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Separate Yourselves From Those Lacking Courage, Group Yourself With The Courageous

It has been said that “A bad apple ruins the barrel.” When putrefaction spreads, sometimes it gets the healthy tissue too.

The Bible advises repeatedly to separate yourselves from those who are not of high standards. It says this in many different ways. Separation seems to be so important that it even advises death — the ultimate separation of a person from society — for any number of aberrations from upstanding behavior.

Do I suggest going around killing people? No. But to separate yourself from those who are not to your standards makes a whole lot of sense at this stage in the trajectory of corona communism.

The Bible, an uncountable number of times, references people who are set apart rather than people who are not set apart. Sure, I have encountered a few cowardly readers of these pages in which I am writing, but overwhelmingly courageous lions come to this place.

If you are reading this, there is a good chance that you are one set apart. It may be time to start treating yourself like that. 

You are not a social pariah, no matter what some others may believe. You are not a second class citizen, no matter what some others may claim. You are the foundation upon which a new America will be built.

Stop accepting the negative narrative from those who want to demoralize you. Stop letting those who are not set apart from speaking into your life. Stop letting the dribbles of discouragement fall upon your ears, your mind, your heart, your soul.

This discouragement can come from friend or foe alike. It may even be far easier to accept coming from a friend, though the 24-7 news cycle, social media, and streaming movie services being so central in the lives of so many make the harmful, discouraging narratives so present on the ears.

There was a time in which marketers at Coca-Cola understood that it would take about 14 “touches” to get a person to drink a Coke. Today that number is higher and a qualitative factor plays a role. The marketplace is flooded with people vying for your attention and trying to influence your thoughts and behavior. You are in the midst of a Great War for your mind. It is a war for you, your home, and your family. Your enemy knows those can be won by winning on the battlefield of your mind.

Some say China is the pivotal front line of our era. The Chinese Communist Party may be part of it, but they are a small player in it. The flesh and blood you are fighting all wave the American flag when convenient. They have their homes on US soil when convenient. They send their kids, if they have kids, to US schools when convenient. But even these people of influence I mention may be mere pawns, subject to the spiritual battle.

Our opponents in the war recognize that it can all be conquered through you. Everyone has a breaking point. Everyone. This, then, begs the question — how many “touches” does it take to discourage you? How many touches does it take to change your mind? How many touches does it take to shift your opinion? What toxins can they inject into discussion to turn your thinking toxic?

We are each guilty of it. We are each imperfect. I doubt a single person reading this is without a few moments, from time to time, in which a news story knocks him back, in which a news story gets in his head, in which a news story gets him to say, even if just for a moment, “All is lost.”

Say that, and you lose. Say that, and you become part of the other team. Even if only for a few minutes, that is who you are, then, fighting for. If you go around speaking those words to others, you are that much more fighting on the side of the enemy. To win, you need to maintain faith that this will work. Such will get you through thick and thin. This is even more true in this psychological war, than it is in a kinetic war.

There are people who can fire a gun and kill an enemy from 50 feet. Sometimes that same person cannot look in the eye of another person in a role of presumed authority while telling him what he expects from that person in order to get through his day more enjoyably and more freely. Great valor is shown in times of war, but one must recognize that great valor also happens in daily life. That valor of daily life is the valor that matters so much, and it is the valor that prevents kinetic wars from ever taking place.

When you show that valor, you shift the boundaries of possibility in life and in the world around you. This 1.) faith to believe in a virtuous outcome, alongside 2.) this valor required to walk out this faith, are two of our most powerful weapons at a time like this.

But so many do not treat them as such. Many do not recognize that those who hold those weapons and have the ability to skillfully use them are more valuable than an elite Navy Seal team. They are more valuable than a high ranking politician. They are more valuable than CEOs, bishops, and media stars.

If they are the true treasures of this era, then why do we surround ourselves with people who actively spend their time discouraging those abilities in us, dulling the edges of our swords, offering us alluring touches from the enemy that eventually catch up with us?

Why do we not see ourselves for the elite warriors that we are? 

Maybe you are planning on becoming a second class citizen. Maybe you are planning on being locked into a FEMA camp. As for me and my house, we will walk out our values, we will live in our blessings both coming in and going out, we will walk in faith and not fear.

As for FEMA camps, I have no such intentions for myself and will not speak any such fear into the world around me. When I catch myself not guarding my words and joking around about such nonsense as FEMA camps or second class citizenship — putting that toxicity into the air, I immediately stop myself. Because you know what, it can happen. Mistakes happen all the time.

But at such a moment, we look around, we realize that we are rolling in the dust with the enemy, exactly where he wants us to be, we pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and ask 1.)What did I do right? 2.) What did I do wrong? 3.) What can I be doing better next time? Then we do it. We grow. We demand more of ourselves. We do better next time.

You can be forgiven for mistakes, just return to the touchstones that will get you to the victorious side of this battle. More important than any mistake is your recognition that you are better than that, your recognition that you set the trajectory of your life, your recognition that you set the pace for the world around you.

Because the truth is, you are better than that. If you are a person of valor, you are a one-percenter in the world around you. You may or may not be a one-percenter in terms of money or a one-percenter in terms of global power, you may, however, possess the one percent status that actually matters at a time like this.

Under the concept of generational theory, it is in fourth turnings, like this one, that people once called “average,” end up becoming the subject of text books that children study for the next 300 years.

Do you recognize the gift you have been given to be born in the most powerful country on earth, the freest country on earth, at a time of such global tyranny, and to be able to fight a battle in your own life, that can echo out into the world around you, with global ramifications, for centuries? If you did, you might treat yourself differently. If you did, you might weigh your every action more seriously. If you did, you might treat your elite status, your elite tools, your social circle you choose a bit differently.

You may be ready for your second class citizenship status. I am not. I have been treated like a VIP in virtually every store I have walked into since corona communism began. I have made sure others saw me as one set apart. I have made sure to pick myself up as soon as I realized I was rolling in the dust with the devil. I have made sure that I was not accepting any media narrative. That mostly has meant that I unplug from the narrative and base my understanding of reality on the world around me, and when I need data about the outside world, I seek out some narrative-free quality data sources.

Many who read these pages do the same. But I do not think many who read these pages recognize that they are the elites of society, that they are the foundations of the new America. If they realized that about themselves, I think they would much more enjoyably separate themselves out from the people who really are just average. Because the net effect of surrounding yourself with the average is to dull your sword, dull your senses, dull your elite advantage.

Far from deserving a response of whining, a person close to you showing his true colors and no longer wanting anything to do with you is a gift that offers you so much benefit as a refining fire — as it clarifies the values of those around you and focuses them into agreement with your own.

Now, more than ever, is a time to be in the midst of the iron that can sharpen iron, to be in the midst of those who you barely feel worthy of being around, to be in the midst of the elite of our day as much as possible and to let them demand high standards of you, for you to demand high standards of them, and for you to elevate each other as you go through daily life.

It is a time to recognize your elite status. It is a time to honor that in you. It is a time to separate yourself.

Separate yourself. Stop the mask nonsense. Tools available to you include “Face Masks in One Lesson” ( — which guides readers on how to never wear a mask again, “Face Masks Hurt Kids” ( — a book on the science of mandatory masking, these LRC articles ( on the same, and some excellent videos and trainings made available to everyone who signs up at 

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