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Reset Yourself!

If Quentin Tarantino made a James Bond movie, the villain would be a maniac named Klaus Schwab, played with a light touch by Christoph Waltz, leading a SMERSH-like org bent on turning the world into a utopia of robots, and, of course, absolutely everything would go wrong, leading to a joyously comical bloodbath in the climax. Are we living in that movie, one wonders?

In real life — is there even is such a thing anymore? — Klaus Schwab is the octogenarian head of the World Economic Forum (WEF), the NGO that hosts the annual cavalcade of global villains at Davos, Switzerland, held every January in perfect designer snow, with the raclette melting temptingly on the hearth, endless flutes of Bollinger R.D. Extra Brut making the rounds, and plenty of pretty young things on hand, only some of whom know a reverse repo from an Appenzeller Sennenhund. Must be fun as all git-out.

The Davos meeting is ostensibly called to improve the state of the world (ha!), and thereby inspires countless paranoid fever dreams in the minds of many who would prefer to be spared utopian social experiments, especially from plans drawn by billionaire bankers who view the present surfeit of mankind on this planet (some 7.6 billion) as cluttering up the joint — all these unnecessary hoi polloi filling the oceans with their yukky plastic, making navigation difficult for the Davos yachting crowd… or something like that.

Klaus Schwab has been shockingly literal about his wished-for utopia, summing up his vision as, “You will own nothing, and you will be happy about it.” Hmmm, no property… and then what? Logically, no corpus of contract law to regulate it?  Farewell pesky US constitution. (Let’s face it, it’s been falling apart lately, anyhow.) How’s that going to make folks happy? Can I at least keep my Waterpik and my flyrod?

And what about your property Klaus?  And the property of your nonagenarian buddy George Soros, including all the cash money he’s been sprinkling around the USA to fund the election of utterly incompetent Attorneys General and District Attorneys, so as to sow chaos in America’s streets? What about your pal Bill Gates’s property… those hundreds of thousands of acres he’s buying up across the American grain belt? And the half that goes to Melinda under California divorce law. Will the poor girl have to make those dreary trips to the Safeway on her own?  Will there even be supermarkets? Or just distribution depots like the old soviet glory days, with long lines for schmoozing?

A few other particulars from Klaus’s 2030 agenda: No more meat-eating for you! It’s a waste of energy and a carbon spewer. You will eat artificial “plant-based meat” from Bill Gates’s soybean fields, self-propagated like giant boneless garden slugs on Bill Gates’s factory walls. Pass the Sriracha, Klaus! Next, no more national borders. The teeming poor evacuating their wretched overpopulated homelands must be free to overpopulate your homeland and make it equally wretched. Of course, no more fossil fuels! The planet is overheating so badly that there may not be any snow in Davos, and the Davos elect do not intend to don lederhosen and march up and down the bare Jakobshorn ski trails yodeling like goat-herds.

There is considerable unease among the sentient hoi polloi about the WEF exercise going forward this summer called the Cyber Polygon simulation. The idea is to game-out a cyber-attack aimed at bringing down the global financial system.  The reason folks are nervous is because the WEF held a somewhat similar simulation on October 2019 for a hypothetical pandemic disease outbreak, and, guess what? We got the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak a few months later. This has led some observers to hypothesize that Klaus and his WEF might have had something to do with the Covid-19 outbreak, and that an actual global financial train-wreck will be in the works shortly after Cyber Polygon, opening the door for Klaus’s heralded Great Reset.

Personally, I have no data to suggest these things follow one another. What’s more, if ever a complex system had evolved to self-destruct spectacularly on its own, it would be the global financial system, but especially the parts of it currently running in the USA and in Euroland, based on the Big Rock Candy Mountain economic model: Need money to run your society when your standard of living has outrun your productive capacity? Just pick hundred dollar bills off the money trees! That’s how we roll.

America’s empty suit, “Joe Biden,” travels to Euroland this week to confab with his supposed counterparts. He’ll drop into the G-7 meeting in Cornwall, UK, where the head honchos of foreign lands will perhaps get a chance to size him up for twenty minutes between naps; he’ll meet Queen Elizabeth, who was appointed a Counsellor of State before “Joe Biden” was out of his diapers (will she appreciate his wit?); he’ll drop into a NATO Summit in Brussels and meet with Turkey’s President Erdogan — better wear protective head-gear, Joe — and finally, the main event on June 16, Mr. Biden will meet with Vladimir Putin, wherewith, we’re given to believe, Mr. B will “discuss matters of mutual interest” with the Russian president. Oh, to be a fly on the wall in that room!

Meanwhile, speaking of crashing financials, the Bank of International Settlements’ (BIS) Basel 3 net stable funding requirement goes into effect before the end of June. That’s a mouthful, I know, but the net effect will be the demise of the “paper” gold markets that have been used by interested parties to queer the gold price and thus protect the value of the dollar for decades. Combine that move with the — what? — $11-trillion that “Joe Biden’s” handlers seek to print-up and distribute the next year or so and it kind of looks like the US dollar should be given last rites. Prepare to reset yourselves to flat broke.

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