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The Backsliding of America

Posterity, you will never know how much it cost the present generation to preserve
your freedom. I hope you will make good use of it. If you do not, I shall
repent in heaven that ever I took half the pains to preserve it.
John Adams-1756

I left the lifeless credos of Russia and moved to Seattle, Washington, in 1993, a few years after the Iron Curtain collapsed. The “perestroika” in the new Russian Federation did little to change the lives of average Russian citizens who were scraping by to feed their families. Mother Russia still felt cold and lifeless, and the people ambled to-and-fro with the same anxieties and suspicions. I was still an active reserve officer for the Strategic Rocket Force when I married my wife, June, an American flight attendant, and moved to the USA. It did not take long for me to notice that there were a lot of churches in and around Seattle. I could not help but consider that maybe the reason America was so awesome was because of their faith in God.

The change for me was enormous. I could not speak fluent English and I was experiencing a way of life that was both astounding and daunting at the same time. Seattle itself was an intoxication to my senses. The fishy smells of the Puget Sound, the vibrant ferry trips to flowery islands, and the quiet hum of luxury cars speeding down the smooth freeways was an unexplainable pleasure. Unlike the citizens in Russia, I noticed people laughed and showed a lot of emotion in public.

When I experienced my first encounter at a fast-food drive-thru I was hooked. My patient wife put up with my need to eat fast food every day for months. But it was my first visit inside the grocery store, standing in front of a long aisle full of all kinds of amazing breads, that the realization of communism versus God hit me. In Russia we had only two choices for bread—dark or white—nothing soft and fancy like the breads before me. As I stood there in that aisle, frozen, gawking, June looked over and caught my angry expression. She asked if I were okay. I did not know how to tell her that I felt cheated and deceived by my country of birth.

Religious persecution has been part of history in almost every nation, and America is no exception. When the Puritans fled England to America in 1620, due to persecution against their Christian beliefs, their goal was freedom to exercise their faith and worship God based on Biblical scripture of the Old and New Testaments. They wanted the right to connect to God under a one-on-one relationship, not through papal authority and legalistic rituals the Catholic church in England had strictly imposed. But once the Puritans, America’s first Protestants, arrived on America’s shores, they lost sight of the true Christian message of mercy and soon were persecuting other Protestant sects with different religious viewpoints, non-believers, American natives, and their new neighbors, the Catholics, who had also migrated to the New World.

I can imagine after living through rough bullying in England for their beliefs, the Puritans did not want to chance a repeat of persecution through a Catholic takeover in America, and thus why they tried to purify their faith in the new land. But their actions, and the disputes between other religious groups, simply led to greater conflicts. But though these clashes occurred, America was still considered a Christian-founded nation because there is none righteous, no, not one, and America’s founding fathers recognized this truth and the undeniable fallibility of man. They understood that to build a free and morally safe country Biblical principles were important enough to be implemented within society and judicial law, as well as equal protection for all religious beliefs.

The citizens and leaders of the USA put God first and allowed His handprints to be stamped across America. Though the people were far from perfect, their choice to adhere to Godly tenets blessed the nation. People lived as free men and women, with the right to follow their dreams and visions, and be rewarded for their labor with private ownership of land and homes. As America rose to superpower position, so did her bold witness of Jesus Christ to the world.

Confirmation of America’s Christian heritage is still engraved on US Dollars and coins. The motto, In God We Trust, was established as law by congress back in 1864. It was the Secretary of the Treasury, Salmon Chase, who instructed the phrase to be inscribed on America’s money. He penned the following, establishing the USA’s loyalty to God:

“No nation can be strong except in the strength of God, or safe except in His defense. The trust of our people in God should be declared on our national coins.”

