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Questions, Questions, Questions.

***Immunites are those with natural immunity having recovered from Covid-10
****Mandater are those citizens that wholly support government power to force compliance.

As Biden and the Davos crowd accelerate towards a caste system where the non-compliers are legally and constitutionally discriminated against (just as the Blacks, Native Americans and Japanese once were), it is time to ask the pro-government mandaters a few questions.

Dear Mandaters,

As you embark on your effort to support and endorse government policy to discriminate against your fellow humans, have you considered the extent of pain you are okay with as you support government Covid-19 policy? After all, it will be YOU who will empower the “government” to bring the pain – so any moral framework would at least ask you to consider the ramifications of the volitional decisions you are making. Can you at least be that charitable to us, the discriminated class? So we can get our affairs in order?

As you consider the actions you are going to take to remove natural rights from your fellow man, consider these nine-questions so you are fully aware of your historic place when all of this is recorded one day in the future.

If we the unvaxxed or natural immunites don’t comply, do you believe we should be denied normal medical care? Dental care? Urgent Care? Hospital care? Access to life-saving medications? Yes or No?
For Social Security recipients and Medicare recipients who don’t comply with mandates, should we the unvaxxed or natural immunites lose our Social Security as a way to “compel” us to comply? You know, “either get the vaccine or no more social security?” Yes or No?
How about operating our own businesses? Since we the unvaxxed or natural immunites are now less than human, and you are in the majority, will it be allowable to earn an income? Do you think we should even be allowed to earn income? Yes or No?
Do you think we the unvaxxed or natural immunites should be allowed to own property if we won’t comply and get the vaccine? Should you have run out of carrots, will that be a big stick to get the unvaxxed to comply you will use? Yes or No?
We the unvaxxed or natural immunites understand that free-speech is no longer allowed, but will we ever be allowed to speak against any “government” policy? Or, because we won’t comply with the Covid vaccination edicts, we can’t speak against any edicts? Yes or No?
Will you eventually just support removing us from society? If you support this, please have the courtesy to let us know so we can try and get our affairs in order. Knocking on the door by the “blue” at 5 a.m. really is kinda immoral. But, we the unvaxxed or natural immunites understand in the police state you want, most likely, you will want to quell your fears and thus, that might be the only way you can think to handle us.Kick our doors in and take us away. Will you support kicking our doors in? Yes or No?
We the unvaxxed or natural immunites also understand that grocery stores, movies, restaurants, travel, vacations, malls etc will soon be off limits for all of us. But will home delivery of food be allowed? Will we be able to stop at roadside stands for fresh vegetables? Will we be allowed to dumpster dive if we can’t shop? Or is starvation in our future? Yes or No?
If we the unvaxxed or natural immunites are allowed to keep our property, will we be allowed to use public utilities like water and electricity? If not, we need to start investigating wind power and well water if you intend to bring this big stick to our families for not complying with your fears. Will we be allowed to use your “public” utilities? Yes or No?
We also understand that our children and grandkids won’t be allowed into school, but, if we the unvaxxed or natural immunites who have children and grandchildren don’t comply with vaccine mandates, do you intend to take our children away from us unless we get “jabbed.” Yes or No?

Now, it will be easy to dismiss these questions as hyperbole, but they are not. Are you watching Australia, NYC and following the rhetoric of our government overlords – all all levels? Folks, you think this is crazy, but imagine every Jew who learned ahead of time of Hitler’s “quest” for a “Final Solution.” Imagine every Ukraine learning ahead of time of Stalin’s coming genocide. Imagine every Chinese father and mother learning ahead of time of Mao’s Great Leap Forward.Every one of these groups would be asking these same questions of their fellow citizens who supported their “government” taking these actions.

We the unvaxxed or natural immunites have taken seriously the admonition to not forget the past, even though it appears we’re about to repeat it – on a global scale. So, in an attempt to plead with the majority who are empowering government vaccine policy, we are merely humbly asking the empowered “vaccinated” community how bad they want to hurt those of us who don’t agree with them.

Will you at least be kind enough to let us know the extent of the pain you want to bring to us?


Respectfully hoping,

The unvaxxed or natural immunites

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