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Stop Sending Your Friends Depressing Crap

There is a war. The war is with someone who wants to destroy your home, your family, and you. That enemy realizes something: if he wants to control you, your family, and your home — all that enemy needs to do is to control your mind. Controlling your mind is a victory for the enemy. Liberating your mind is a step toward victory for you.

The war is not kinetic, which makes that war considerably harder for some people to recognize, since so many have been inundated with the notion that war is kinetic.

This war is psychological. This war is spiritual. This war is ideological. This war is preparing to be one of the greatest epics ever written. It is hardly kinetic, if at all, and may never be kinetic.

Don’t expect lead to fly, but the proverbial lead flies every day. Sometimes you may even be slinging lead without even realizing it.

Every war is unique, built upon similar basic principles, but with details specific to the time and place in which the battles are fought. In the midst of this specific war, in this specific era, it is important to be mindful of your impact on others and the impact others have upon you.

We Are At War And The War Is Not Kinetic, It Is Fundamentally A War For Your Mind 

The meticulously manipulative Yahoo! News headlines that appear in the inbox of millions of email users each morning are so carefully designed that a team of psychologists must be behind the editorial decisions. They are innocuously called “editors” of course, but if you take into account their accurate job descriptions, they really are social engineers.

That is but one example. Many other headlines are designed not to attract attention, or to convey truth, but for maximum psychological impact.

Truth is the ideal of an ethical journalist. Attracting attention is the ideal of the dedicated corporate businessman paying attention to the bottom line. Editors have long tended to fall somewhere in between. Maximum psychological impact is the overwhelming goal of today’s editors, especially in headlines, headlines being the only news many people read.

Those who recognize the war we are in recognize how powerful those headlines are at sabotaging the resolve of the individual and manipulating their perception of reality.

Being aware of the power of those headlines is the first step in combatting them.

Anyone manipulating another’s perception of reality is doing that person the gravest harm in this era. We must recognize reality as truthfully as possible. That is part of the work of life, perhaps the most fundamental work of life, for upon that foundation is all else built. Anyone who will do otherwise than to help you recognize reality as truthfully as possible is doing you a disservice. Anyone who helps you toward a more clear understanding of reality is doing you a favor.

It does not matter if that process is painful or harsh, easy or enjoyable, comfortable or barely even noticeable, brought about by a loved one, an acquaintance, or a stranger. None of those are an appropriate litmus for gauging whether a more clear understanding of reality is being fostered within you. It goes beyond relationship. It goes beyond aesthetics. It goes beyond the superficial.

“Is a more truthful depiction of reality being generated or is a less accurate depiction of reality being generated?” is really what it comes down to. That is a useful litmus for every interaction you have.

Your opponent recognizes the power of what they are doing. If they can control your mind, they can control you. Recognizing that same power helps a person defend himself and helps a person withdraw their aid to the enemy.

We Live in Modernity 

We live in modernity. That means 1.) inaction by the individual is preferred by society, 2.) efficiency is given demigod status, 3.) fitting an individual into a predictable box will provide the greatest efficiency, 4.) fitting an individual into a box with dimensions so perfect and predictable that the individual can be effectively deemed a “commodity” is an ideal, 5.) the priests of efficiency are the technocrats, 6.) if an individual can be commoditized and inactive, devoid of all internal stimulus to act, the priestly class of efficiency has done a great service to society in the name of efficiency.

Those are basic tenets of modernity.

That’s not how reality works though, a detail that is lost on many technocrats. To their credit, many technocrats do not stop trying. Tenacity can be an important quality. There is a limit, however, to how much credit such a person deserves. One who tries bad things against fellow humans repeatedly that leads to considerable harm and pain for that human and does so with tenacity is a sociopath.

It is not coincidental that so many of the mass murderers of the past century, the Century of the Great State (1917-2016), have been either members of the technocratic class or proto-technocrats operating for the good of efficiency or other utilitarian ends of questionable moral value.

Individual action is spontaneous, unpredictable, of uncertain outcome, hard to control. The more statistically “average” the person acting spontaneously is, the harder their behavior is to predict or control. When average man acts spontaneously, his disarming averageness can cause quite a befuddling mess for the technocrat who deems himself prescient. The technocrat never saw it coming. That is the story of the collapse of many totalitarian regimes throughout history.

Nine billion average people can lead to a lot of befuddlement when they act spontaneously as individuals. What a beautiful thing that is.

This is how decentralization tends to empower the individual, tends to increase freedom, tends to celebrate these uncertainties and individual complexities, while centralization tends to welcome the dehumanization of the individual in the name of efficiency and other utilitarian ends. No matter how uncomfortable the freedom of another may cause you to feel when you observe it, economies of scale are not a worthwhile trade off for individual liberty.

