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Re: An American Classical Liberalism

Wake up Lew, it’s just a dream. But wait, without that dream, there is no hope.  Without hope there is no plan.  Without a plan, there is no sense of completion, no direction, no purpose.  Tell us that dream again. Less government equals more freedom.  Suddenly your dream needs no interpretation.  We have been lulled by the freedom we had and failed to preserve it.

Among the demagogue Presidents, revered over time with Presidential Libraries, remembered as gods of their time, none would ever even be interested in reading such a treatise.

So I read a key sentence: “His job is simply to oversee a tiny government with virtually no power except to arbitrate disputes among the states, which are the primary governmental units.”

That is entirely foreign and unfamiliar to me because I was raised in the shadow of Presidents as (false) heroes, rescuers, gods.  Example: conniving Richard Nixon….. old women still revere him and go in busses to visit his Presidential Library, to praise the man who removed any value to their paper money.  What fools!

Save for George Washington, Andrew Jackson, and maybe JFK and Ronald Reagan, the rest were clowns.  Aside from gaining the Presidency, would any of the past Presidents been considered a man of any great achievement or moral example?  Looking back, Lincoln, considered the greatest President, slaughtered the Indians and quashed the South and with it, free enterprise and competition.

Your dream may come true via the back door.  It suggests the independent States would then be competitive with each other.  Except for the California gold rush and when the covered wagons moved west, no prior American generation grew up thinking movement to another State would change their fortunes.   But movement and autonomy remain, and those who cherish freedom run to minimalist States… South Dakota, Utah, Wyoming, Texas, Florida, Alabama… Ron Desantis (FL governor) for President?  He would be taking a step backwards.

Like the Apache Indians who could pick up their tents and move to water and food, the advantage goes to those who can make moves on the chessboard.  The motor home is suddenly off the government radar.

The polarization is historical. Now will those freedom States take the obvious next step, come to their senses, and print their own money?  When money is competitive, the more valued currency will prevail.  Texas has the gold to do that. It appears the non-freedom States where people survive on a hand out, will be completely vaccinated, but wither on the vine.  Location becomes a life and death decision.

The map to freedom lies with less government.  Few realize the Federal government is a false proposition, a Ponzi scheme.  Its current solution, now having been exposed for what it really is, is to eliminate people since it can’t live up to its promises.

And history will have been changed.

It started with a dream.

But only for those who made a move on the chessboard.

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