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Repetitions Matter



Try again. 


Ask yourself how you did. Ask yourself what you could do better. 


Then try again. 


Do that more. 


Perfect your form. 


Do less of what you are doing wrong. 


Keep repeating what you are doing right. 


Do it some more. 


Your grade school gym instructor may have had you repeating the same behavior until your muscles understood the movement. Your high school wrestling coach may have blown that whistle over and again, drilling the same drill repeatedly until you knew it perfectly and the motions emerged from you naturally. Your first grade teacher may have shown you how to write with those inexperienced hands, in thousands of awkward repetitions until it turned into a fluid and comfortable movement. 


Somewhere along the way, someone in your life operated using this process. They ran you through the repetitions over and again. 


I sometimes run grassroots meetings. The goal is not to change the globe today. The goal is to get repetitions in and to improve. Little by little, each person grows more capable in his own life, moving toward flawless execution. 


I sometimes write articles about face masks. The goal is not to change the globe today. The goal is to get repetitions in and to improve. Little by little, each person grows more capable in his own life, moving toward flawless execution.


Face mask wearing is a disgusting practice, a filthy rag, an illogical lie. I despise the mandatory masking policy, for all the sickness and deceit inherent in those policies. It is not just about the face mask, though. 


If it were, I would have written a few articles once upon a time and moved onto more significant battles.  


Among other things, the face mask is about repetition. 


In the face mask, the tyrants of corona communism have given us a gift. It is a better gift than anything I could ever have dreamt up. 


In the American public, they encountered a flabby, docile population that could talk freedom and knew a few theories and had some entertaining and sharp-witted social media accounts, but it was a population that did not know freedom. 


Even some of the best were rich with head knowledge, poor of experience. They were strong with theory, weak on street smarts. They were full of ideas, but lacking common sense. 


Shortly after 9/11, government said “Go to your bedroom child, let the adults handle this,” and adult Americans somehow complied. Two decades later, flabby and untrained, the population had almost entirely forgotten what living a life of freedom felt like. Hardly could they be expected to remember what needing freedom like you need your next breath feels like. 


That need for freedom is what is required in order to be free. 


It Was Once Occasional Tyranny, And Is Now Ever-Present Tyranny, But That Too Can Be Used For Good 


On April 3, 2020, with the implementation of the CDC face mask guidance, and its duplication far and wide, the tyrants of corona communism gave us a tangible, ever-present opportunity to exercise freedom. Not once in a while. Not just when you were being outlandish. Not just when a police officer felt like enforcing any of the libraries full of tyrannical laws at his disposal. No. It is not how it used to be. That was occasional tyranny. Under the occasional tyranny of yesteryear is not how life is today lived. The tyranny is now ever-present. 


It is every door. Every store. Every business. In your face. Signs. Fights. Threats. 


Everywhere high-handed, always self-important, constantly smug, thoroughly prideful, incessantly pontificating, limitlessly vainglorious, attentively self-aggrandizing claims of moral superiority. Crude remarks. Ignorant boasts. Incompletely thought through. Shy in the face of logic. Contemptuous of honesty. Dismissive of the thought process. Dismissive of the scientific method. Dismissive of the very nature of free discussion among a free people. Arrogant in submission. 


Plagiaristic claims of sincerity lifted from the nearest authority figure. Half-baked in their presentation, so lacking in any sense of authenticity, aside from an authentic desire to obey at all cost. Mindless capitulation to titles. Acquiescent compliance to white coats. Deferentially yielding all formerly boasted values in the face of influence, with a tameness, meekness, malleability for those once professed core values. 


The obedient minority is encouraged to lord over the silent majority, many of whom themselves bought into it all. 


Yes, the tyranny is now ever-present. 


But to point this out is not intended to whine about it. I point it out to glory with you in the opportunity this nearly omnipresent oppression presents. 


The Mechanics 


You see, the mechanics of saying “No!” to a face mask…


are the same mechanics as saying “No!” to a vaccine,


are the same mechanics as standing up to a police officer, 


are the same mechanics as shouting down a lynch mob.


They are the same as telling an elected official in close confines that it is time to stop this. 


They are the same as persuading a prosecuting attorney that it is time to recompense the crimes of this period in history. 


They are the same mechanics as identifying your boundaries, communicating your boundaries, and defending your boundaries. 


They are the same mechanics as identifying your values, communicating your values, and defending your values. 


They are the same mechanics as telling whatever demonic influence comes into your life: “No. Shut your mouth. You have no authority to speak. Your words mean nothing here. No more!” 


The First Step Requires One To Take A Risk 


The first step requires one to take a risk. For the overwhelming majority of the population, and in almost all situations, the dread felt by any level of risk is all the same really. Inexperience with risk-taking makes gradients of risk impossible for the individual to identify, and accordingly leaves that individual feeling mortally afraid in the face of all fear. 


Consider these drastically different outcomes.

A risk taking behavior with an unknown outcome may cause you to be 1.) embarrassed or it 2.) may cause you to die. Despite the vast gulf between the bid and ask, either prospect are seen as equally terrifying for many. You may 1.) get fired or you may 2.) be laughed at. You may 1.) be looked at askance by authority or 2.) you may be chewed out and ridiculed for decades. You may 1.) be called a bad name like “anti-vaxxer,” or “Trump supporter,” or you may 2.) be arrested and have the book thrown at you by the judge, imprisoned for decades. 