Modernity demands one. He who is truly an individual demands another, and implements a decentralized and unpredictable reality with every action.

We Live Post Tech Revolution

We not only live in modernity, we also live in a time after the tech revolution. This has been a powerful response to modernity. Personal computing gave everyone a cheap printing press for the first time ever. The worldwide web has given everyone a nearly free printing press for the first time ever. Yes, there are minor ways ideas are censored, that have practically no effect. Please don’t focus on the minor. Focus on the major. YOU HAVE A FREE PRINTING PRESS.

Battles have been fought over printing presses. You have one without there needing to be a battle. No matter how banned and censored you are, the many distribution networks at your disposal, if used properly, are more powerful at distributing your message than the ability held by more than 99% of all world leaders throughout human history. That’s some serious power. I don’t think much of whiners who obsess over the minor while they have a power like that in their hands. Spend a few hours learning to use that power and you can communicate in ways that would make Hadrian, Xerxes, and Gladstone jealous.

Not only that, but you can 3D print guns. You can order and use any medicine that you think is fitting for your body, prescription or not. You can encrypt messages better than almost any spy ring and any government in history has been able to do. You can even encrypt your money. This list is endless. To he who will spend a few hours learning to use tools like these, you are able to be empowered as an individual unlike virtually any mortal in all human history has ever been empowered.

Yes we live in the dehumanizing era of modernity, but we also live in the individual empowering era after the tech revolution. If the consequence of a piece that you share with someone is that they are left feeling fearful or depressed and in a state of inaction, you have done them a disservice. A sober look at the world today leaves little reason to leave a friend feeling depressed. 

Considering the fact that we are in the midst of war you must never leave a friend feeling discouraged. To demoralize your friend is to benefit the enemy.

No One Will Silence You 

Two acquaintances recently wrote the following about a dank meme:

Libertarian Friend: “I kinda wanna share this on Facebook.”

Conservative Friend: “Sounds like a fast pass to hang with Kiran in Facebook jail.”

Libertarian Friend: “Yeah, pass.”

Donald Trump got deplatformed for being Donald Trump, a voice that many wanted to silence and disempower, but the deplatforming of Trump was more about disempowering his audience. The more significant goals of deplatforming the Donald Trumps of the world are twofold 1.) stopping you from hearing him (more about disempowering his audience than him) and 2.) getting you to live in fear and censoring yourself (everything about you and not him).

Getting deplatformed is merely the removal from one of many thousands of channels of communication. I don’t want to underplay the significance of it, because it can be quite impactful, but when it comes down to it, you are only able to be forced into as much silence as you are willing to tolerate.

I recently had the chance to host the most censored physician of 2020, Dr. Simone Gold, founder of America’s Frontline Doctors. That woman is powerful. Silencing her is so ineffective because she refuses to be silenced. As with any momentous period in history that will ripple out for generations, periods that some people refer to as “fourth turnings,” people previously unknown become well known for their demonstrations of bravery.

Simone Gold was not well know before 2020. It was her bravery that set her apart. Bravery is a thing money cannot buy and that censorship cannot silence. She is so heavily censored that if her unvarnished ideas last more than 24 hours on some social media platforms it’s a wonder, as I learned firsthand this week.

Yet, even this heavily censored physician continues to have such a powerful voice in the debate. If she perseveres ahead with the truth, what possible excuse could anyone else have to do otherwise?

The world wants you to believe a falsehood: you can be silenced. The truth is, no one can silence you but your own self. Do not let anyone else tell you the tale of your own agency, you own volition, being anything but 100% intact.

Psyops Are Real 

Psychological operations have been an important part of modernity. They are openly accepted as practiced on enemy populations during time of war. They can be used during time of war on domestic populations to rally them around a common cause as well, an activity largely seen as acceptable. Whether either of these are really acceptable is a matter for another time. Their use on peacetime civilian populations has long been covert, indicating their unacceptability. By making the recipient into the “other,” into an enemy of sorts, psy ops are widely practiced on domestic populations without hesitation, even when the desired outcome of the activity is harmful to the recipient.

When someone is trying to enter your mind and manipulate your thoughts and actions, you can be assured that they are no friend. Friends let friends think and act autonomously. They honor their individuality. They respect their humanity, their creation in the likeness of God.

Defining and identifying a psy op is really a question of intent. You therefore can’t always know what is a psy op and what isn’t a psy op. You can’t know the intent of the person’s behavior. That’s not so relevant though. If you can get that question out of your head you are better off.

Better questions to ask are:

Does this item shared with me help to edify me or does it help to tear me down? Does my relationship with this person tend to edify me or tear me down?

