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Some Will. Some Won’t. So What? Next!

Real estate agents, on average, hit their stride after seven years. Anyone who gives up before that burns years of life.

Books hit their stride after 10,000 copies. Anyone who gives up before that burns years of life.

Politicians hit their stride after enough people have gotten to know them. Anyone who gives up before that burns years of life.

Oftentimes, you do not even have to be good at any of those things. You just have to put in the repetition and the focus in order to excel far above many others.

Just before you are about to make it, just before you are about to hit your stride, the enemy whispers in your ear the loudest “Give up!”

“Let someone else take over!” “This will never work,” “You are a failure” “Go back to what you are doing before.”

Or in our easy-breezy, comfort everywhere era, he may whisper “You’ve done enough!” “You deserve a break!” “It’s time to retire and let the next generation take over!” “Let’s take a nice, long vacation.”

In our everyone must feel good about themselves period it might sound like this “You deserve better in your life than all this stress,” “They don’t deserve you,” “You’re brilliant, but your failure is out of your hands. You know this is all someone else’s fault.”

Don’t you dare listen to that.

Don’t you dare.

We haven’t come this far just to turn back.

Do the things you care about. Do them well. Do them until you hit your stride. Then do them until you are a champion. World class. The best. Then keep doing them until you are a legend. A legend that no one can ignore. And then keep doing them until even your enemies find themselves telling their grandchildren that you were one of the all time greats.

And then do it some more.

Do you hear me?

Giving up is not an option.

The enemy will come at you hardest when your breakthrough is closest.

For something you care about, how many attempts is too many? How many embarrassments is too many? How many times of being shot down is too many?

That number does not exist.

Dear reader. I don’t want you to be comfortable. I don’t want you to be happy. I don’t want to be at ease. I want you to win. And I want you to be free.

If you can have it, I can have it.

If I can have it, you can have it.

But it can be a lot harder to do that all alone, without anyone having your back.

In sales, some say “Some will. Some won’t. So what? Next!” That is to say — “Some people will say yes. Some people won’t say yes. But just tell yourself, ‘So what? What does that matter to me?’ And move on to the next person, the next opportunity, the next chance for victory.” It tells you to not be so sensitive to rejection, and to plug ahead no matter what.

That is called cussedness.

That is called grit.

That is called get ‘er done.

That is called what you need to have if you ever want to pick a fight with any of the scrappy Irish kids I grew up with, or any of the hungry Mexicans I grew with, or any of the backstabbing Italians I grew up with.

Those words may hurt your feelings. And that’s part of the problem. Even the fact that I thought about your feelings is part of the problem. For as a wise man once wrote, “He who is afraid to anger or offend is not yet a man.”

Americans have forgotten what it’s like to be punched in the face and to not back down. Americans have forgotten what it’s like to taste your own blood and to not shrink, but to instead grow enraged. Americans have forgotten what it’s like to be knocked down and to get back up…no..matter…what.

It doesn’t matter how many times you are told “No!” If you are living by your values, you keep going. If you are doing what matters most to you, you keep going.

The face masks are not just about face masks. The face masks are training camp for the battle ahead. Do what you know to be right. Do it every time. Do it every chance you get. It does not matter what your opponent thinks of that. It does not matter who that offends. It does not matter who that angers.

It is not your job to worry about that.

It is your job to live by your values. It is your job to serve the truth. It is your job to win for your principles.

You owe that much to your principles. All the rest is noise.

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