The fear many feel at any of those prospects is nearly the same. It takes a lot of experience to discern the levels of dread associated with the varying levels of risk. It takes a lot of courage to gain that experience. As if identifying those various gradients of fear were not enough of a challenge, it then takes even greater effort to conquer that fear. Many people are as afraid of being looked at disapprovingly by a person in authority as they are of dying. It is understandable why the majority of the population is compared metaphorically to the skittish sheep. Sheep are as scared of an authoritative sheepdog’s shift in posture, as they are of the butcher’s knife. In fact, they are often even more frightened of authority than actual danger. 


Every Checkpoint Is A Gift, If You Make It So 


The days since the Ides of March 2020 are a gift if you will make it so. If you are not seizing that opportunity, you do not realize the chance you are passing up. 


Every checkpoint, every single checkpoint is a chance to sharpen your sword, hone your dagger, true your weapons. By the time the checkpoints end, an army of warriors unlike any the enemy could have imagined will be fierce, hungry, and unwilling to accept the compromise of being handed most of the liberties they knew in 2019. 


Once you can recognize it as such, there is never any reason to see your perceived feelings of fatigue as anything more than a temporary consequence of hard, repetitive, dedicated training that makes you better.


Out of the flabby, sleepy populace that the world once knew America to be, are, as we speak, rising fierce fighters. That is a very exciting thing to see. However, something even more exciting than that is taking place. The longer victory is denied them, the fiercer those fighters become. Before long, talking about securing rights unknown since 2019, will bore them. 


What The Heroes Will Soon Crave Unceasingly  


Victory, to many, has become obvious. Those who oppose truth grow increasingly easy to villainize by the day. The enemies of truth are unrelenting in the face of their wrongness. 


Trusted institutions, trusted figureheads, trusted administrators, trusted thought leaders, have been confronted with the truth, and their reactions to the truth have proven that they can never again be trusted in positions of authority. 


Every day this battle is prolonged, guarantees a more extreme close to the drama of corona communism. Left to close on the victory that has already been won, left to bring into undeniable reality the debates that have already been won, do not be surprised if the heroes of that fight will be left unsatisfied unless they roll back guaranteed freedoms to 1919, or even 1819. 


The tyrant overplayed his hand. He continues to do so by the day. The pain he ensures himself multiplies as he extends the fight needlessly. 


Heroes, Shaped In The Crucible, Leave Me Able To Feel Gratitude For The Crucible 


The heroes are men and women shaped by the ever-present checkpoints that corona communism brought into their lives. They are also men and women shaped by the response that bold individuals, hungry for freedom, offered at those checkpoints. 


Never again can you wear that mask. Not just because it is a lie. Not just because you do not want to. Not just because your children and many others are looking to you for leadership. But when you do, when you do wear that mask, you are denying yourself the training and the repetitions that you — you, made for a time such as this — are being granted to prepare you to arrive at the victorious side of this great battle. 


A Man Never Need Look In The Distance For A Hill He Is Willing To Die On 


The hill to die on is not some distance away. The time to stand up is not just over the horizon. The oasis of liberty ahead on your path that demands no vigilance, no courage, no fortitude from you is but a mirage. 


Life is here. 


Life is now. 


Life is in your face. 


It always has been. 


But for those who did not recognize that, the enemy has overplayed his hand and given you a gift of a face mask mandate. 


Every moment is an opportunity to choose right or to choose wrong. And your choice helps to inform the next moment, helps to train you for the next choice, the next struggle, the next battle. 


Life Is Uncomfortable, Do Not Be Distracted By Discomfort, Nor Lies, Nor Depravity  


They fed you the lie that life would be comfortable. And once you got comfortable in that thought, they denied you even that comfort. 


The enemy is a liar. It is all lies. When will you accept that? Do not be distracted by his lies. 


The enemy is depraved. In fact, there is no limit to the enemy’s depravity. Let me save you time: every day and around every corner you will find the new extreme of depravity if you search for it. He constantly reaches new frontiers and recognizes his special power to divert the attention of those who almost worshipfully turn their attention to the latest frontier of depravity. Please do not make that your hobby. Every form of social media is filled with those who make that their hobby. Do not be distracted by his depravity. 


Focus not on the enemy. 


Focus on your work, your values, step by step, repetition by repetition. 


Win this moment. 


Win the next moment. 


Win the moment after that. 


Every moment is a hill to die on. 


Before you know it, life will bring you challenges you never knew you could surmount, that the enemy was convinced you never could surmount. 


All the while he will be whispering lies about your inferiority, into your ear, “The pointlessness of it all,” into your ear, “Give up and take the easy path,” into your ear, “You deserve a break,” into your ear, “Just sit down with some food and watch the game,” into your ear, “Think about your parents,” into your ear, “Think about your reputation,” into your ear, “Think about your career,” into your ear, “Think about your retirement,” into your ear. “You are being selfish” into your ear, “Think about your family,” into your ear. 


My friend, just keep going through the repetitions. 




Try again. 


Ask yourself how you did. Ask yourself what you could do better. 


Do it again. 


Do that more. 


Perfect your form. 


Keep repeating what you are doing right. 


Do it some more. 


And then you win. 


And win. 


And keep winning. 


Until that too becomes your repetition. 


Forward, on a path of greater and greater excellence. 


What man rooting for your ultimate victory would deny you that repetition in the name of freedom? 


Not I. 


The face mask is so much more than just a mask. See it for the evil it is with the newly released “Face Masks Hurt Kids.” Never wear it again with the bestselling “Face Masks In One Lesson.” Read all about that in these powerful articles . Watch videos on the same by signing up at Your repetitions matter. And through them, we will win. 

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