Right there you have the answer of who is on your side in the daily fight and who is not.

If you are more interested in sharing the latest Bill Gates patent with everyone you know rather than the dozens of videos a day of regular people successfully standing up for themselves, I’d like you to examine your motivations. You may be firing bullets out into the world randomly. That’s even worse if it’s friendly fire.

Sure there are ways to share the depressing and the uplifting, but if you are selecting a lot more of the depressing, you are part of the reason that people who are in the overwhelming majority feel so alone and isolated in the face of laughably minuscule and delusional adversaries. PLEASE STOP SENDING YOUR FRIENDS FEAR PORN.

Your Intentions Don’t Matter In So Called “Friendly Fire”

The term friendly fire is such a sick term. There’s nothing “friendly” about killing a person on your same team ten thousand miles away from your home. So many contorted behaviors had to occur en route to that happening for such an event to even take place. The Pentagon wants you to ignore all that and to call the guy who just took your loved one “a friend,” rather than focusing on the senselessness of their foreign escapades that they drag our soldiers into. This is an established term however and one that I will use here in our present war.

Every meme you put out into the world is a vote. You express what you support through what you share. It is also a bullet. Every meme is a bullet, a grenade, a bomb, a piece of shrapnel, artillery. In a time when psychological warfare was not taking place, that might not have been the case. That is the case. Your friendly fire may be helping to do the work of some evil people.

It doesn’t matter if you like your friend who you bombard with crap messaging. You are doing the same work the most evil psychological operative is doing by cramming that messaging into a friend’s head. The only difference is that you are more effective because that thing you just sent him that leaves him with a pit of hopelessness in the middle of his chest for the next five hours came from someone who he really likes and trusts, which means that bullet is so much more effective at piercing his armor, eluding his defenses. No enemy could have done him the harm that you just did to him. 

Everyone Has Agency, No One Is Invincible 

It is an individual’s choice to decided what to onboard and what not to onboard. I would never suggest otherwise.

At the same time, I realize that at some point everyone breaks down. No one is impervious. No one is invincible. That’s why it matters so much that we surround ourselves with the right people. It’s ideal to be around people who are better than us in some way, who demand high standards, and who help us to become more like the people we want to be. If we surround ourselves with mighty men of valor, there are things we need not worry about, allowing us to focus on more important aims.

Surrounding ourselves with people who tear us down, keeps us distracted by the petty. You probably have that friend, the one who always seem who to be able to send the most disheartening meme to you just as you’re on a roll, just as you are about to take down the big obstacle in your path. Choose wisely when you open messages from that friend. The next hour, the next day, the next week may be eaten up in distraction. You probably know exactly what I mean.

We need to learn to recognize those moments and to say no to the enemy weapons being used on us, to deny them entry into our psyche. 

And we need to learn to stop using them.

The messaging you inundate your friends with can be messaging that edifies them or it can be messaging that tears them down. Every word matters in a way that it has seldom before mattered in society. This is a great responsibility that is worth keeping in mind.

The meme you choose to send, the headline, the article, the text message, the emoji, it all says so much. It says whose side you fight on.

The most undisciplined and uncaring people on this matter are certain to react negatively to this. There is a time and a place for negativity — usually when you are staring a demon in the eye and telling him how he’s got no chance of defeating you — but negativity is seldom the appropriate emotion to direct toward a friend.

You Can Tell Your Friends To Stop Sending You Depressing Crap 

Feel free to share this article if you find the message useful. One reason some people share depressing crap is because they don’t know any better. No one has ever told them they are a downer.

No one has ever said to them “I love learning the truth, and I don’t want to take the truth alongside a cocktail of depressants that leave me hungover for two days. I like learning the truth that is actionable to me.”

Morale is meaningful. In a psychological battle, morale is practically everything when it is wielded alongside focussed and meaningful action. Little more is needed to win.

He who depresses morale and stifles focussed and meaningful action is not on your side. Whether he realizes it or not, he is lobbing grenades for the enemy.

Netflix Exists To Sabotage You & Program You 

Despite having not owned a TV in more than a decade, I somehow misunderstood how toxic Netflix is.

Five years ago, I couldn’t have made that statement — Netflix exists to sabotage you and program you. The ability to choose from a wider selection made it seem so much more liberating.

Today I can make that statement unquestionably. Netflix and its competitors began as an alternate to other entertainment platforms, perhaps innocently perhaps with ulterior motive, a distinction which is not entirely important to me. What I know is that today they are promoters of agendas and narratives. That is their foremost purpose in society. The revenue they produce is negligible compared to the social impact they have.

