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“Pfizer Owns Biden” — Have You Considered the Power of Sidewalk Chalk?

Spray paint is so hard to remove. Sidewalk chalk is so innocent. 


One wall in Silicon Valley that is seen by thousands of people a day has “Pfizer Owns Biden” written on it in sidewalk chalk. I do not know who owns the wall. Whoever he is either seems to agree with the chalk-written message, seems to not be diligent with his property, or seems to not care, for it has been decorated in this way for weeks. 


I wonder if you live near such a wall, a wall awaiting your brilliance. 


A box of sidewalk chalk can now be found at the dollar store for a mere $1.50. It is not the “dollar” store value it once was, but we all knew that day was inevitable once the government stopped pegging the dollar to gold. Despite the falsely advertised price, perhaps, I can encourage you to spend $1.50 and to practice your witticism and share that gift with the world by improving a piece of concrete near you. 


There is value in truthful expressions of wit. The study of memetics is based in witty representations of truth so potent that they have the potential to spread rapidly or “to go viral,” as the parlance of the day states. 


During times such as these, to tell the truth in a witty fashion requires renegade media such as sidewalk chalk and value-driven actors like yourself. The fake news media will not be telling the truth. In fact, they will be doing the opposite. The spiral-wired earpieces curling out of the ears of the media frontmen are nearly as ubiquitous as the Trump flags and stickers that continue to be seen in residential areas across the country, from Los Angeles to New York City. Through those earpieces, the media figureheads are able to communicate seamlessly with a room full of operatives meant to spin the truth, a behavior once known as “lying.” 


Zero Hedge reported on a specific example of media deceit, Monday, October 4, 2021, in a piece entitled “NBC Reporter Goes Into Damage Control After NASCAR Fans Chant ‘F**K Joe Biden.’” The piece appeared under the allonymic  corporate byline Tyler Durden: 


“The latest example of gaslighting by the corporate press occurred Saturday evening during an NBC News interview with the NASCAR Xfinity Series Race winner at Talladega, Brandon Brown. The reporter distorted offensive chants about President Biden and quickly spun them as chants for Brown. 


“During the interview, hundreds if not thousands of fans were in the stadium seating section of the raceway while Brown spoke with the reporter. The chants from the crowd increased in loudness and could be heard as ‘F**k Joe Biden.’ The reporter, quick on her feet, told Brandon and viewers the chants were ‘Let’s Go Brandon.’”


Given the ubiquity of media-worn earpieces, Mr. Durden is generous in his estimation of an earpiece-wearing reporter as “quick on her feet.” Durden is also generous in referring to her as a “reporter.” Words have meaning. Stenographer is a more fitting term than reporter or journalist. Stenographers reproduce what they are told. 


This example of media deceit made the rounds on social media. A Twitter account that identifies as “Jewish Deplorable” under the handle @TrumpJew2 shared a video of the adept NBC stenography and opined, with similar generosity: “NBC reporter attempts desperate damage control as crowd chants ‘F Joe Biden.’”


Another Twitter-based social critic and media commentator, Catturd 2 reported: “I don’t follow the billboard [sic] music charts – but ‘F Joe Biden’ has to be the #1 song in the USA, right now.” 


Catturd 2 is one of the most appropriately named Twitter accounts for this era. It mocks the very platform and the nonsense of that platform. The predecessor account, Catturd, was a better name once. But Catturd, got cancelled for too much truth telling. Now humanity has Catturd 2. In all likelihood, the aforementioned @TrumpJew2 is also a previously cancelled account that violated Twitter policy for too much truth telling. Cancellation is a badge of honor. 


The willful ignoring of the truth goes beyond the media. Academics, too, have a penchant for willfully ignoring the truth. Academics, to cite but one example, often focus on the convenient-to-the-narrative French Revolution and not the more important and inconvenient American Revolution. Both media figures and academics recognize that the establishment’s existence is predicated on the denial of truth. These two institutions do not exist to identify and perpetuate truth, but exist to identify and perpetuate establishment interests. Indicative of the times, one is more likely to find truth told by someone named Catturd 2 than by the trillion dollar media machine. 


Anyone who travels far and wide in this country realizes that Trump flags and stickers remain ubiquitous. If you step foot outside of a few urban areas, it is almost impossible not to find such signs and stickers. That is true almost a year after Trump’s defeat at the hands of the man who is allegedly the most popular American ever. You know the one — Joe “81 million child sniffing, laptop losing, Chinese Communist Party funded legitimate votes” Robinette Biden. 


One could easily declare such observations partisan, but the Trump stickers and flags are less about Trump and more about what Trump represents. Trump represents an eye in the finger of the establishment. Trump represents a merry chant denouncing Joe Biden and the entire technocratic class that seeks to rule the common man. Trump represents a laugh in the face of all who claim they rule free men. 


That is the truth that many people know.


One woman in San Mateo, California, a reformed liberal, proudly summarizes her own rebirth: “In 2020, I came to Trump. In 2021, I came to Jesus.” 


That is not the story the media tells. 


A woman in Cupertino, California tells the story of how after 18 months of seeing her mother in a windowless room at a nursing home, her mother unable to see more than one family member at a time, the daughter finally had enough and rolled her mother in a wheelchair outside against the protests of staff, and into the arms of her maskless, unvaccinated grandkids who had not seen her in 18 months. They took off grandma’s mask, and they luxuriated with each other outside in the fresh air and sun for the next few hours, just like the old days before the people who think themselves our betters convinced so many of us that we now live in a period of corona communism and had better comply. Free people are not complying. They are doing things like rolling their mothers out the door. 


That is not a story the media will tell you. 


In the unapologetically never-closed-down churches, on the patriotically-adorned overpasses of America, around the faith-filled dining room tables of the heartland, I hear one story. It is one of certainty, hope, and belief in the future of this country. The enemies, foreign and domestic, will be defeated, both spiritually and physically. That is the story I hear in those places. 


To turn on the television is to hear a very different story, a very different tone. It is a tone of fear. It is a tone of desperation. It is a tone of a ruling class reared up by a Marxist and technocratic academic establishment that gloried in the French Revolution for entire semesters of study, while leaving the American Revolution an unmentioned footnote to some obscure reference of Benjamin Franklin’s libertine ways buried a few hundred pages into the required reading. That is what the ruling class thinks of individual freedom. 


The ruling class knows how easily the populace will use the guillotine on a tyrant, especially if, they, the tyrants, do not convince you that you are the real tyrant. If they can convince you of that, and similarly preposterous lies, they win this war without firing a shot. The war is 100% psychological. It is for your mind, your family, and your home. But the good news is that we are winning, and you can help guarantee that win. 


Get out of the traditional media holding pens they have for you. Get out of the social media holding pens they have for you. Take off the face mask holding pens they have for you. All these keep you obedient and easy to control. Go buy a $1.50 box of sidewalk chalk and go tell the inconvenient truth in an inconvenient place. 


That is just the kind of thing that a free man does in a time such as this. 


Be indomitable, dear lion, and that freedom is yours for the taking. 


Face Masks in One Lesson exists to help you do that, as do these pieces, and the email newsletter at full of quick, easy to watch videos on how to make that and other bold steps a reality in your own life. 

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