TXAG) November 4, 2021

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