If you regularly use the product of any streaming service, for any reason, you are willingly saying “I will let the guard down on my mind for X hours / week and submit myself to my betters for my programming.”

Please stop. If you make no other decision today other than to never watch a TV show or movie again, you will have dramatically improved your life. 99.9% of them are programming. One in a thousand is worth watching. If you don’t watch that one in a thousand your life will be far better off than if you watched the others in search of that special one in a thousand. Nothing will have been missed. There’s no need to fear missing out.

Read a book. Go for a walk. Talk to your loved ones. Sit together after dinner. Start a hobby. Take a bath. Read the Bible to your family. Don’t sit down for your daily, weekly, or monthly programming.

In every group, at such a suggestion, someone always says to me “but what about…” before mentioning the name of some piece of brainwashing that has its hooks in them. At a time like this, I can’t see the attraction for even a little bit of brainwashing. I know it feels good. I’ve been there. It feels a lot better without it.

Some people would consider the Bible to be daily programming. If the Bible didn’t have the impact of edifying, perhaps there would be room for a conversation on that topic. There are activities that edify and there are activities that tear a person down. Netflix does not exist to edify. The most subtle attacks are hidden in so many places in what presents itself as the highest quality programming. Agendas appear where you least expect. For from being daily programming, reading the Bible is the opposite of Netflix.

Memetics Is The Study Of Viral Ideas 

Memes are powerful. They are compact ideas capable of spreading. I am a financier in the meme wars. I help to fund the development of powerful memes. Doing so brings me joy. A meme can be a work of art, a powerful and potent dose of truth. It is not simply a witty photo, which is often called “a meme.” A meme is an idea that is capable of spreading. Memetics is the study of ideas like that.

Predictive Programming 

It’s nice to know what Fauci and Gates and Schwab and Newsom have planned for me. I suspect, forty years from now, not a single person walking the earth will regularly mention any of those four names in daily conversation.

Those four are not who guide me through life.

In response to a recent shock and awe campaign about the evil future planned for us, some wise soul commented:

“Friends, as a longtime student of consciousness, I would like to point out something important after reading the ————- thing circulating in many forums.

“Sometimes these documents are ‘leaked’ in order to create Predictive Programming — hijacking or leveraging our collective consciousness to manifest these agendas.

“So please take time after reading such things to breathe, deprogram the scenario from your mind, and visualize masses waking up, rising up and creating a far more beautiful world of freedom and wellbeing.

“Our consciousness is powerful. Let’s use this document to clarify what we prefer and what we don’t prefer. Notice the attempt at ‘predictive programming’ and choose to take back control – we use our consciousness to create the reality that we prefer!”

There’s a limit. You are what you eat. If I saturate my mind with fear porn, I can’t be surprised when my mind is filled with fear porn and when I fearfully obsess over fear porn. I have no place for fear porn in my life.

I get it. We are at a precipice. I’m fighting. I’ve got all the motivation I need to fight as hard as I can as quickly as I can. If you feel the same way, then please stop accepting the fear porn and start fighting as hard and as fast as you can. There will be a time that we will look back on these months as the glory days when anyone who acted had so much leverage. It’s practically easy to stick your neck out right now and to win major victories based on nothing but your chutzpah.

The Only Way The Enemy Wins 

The only way the enemy wins is to convince us of inaction.

Doom and gloom can be distracting. I know we are winning. The only way they beat us is to convince us that they are so powerful that resistance is futile.

Alternately we can be convinced that the world is so splendid that resistance is unnecessary. That’s another way that this battle is fought.

If a person needs neither, there is no room for fear porn.

The Face Mask Is Very Valuable  

I don’t know what action is appropriate in your own life. Every circumstance is different.

What I do know is that if you are still wearing a mask, then you are not prepared for what comes next: the vaccine, the vaccine passport, or the next agenda item.

If you say no to the mask, you are ready to say no to all that.

If you say yes to the mask, at all, at any moment in the future, you will be prepared to say yes to all that.

A Covid injection doesn’t require 100% approval with all your being. It only requires 10 seconds of weakness.

When you wear a face mask, you send the world a message that the enemy is deep in your psyche and that your face, your mind, your body, your family, your home, your children are conquered territory. In a mask you send that message to friend and foe alike.

Take off that mask, take back your body, take back your home, and put that enemy under your feet where he belongs.

If you don’t know how, I’ve written “Face Masks in One Lesson”  for you. If you don’t know how I’ve written my piece for you. If you don’t know how I’ve made videos that I share with my mailing list for you. All you really need though is to say no to all of these demonic impositions on your life and to push back. The techniques are at the links above. The will to do that is inside you. 

Will you join me? 

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