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San Benito County, California, May Lead the Nation in Stopping Health Mandates

As this piece goes to press, San Benito County, California is considering agenda item 43 to eliminate the intrusive health orders of 2020 and 2021 from that county. 

A very special battle is taking place in California right now. These past few weeks, Santa Clara County, California, home of Silicon Valley, is implementing and testing the vaccine mandate that will be the model for all vaccine mandates in the United States. Local groups are amassing to stop it and to educate individuals on how to fight it. Other county boards are using their plenary power to oppose those moves in their own counties. Because of those boards, there may be no ability for anyone to claim unanimity in California.

But lack of unanimity is no victory. Stopping the tyranny and rolling it back would be the victory. After all, the only legitimate reason for government to exist is to protect human freedom. If government is not doing that, then it’s existence is without purpose, no matter how well-intentioned that purpose claims to be.

The First County Board In California To Act 

By the time this goes to press, there may be a first county board in California officially pushing for an end to vaccine passports and face mask mandates. That matter is scheduled for a Tuesday afternoon vote, June 22, 2021 in San Benito County. With Silicon Valley just up the road trying to do the exact opposite, local leaders and activists have given this resolution their vocal and impassioned support.

San Benito, a geographically large county with a population of 60,000 has the following scheduled for a June 22 vote as agenda item 43.

I. That no business, entity, or organization in San Benito County shall require any person to receive a vaccination, or be required to show proof of a vaccination, as a condition of employment.

II. That no business, entity, or organization in San Benito County shall require any person to receive a vaccination, or be required to show proof of a vaccination, as a condition of patronizing any business, entity, or organization.

III. That as individuals are encouraged to make medical decisions with his or her informed consent, in concert with the medical provider of his or her choosing, and has the right to maintain his or her privacy regarding said decisions, no business, entity, or organization shall interfere with those rights in any way.

IV. That San Benito County will not require nor will it enforce any mandate that requires persons to wear masks for face coverings.

V. That San Benito County will issue no mask or face covering mandates

VI. That the County shall treat all individuals whether or not they receive a vaccine equally, and

VII.  Separation into people in San Benito County into separate groups or classes, based on their vaccination status, shall not occur for any purpose.

VIII. That San Benito County will not enforce any mask or face covering mandates issued by any outside agency.

IX. That all signage requiring masks or face coverings shall be removed from all County facilities

X. The County requests that California leadership direct clarity, not confusion or conflict, between different California Departments, and the regulations promulgated by those Departments.

XI. That all medical providers should take all necessary steps to provide informed consent pursuant to the EUA.

XII. That the State shall take all action necessary to allow all County employees and citizens to be empowered to make their own decisions regarding whether to wear a mask, with which such decision shall not be interfered.

 XIII. That all County employees are empowered to make their own decisions regarding whether to wear a mask, with which such decision shall not be interfered.

At Least Two Members Of That County Board Are Stepping Forward As Leaders

Two members are required in that county to put a resolution like this on the agenda. Those two are leaders that the national media doesn’t want you talking about, as the rest of the board may prove to be before day’s end. This is akin to what happened in White Pines County, Nevada in April 2021 with a great hush from the national media as that county’s officials put an end to the local health orders.

With a nod to the county decisions in White Pines, San Benito’s agenda item 43 has the following note accompanying the resolution:

At the June 8, 2021 Board meeting, Supervisor Hernandez requested that the Board direct staff to bring back a resolution similar to what was adopted in White Pine County, which would prohibit any entity in San Benito County from establishing a vaccine requirement or the requirement to present proof of a vaccine, and which would adopt additional protections for individual personal and religious freedom to make medical decisions, and which would emphasize the need for additional education to the business community about actions that would be prohibited under the resolution and lastly to direct staff and medical providers to provide more information to individuals so they can make an informed choice about vaccination.

You Can Lie To Yourself About What An Awful Place It Is, But California Is The Political Front Line In The Battle Over Corona Communism 

California is a special place — from it being a place of development and wealth, to it being blessed with a vibrant and large population, alongside extensive natural resources. California leads the nation in so many ways. Trends are established in California that go national and sometimes global. For decades, those trends have been largely awful.

Though the examples are numerous, just look at the corona communism of 2020 that was implemented by the San Francisco Department of Public Health in various stages until a full lockdown was announced for March 17, 2020. The San Francisco County Department of Public Health is known globally as a board willing to push boundaries and experiment on its population.

Had it been stopped there, it would have been stopped everywhere or almost everywhere. There was not such will though to stop that in San Francisco.

As the lockdown was rolled out in San Francisco, with little difficulty, it was reiterated around the country and the globe. Some places came earlier, but San Francisco, and the rest of the Bay Area counties, which locked down in step with them, established policies that helped to set the standard for this massive population control exercise. In extensive cooperation between public and private entities, San Francisco, Silicon Valley, and the rest of the Bay Area, led the way in this awful past year of repression that will still he studied a century from now just as the Bolshevik takeover of Russia remains notable for its ability to bring about tolerated self-destruction.

