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Southwest Airlines Is Collapsing – A Glimpse of the Future and Hope

Joe Biden’s federal vaccine mandate is toothlessHe cannot make it work. He cannot enforce it, and so the federal government has tried to ‘back door‘ a national vaccine mandate by pushing corporations to do their dirty work. Maybe the feds can’t really order you to take the jab, but if they can prevent you from earning a living without the vaccine, they can achieve the same objective.

It seems simple enough and strangely fitting for a government that is increasingly indistinguishable from giant multinational corporations, Big Tech, and the oligarchs that run the entire enterprise.

Except, a funny thing is happening. The people, those Neanderthals clinging to their Bibles and guns, who are supposed to do what they are told, pay taxes and fight the corporate wars are pushing back. Deserted by their elected representatives, who answer to their corporate masters, average Americans are refusing to comply.

Take a look at Southwest Airlines, and you will see exactly what this new civil disobedience looks like. You may also see the future.

The White House has pressed the airlines to adopt vaccine mandates using the leverage of federal contracts. United knuckled under first and announced a vaccine requirement. Southwest recently announced its employees had until December 8, 2021, to get vaccinated or lose their jobs.

The pilot’s union for Southwest Airlines responded to the mandate by filing suit and trying to block the action, but the pilots themselves are not waiting for court action to make clear where they stand. They have started using vacation and sick days and refusing to show up for workOther employees have followed suit.

The entire airline has been brought to a standstill. The pushback began Friday when a grand total of 3 out of 35 employees showed up for work at the Jacksonville center. Almost every flight out of Orlando had to be canceled. Almost 50% of Southwest pilots remain unvaccinated. There is no indication that any large numbers are moving to get the vaccine. As bad as things are, they are going to get a lot worse.

Over the weekend Southwest canceled 1900 flights. As of the time this article was published it had already canceled 365 flights for Monday, and 600 more are “delayed.” Southwest Airlines is effectively shut down.

Southwest Airlines’ stock fell more than 4% on Monday when trading opened.

From my dad who is a pilot about the current situation with Southwest airlines

— Joshua (@I_Kill_Art_Hoes) October 10, 2021

Southwest Airlines is continuing to maintain that there is no work stoppage in progress and blaming cancellations on mythical weather problems or air traffic control issuesThe pilot’s union is keeping silent because any official action on its part would likely be considered illegal. In reality, their position is largely true. Pilots are not calling out, because they have been ordered to do so. They are calling out because they have had enough.

Southwest pilots are drawing a line in the sand. They, like so many other Americans, are done with the creeping tyranny, and they have grasped that in Washington no one is going to stand up for them and push back. It is time for citizens to act on their own.

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