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Terms of Service

Terms of service

We are a Christian owned business.  Christians fundamentally strongly believe in freedom and free will.  Our nation was built on these ideals.  We will not sell out our business. 

You do not need to be Christian to use our site, you may be any religion or not religious at all.  Many of America’s founders moved here to escape religious persecution and we take religious liberty very seriously.  If you can be mature enough to respect other’s rights they will respect yours. 

We take all of our liberties in America very seriously.  We will not assist any anti-american, anti-christian, or anti-white, or any type of racist business here.  We believe all colors and creeds may wish to earn an honest living and we want to help them all.  We believe in equality of opportunity and equality before the law.  We believe in hiring the best for the job regardless of insignificant traits.  Nobody should hire based on race, etc.  Quotas are racist as well.

People doing business honestly are willing to stand upon the merits of their goods.  Small businesses are often only one person and are developing as they achieve the money to invest in their business.  We understand that and encourage their growth by providing a very affordable pre-built store ready to use to assist small businesses.  This site will not copy or attempt to steal ideas or compete with our sellers unless we offered the product or service first in which case we are willing to compete.  We will not require any minimum sales.  In the future we intend to allow customers to pay for items on our site.  We will likely require sales tax and other software for those additional services at that time.  We will make these services as affordable and as optional as possible.  We may be required to collect & submit sales tax at that point.  We are looking to make a reasonable living and encourage and enable small american business.  We respect our vendor’s rights to choose how to operate their business.  

We intend to allow our businesses to set their own hours, schedules, and policies with only the requirement that their employees, contractors and suppliers (to the extent possible)  are American Citizens.  Vendors will be required to list any supplies or contracted services obtained from foreign suppliers.  We will create a list of seeking American Suppliers & contractors so that American suppliers & contractors can find these vendors to offer their materials or services.

The people who wish to do business with us know that there is no such thing as “group” rights.  Grouping people is always for the purpose of division.  We are tired of the professional victimhood card and corp welfare rackets.  People want to hire those who are qualified and do a good job at what they do.

If your business attempts to infringe upon other’s rights to make their own health decisions such as requiring masks or other medical devices to shop in your store, require your employees to do so or require an untested gene therapy or a medical treatment of any kind, we will not host your business here. 

If we feel your business is attempting to coerce people into doing anything they have the right to decide for themselves we will not host your business here.

If your business acts against individual liberty we will not host your business here.

If you hire anyone other than American Citizens we will not host you here.  H1b’s and greencards are to avoid American taxes, and obtain labor for under the cost of living in America and to give excessive wage and behavioral control over employees to big corp. This site is made for small American businesses who are pro-america and support liberty.

We believe in honest labor for honest pay.  Anything that appears to be misleading or fraudulent will be removed and we will not host your business here.

We will not host personals, prostitution, pornography or like products.

We will not tolerate mob gaslighting, name calling, or harassment.  We will not tolerate bullying of any kind of our vendors or by our vendors.  If you do not have an honest good or service to sell we will not host you here.

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason at any time.  We’ve outlined the main reasons we would refuse service above.  If you wish to remedy the situation contact us and we will consider your position and seek resolution. 

We support liberty and will not refuse service for frivolous reasons. 

We respect the fact that you have put your work into our site and we’re not looking to be another tyrant, we’re looking to create a site free of tyrants where mutual respect, liberty for all, and small American business can thrive.

These terms of service may be updated at any time.  All services of this website are at will and may require payment for services.

This site is a small business like those who will sell here.  We will be continually developing and welcome constructive feedback.

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