Positive Change Also Starts In California 

Plenty of negative trends come out of California, making it valuable to defend, but sometimes the trends can be positive, making the fight all the more impactful.

One example of that is the pushback against 2020: the Newsom recall effort has led to the Cuomo (New York), Whitmer (Michigan) and Murphy (New Jersey) pushback, as well as pushback even against so called “conservative” governors who sat idly by as private businesses, private schools, and even private churches were closed down.

As activists in California — Democrat, Republican, and independent alike — were out for their governor’s head on a pike (figuratively of course), they, against all odds, forced a recall and activists around the country were emboldened by watching how the mighty Newsom suddenly began to cave publicly. Soon a California judge ruled against him and then another followed. Whether he win or lose the recall, Newsom has been severely harmed by the recall efforts and his agenda has been distracted from. The California pushback has already been an early success, but victory over the forces implementing corona communism is far from assured.

Governors across the country are feeling a populace looking for their head on a pike, inspired partly by even Californians turning on that Governor, a behavior that is hard to square with the narrative that the whole state is an obedient and destitute pit of communism. In Texas, Greg Abbott is doing his hardest to stay relevant and defend himself from challengers through carefully timed releases of political candy for the masses, this is despite his tremendous popularity among some. He is jittery and eager to shore up the base.

California is leading in other positive ways: a separatist movement, which seeks to break away from the State of California’s Bay Area and Los Angeles population centers. An organization called New California State is one of several organizations involved in what may be among the most vigorous separatist movements in the country, going so far as commanding the attention of internationally recognized speakers at their events.

California is where the battle can so importantly be fought. California is truly the political front line.

Politics Is Important And Your Own Life And Actions Are Most Important 

The far more important front lines are for your mind, your body, and your home. You don’t need a politician’s help for that. You just need your own resolve to identify clear boundaries, communicate clearly boundaries to others, and to be willing to defend those boundaries.

Those are the far more important front lines: having the determination and courage to be able to say no to the face mask in your own life, having the will to say no to the shots in your own life, having the insistence that so much more in your own life can be said no to. It all comes down to you and your life. That’s where the battle truly matters.

California Is As Great & As High Stakes Of A Political Battle As They Come 

But if meaningful political front lines are the issue, the most culturally significant and resource rich states in the union, is worth fighting for rather than running from.

When people tell me they are moving, but they don’t attend county board meetings, finance committee meetings, or don’t have some relationship with some of the many politicians who claim authority over them, I know that they are likely to let the same decay happen in the place they are moving to.

Confronting and being known to your representative, whether they be friend or foe, is the most basic stand to take. If one does not do so, the question then hangs in the air “Is nothing worth standing and fighting for?” 

I Wish Property Rights Were Being Better Protected In The San Benito Verbiage 

I wish that wasn’t where we were. I wish we could say “Government has no place in discussing individual health.” We are many decades too late for that conversation.

Instead, we are now each confronted with the real possibility of needing to soon beg “Please don’t force me to be injected with toxins against my will” or the more pressing reality is “Please don’t turn me into a second class citizen if I won’t take your shot.” That is the case all over the country. No matter how pro-liberty your state is, these measures are being rolled out at universities and workplaces in all 50 states.

The model being drawn out in Santa Clara County, California, in the heart of Silicon Valley, is the model that some state administrative body where you live is right now getting ready to bring into your backyard: in all 50 states and in virtually every country around the world.

Your County Can Do The Same, It Just Needs A Leader Like You To Stand Up & Lead 

Your county can do the same in fighting it. Your county can push for the same. Local official can be your willing allies or bent into shape until they do. I write about that activism hereherehere, and here for those interested in going that route. It can really just start though with a phone call to a sympathetic board member or a conversation with a sympathetic neighbor, a conversation that the two of you decide to drive home and make a reality, just like San Benito County Supervisor Peter Hernandez is helping to make happen.

If by morning, they have not already covered San Benito County, California’s resolution, please do me a favor and circulate this story to every friendly media source you know, asking them to cover this and the other powerful developments taking place at the grassroots level in California.

California sets trends for this country, both good and bad. That alone makes California worth fighting for.

If we can win California, we will win this victory for freedom across this country and around the globe.

In your own life, the most important and easiest-to-win fight of 2020 and 2021 involves the face mask. If they can get you to put that on, they can get you to do so much worse. If you haven’t said “No!” to the face mask in your own life, and in every single situation, now is the time to start. I wrote “Face Masks in One Lesson to help you make that happen, I’ve written this past year at, to help you accomplish the same, and you can sign up for my email newsletter at for videos, classes, and activism opportunities on exactly that as well. We have the power and the resources to stop this before it is too late. Will you help me make that happen? 

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