During my military medical training in the Soviet army, the commanders would often roll out big maps of the world and stick red pins into the “free” nations that were targeted for infiltration. America was always pinned in red. What I did not know after my entry into the US was that pro-communist ideologists, who were part of the communistic Agenda 21 goals (with China’s pawmarks), were already infiltrating American government, universities, corporations, and churches with various plots to destabilize the strength of America’s foundation. With the numerous churches in Seattle, I hoped communism would not follow me. Before the Bolsheviks took over, Russia, too, had many churches. But it was not religion that threatened communist perps, but live “faith.” They knew that a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, if left to flourish, could spread faster than the worst of contagions and deter their authoritative motives.

This is why churches under communist dictators were torched, and Christian pastors, believers and Orthodox priests were persecuted and killed for their faith. In the Soviet era, cathedrals and churches became playgrounds to newly constructed Olympic-size pools for the public, as a mockery, and most churches were gutted and turned into warehouse facilities. And along with the churches, the Soviet spiders disemboweled Russia’s history from society to gain tighter control on the future. They left a few Orthodox churches intact as a guise that the USSR’s constitution allowed for religious freedom, but they were simply there for show, nothing more.

Due to communist threats from Russia, President Eisenhower fortified America’s Christian-held beliefs, and in 1954, added the words “under God” to the Pledge of Allegiance:

“I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

Four years later, in 1958, to expose the Soviet’s dangerous objectives to turn free nations into communist-socialist states, former FBI agent and scholar of law, W. Cleon Skousen, wrote the book, The Naked Communist. He laid bare the facts on how communists use progressive engineering, propaganda, controlled media, and immorality to accomplish infiltration and takeover. He warned that a key strategy by communists was to destroy the family unit, morality and Judeo-Christian religions (through infiltration), and undermine the educational system.

His book lists 45 aggressive goals with which the communists planned to destroy a free nation from inside. The five listed below have already done serious damage to America:

1. Break down cultural standards of morality by promoting pornography and obscenity in books, magazines, motion pictures, radio and TV.

Present immorality as “normal, natural and healthy.”
Infiltrate the churches and replace revealed religion with “social” religion. Discredit the Bible and emphasize the need for intellectual maturity.
Eliminate prayer or any phase of religious expression in the schools on the grounds that it violates the principle of “separation of church and state.”
Get control of the schools. Use them as transmission belts for Socialism and current Communist propaganda.

In light of what we see going on today in our nation, Skousen was right-on in his assessments. Communist infiltration was already underway in the United States by the time he published his book. By 1963, Madalyn Murray O’Hair, Soviet sympathizer and member of the Socialist Labor Party, went after prayer in schools. She filed a lawsuit against the Baltimore Public School system and the Supreme Court ruled in her favor—opening the door for the demise of all religions and faiths in America. It was an enormous win for the Soviets.

Of course, there are those who will argue that separation of church and state must prevail to keep the integrity of the Constitution, but Christianity was not a political by-law injected into America’s charter by the founding fathers, but an embodiment of who America was as a nation, the lifeline of her integrity and stance for freedom, the backbone that kept society morally safe and communism at bay. Because of that Christian backbone, Americans of all faiths retained religious freedom. The Supreme Justices’ decisions to ban prayer from schools put freedom as a whole in jeopardy. It sent a message into the minds of students and the world that “faith in God” was wrong, and opened a revolving door toward socialist acceptance.

The days of recognizing God as the reason for America’s expansive virtuosity is gone. Politicians, leaders and citizens no longer pay allegiance to God or regard Him in any way. This explains why America has been allowed to be decimated by a group of dedicated communistic ideologists whose goals are to eliminate God, freedom, and ownership of private property from every American citizen. The new generation of Godless Americans no longer understand why they have lived under a banner of freedom. They fail to make the connection that their freedoms are a direct result of two hundred plus years of Christian derivation. This amputation of America from her Christian roots is why we are now seeing destruction inside our borders at a pace that out-speeds any racing car.

When communism ravaged Russia and came to power in 1922, religion, faith, honor, and family unity (Godly values) were removed and replaced with the worship of Vladimir Lenin, the first leader under Russia’s newly founded Soviet reign. He became labeled as the people’s “grandfather.” To Lenin, religion was the “opium of the people,” and he aimed to halt “the religious humbugging of mankind.” He did a good job. Mikhail Gorbachev once professed that after the Soviet state was in power, a “wholesale war on religion” commenced.

