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Overpaid, Insecure, And Unintelligent — This Is Who You Leave Your Kids With And Who Most Kids Will Therefore Emulate

There is a fascinating trend taking place among parents.

They are starting to realize who they are leaving their children in the hands of.

Sure there have always been PTA meetings and parent teacher conferences. There have been open houses and days for parents to come in and volunteer at school. There have been sports leagues and field trips and volunteer activities for you to see a teacher in action and to see how they are at their job and as a person. But if there wasn’t genuine philosophical conflict, there was no way to truly feel them out.

2020 and 2021 made that possible.

Suddenly you found out that if you wanted your kid to breathe freely, you were evil. If you did not want your kid to be a science experiment, you were deserving of arrest and imprisonment — not a fit parent. If you wanted your kid to have face-to-face class, rather than staring at a screen for 80% of his waking day, then you were anti-social.

Yes, I know, plenty of readers of these pages had those realizations before 2020. But for the normies among us, 2020 was a real gift, and in a lot of ways.

It suddenly became obvious to parents in the days and weeks before a Zoom-based circulum became the norm, that doing classwork at the kitchen table with your kids didn’t take 6, 7, or 8 hours, but was more like 90 or 120 or maybe 150 minutes of effort. What were the teachers doing with all the rest of the time then?

Then Zoom-based classes started and you got to see what the teachers were doing with the extra time — not much of anything beneficial to your kid. Then your home became filled with the echoes of their vapid nonsense.

Then you began to learn a little more about how the school was run, and you began to ask questions you never even troubled yourself with. What do these people believe in? How much do they get paid? Who really runs this whole show? Where do they get off putting some of this crap into the curriculum?

You started asking a lot of questions, and before you knew it, you might not have just been asking the questions to your search engine. You might have been asking the questions to people at the school too — maybe a principal, maybe a superintendent, maybe a counselor, maybe a teacher, maybe an aide. And before you knew it, you were told not to be in the room during the Zoom-based classes. You were given attitude. You were told that this isn’t any concern of theirs. You were told how smart people came up with this plan, and that you needed to get in line. You were told to trust the professionals.

Well, the problem really is that you trusted the professionals at all, for any time, for a single second.

If your family ended up in a mess in 2020, that’s probably how you ended up there — by trusting professionals.

Trust is a thing earned and granted to a select few close to you. Trust is not a blanket sentiment given to thousands and millions of people. That’s not called trust. That’s called idiocy.

It is idiocy to see how overpaid, insecure, and unintelligent these people are and to back away from your parental responsibilities like you “trust” them. It’s negligence to see how overpaid, insecure, and unintelligent these people are and to let them have ANY access to your kids. It is hypocritical to see how overpaid, insecure, and unintelligent these people are and to give a single dime to support their efforts, let alone leave your pride and joy with them.

A property tax protest is the right response to the school system after what the months since the Ides of March 2020 have shown us. These people are overpaid, insecure, and unintelligent. If you don’t figure out how to stop paying your property taxes, you are inevitably supporting that.

But let us not stop there. Let us get into the topic of child sacrifice. Let us get into the topic of how virtuous they deem it to turn your child’s body, mind, and soul to rubbish.

Do not pretend they share your values.

Do not pretend they care for your children.

They care for your children enough to get you to leave them your children.

That’s how much they care for your children. What they are banking for is that you are stupid enough to keep leaving them with your children after all the police powers they granted themselves over the past year while you weren’t looking.

Keep leaving them with your children, and you will get a rude awakening one day soon.

That’s how much they care for your children. If they thought you’d never come asking about it they would do far worse to your children, but they know you can cause a lot of trouble for them if they do, or at least you used to be able to. 2020 and 2021 taught them a lesson — you don’t love your kids as much as you claim to, and you don’t have as much power and authority that you, and they, once thought you did, otherwise if you did, 2020 and 2021 wouldn’t have gone down the way it did.

Everyone sees how weak your hand is as a parent, with the possible exception of you.  Some parents think they are stronger than they really are in the school system. Sure, they can bend a school board to their will, maybe even get a superintendent fired, but “possession is nine-tenths of the law,” and you leave your kids for much of the day in the “possession” of some bad hombres.

I’m happy that parents are going to the school board to protest CRT. Marxism has no place in the classroom. I help these protests. I help train lion parents to fight. I go speak and rally awesome people to stand up. However, if you need to tell your school board to tell its teachers not to teach CRT, you’ve already lost.

The people who proposed the curriculum came up through the ranks of the people you leave your children with. They are the same. You can’t beat them with the school board. They are a bunch of hard-to-fire harpies trained in witchcraft and brainwashing. This is so accurate that you could even go so far as to dominate the school board and to get the school board to allow one book in the classroom — the Bible, whichever translation is your favorite — and you will still get Marxism stuffed into your child’s head.

They are overpaid, insecure, and unintelligent, and the greatest gift of 2020 and 2021 that you can give your child, no matter how painful it may be at first, is to keep your child far away from these people and to never look back at their temples of slow motion child sacrifice.

The second greatest gift you can give your child is a world in which their children will never know these slow motion temples of child sacrifice. Defund them. Stop paying taxes to them. Yes. I really mean that.

I once worked in a really good one.

They aren’t that good.

The people who work in them are overwhelmingly overpaid, insecure, and unintelligent.

The few who don’t fit that description, and who aren’t irreparably deformed by their time among the others, may help pave the way for what education looks like going forward, because unless child sacrifice at the hands of the overpaid, insecure, and unintelligent is your thing, the current model isn’t going to be what education looks like for long.

Queen Elizabeth introduced something akin to the idea of public education as we know it. It caught on very slowly. For the majority of the history of the United States, no such concept existed. Schooling was a matter for the home, the church, and the community. It was not what we have today. What we have today is a true aberration that will not long survive — at least not in the new America, not in the breakaway republic that will leave all this nonsense behind.

But you can’t single-handedly control that. What you can single-handedly control is what happens to your child.

Let your child wear the mask to class, and you will one day realize your child also received the Covid shot in class, that is, if your relationship with your child is even strong enough for that information to get to you. That’s the truth. Will you become a parent who writes me after returning from the hospital to learn that their child was vaccinated without their knowledge? Will you be looking for sympathy?

You know everything you need to know in order to prevent that day from coming. Read the laws and orders, you’re in denial if you don’t think 2021 is the year that thousands and maybe millions of American kids get the unsafe, ineffective, experimental Covid vaccine in schools without parental permission.

You must draw a line at the face mask. You must never let your child be masked. Really though, an even more bold line must be drawn. If you leave your child with sociopaths, not only is your child far more likely to end up a sociopath, your child is going to be sacrificed at the altar of those sociopaths. Regardless of their sociopathic crocodile tears that appear when they are caught in the act, the slow-motion sacrifice of your child’s body, mind, and soul for the greater good will bring a sociopathic “educator” all manner of joy.

Stop it. Value your child more. If your child is in a school where you have to fight CRT, face masks, and vaccines, your child is a sacrifice waiting to happen. Don’t let that happen. You know enough to stop it. It might not be easy. Who ever said parenting would be? But it’s going to be so much better than what that school can offer your child, no matter how good of a school it is.

Say no to the evil. All of the evil. Never wear a mask again. Don’t let anyone put the harmful and ineffective mask on your child. “Face Masks in One Lesson” (here) ( exists to help you do that, as do these pieces (, and the email newsletter at ( full of quick, easy to watch videos on how to make that, and other bold steps, a reality in your own life. 

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