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Preaching Beyond the Choir

Those of us who write for NewsWithViews and assorted Conservative and Libertarian journals are essentially preaching to the choir, which, by the way, I believe is absolutely necessary, as the choir doesn’t leave the church during the sermon, but is inspired by it. Yet sometimes we need to reach out to the heathen as well.

That’s what I’ve been busy doing for the past few months, both before and after California’s Recall election, as I endeavored, here in the heart of Silicon Valley, to reach Democrats who might be disenchanted with Governor Gruesome and his tyrannical diktats, and might be ready to oust him and his fascistic policies.

Some people believe the recall passed and Larry Elder actually won the governorship, but the Dems’ cheating machinery is so well-oiled and powerful we’ll likely never know.

In any case, within a single month, I had four letters to editors published in local papers, and had also submitted a “guest perspective”  piece that was supposed to appear in one of these papers, but mysteriously disappeared from the queue with no explanation from the editor.

Below are my attempts at preaching beyond the choir to the great unwashed—i.e. Democrats—because we have to tell the truth to the other side.

Published in PA Daily Post August 30th, 2021

Dear Editor,

On his website, San Mateo County Supervisor David Canepa [the President of our Board of Supervisors] pledges to work toward “ending discrimination in all of its forms.“ Yet he proposes unprecedented discrimination against those who choose not to take part in a mass clinical trial of experimental Covid vaccines. He would deny his fellow residents the right to eat in restaurants, attend movies, go to the hardware store, shop for clothes and otherwise participate in normal life.

Forcing 100% of people to take the same medical treatment is not about health or safety: it’s about totalitarianism.

In San Mateo County, 90% of the population has been vaccinated. That’s extraordinarily high. Yet Canepa and the Board of Supervisors apparently won’t rest until they force the remaining 10% to take the shot or be shunned by all businesses. Mr. Canepa crows: “No shoes, no shirt, no shot, no service!” This is not only insulting, it’s insane. Consider the 10% as the control group for this experiment in our county.

Medical interventions are never one-size-fits-all. These vaccines are contraindicated for a subset of the population, including those who’ve had Covid and whose superior immunity would be downgraded by a vaccine.

Not only is Canepa’s plan unconstitutional, it is grossly unethical and utterly unconscionable.

He needs to be recalled as he is a disgrace to the community he was elected to serve.

Published in the San Mateo Daily Journal in late August, 2021

Dear Editor,

In her column on August 16th, Sue Lempert [Former mayor and council member of San Mateo who writes a weekly Leftist column in the Daily Journal that makes your teeth hurt] blames those who haven’t taken the Covid vaccines for the Delta variant.

It takes Ms. Lempert only a few sentences to get from “stop coddling” the unvaccinated, to mandating that they “cannot fly or use public transit; cannot attend restaurants, concerts, movies, “ etc. This kind of persecution is shockingly callous and has no place outside of fascist or Communist dictatorships.

Ms. Lempert claims the unvaccinated are spreading the Delta variant.  However, according to a number of top scientists, she has it backwards. They say we’re witnessing well-documented but unintended consequences of insufficiently effective vaccines that inadvertently pressure the targeted virus to mutate. The relevant technical terms are “leaky vaccines,” and “antibody-dependent enhancement.” This sets up the vaccinated to become incubators and super spreaders of variants.

In fact, a recent study in the prestigious medical journal Lancet found the vaccinated carrying 251 times the viral load of Covid in their nostrils as the unvaccinated.

So if Ms. Lempert wants to ban a group of people from shopping, traveling, dining out, and more, perhaps that should be the vaccinated, who may well be transmitting this variant to the unvaccinated after unknowingly producing it in their own bodies.

Ultimately, however, whether the Delta variant—which is thankfully less virulent than Covid-19—is being spread by the vaccinated, the unvaccinated, or in some other fashion, we’d do well to respect one another and one another’s equal rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Published in the Palo Alto Daily Post on September 8th, 2021

Dear Editor,

Why the sudden flurry of calls for vaccine passports?

The Delta variant, though contagious, is much less virulent than Covid—which 99.9% of healthy people under 70 survive. But even if it were more virulent, you don’t deprive people of their civil rights on a “safety” pretext.

Besides, variants actually emerge in the vaccinated, as the targeted virus mutates to avoid what has turned out to be a “leaky”—or inefficient—vaccine.

Perhaps some among the vaccinated wrongly assume the vaccine passport will only hurt the unvaccinated, whom, as a result of incessant media fear-mongering, they’re all too willing to sacrifice.

But a mandatory vaccine passport is a devil’s bargain that strips you of your birthright. You may be permitted to eat out, but the State will own you. You might as well be living in China.

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