When Lenin died in 1924, his embalmed body was laid in an open tomb for public adoration. Psychologically, this provided an avenue to keep the public in a euphoric state of worship for the communist paradigm, producing a state of man-worshippers. Joseph Stalin seized power after Lenin’s passing, and his atrocities upon the people (he murdered 20 million citizens) depicted the true darkness behind communism. He reigned until his death in 1953. After the Iron Curtain was razed in 1991, Russian leaders kept Lenin’s body on display (and still do) as a vestige of celebration for what is soon coming—global communism.

Communism is an occult creed birthed from Satanism. According to scripture, Satan, the devil, named Lucifer, works night and day to mock God, destroy God’s human creation, undermine all of God’s virtuous edicts, and make himself as a replacement for the One True God. Karl Marx, the first to spread the communist thought in the mid-1880’s, was a Satanist, and his Godless teachings inspired Lenin. This is the reason why the Marxism-Leninism pact took root. Marx once wrote that he wished to avenge himself “against the One [God] who rules above.” He despised the Fifth Commandment in the Bible to Honor your parents, and proclaimed the co-relation of a parent and child was “disgusting.” He promoted equality through raising children communally, away from the parent. He cheated on his wife, and allowed two of his six children to starve to death because of his own contempt against industrious labor. The USSR adopted his antichrist sentiments and forced women to work, allowing the system to “parent” the child.

The crippling nature of a communist regime can be better understood when one recognizes Biblical perspective. Scripture states in Proverbs 29:18, Where there is no vision, the people perish. This Biblical truth provides a sneak peek at the running theme within the context of the Holy book—the theme that humanity was meant to enjoy life, be individual thinkers, make sound choices, share ideas, and utilize their talents. Successful businesses in America, advancements in technology, and proper education are direct results of people who have shared ideas and visions. Communist leaders squirm over this scripture. They abhor individual rights and thoughts because free thinkers are threats to their dominance.

Marx and Lenin saw unequal distribution of wealth as the cause of the sad state of humanity. Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s goods, the Bible’s last commandment, was a threat to their dogma. They believed that government should own everything, and the people nothing. Russians, under Soviet rule, were forced to work for the state and produce consumption goods necessary for survival without reaping the rewards of their hard work. They went home to a life of poverty, knowing that no matter how many hours they worked they would never have anything more. On the other hand, Americans, under capitalism, were allowed to own and control the economic system, resulting in a motivated populace who had opportunity to employ their own dreams and visions to achieve a satisfying life. This alone is reason enough to understand why a nation founded on Christian principles is a good thing, even if you yourself are an unbeliever and feel you have no need for God. The truths patterned after the Bible in our everyday lives is akin to finding a wall of gold in a mine because they allow for the freedoms and ownership of property and businesses that Americans are now taking for granted.

Today’s government responses to this hoax pandemic and the gene-editing vaccines are all signatures of a Luciferian-style takeover. Most people are in denial of the occult aspect of the “new norm” being implemented into society. Under communism/satanism the world will be “reprogrammed” into the image and likeness of Lucifer. This is why normal life routines and pleasures have been targeted for elimination. The plans to alter the human genome through vaccinations is in sync with the satanic design to transform humanity away from God’s image into a new species of “man-created” beings. This is why Biden and world leaders are foaming at the mouth with lies, threats, and bribes to get the people vaccinated. They cannot fully “reset” society under this monstrous new government until they have accomplished this genetic switch within humankind. This is why they must keep the pandemic narrative alive and do whatever it takes to continue the need for ongoing injections. It takes time to transform human DNA, and once this happens, there is no going backward to what was before.

Recent news reveals how close communist thugs are in reaching their goals to transform the human race into Satan’s image and likeness. According to intelligence reports, China is gathering people’s genetic data from all over the world to build the biggest bio-database, and they already have large portions of Americans’ genetic information. The media claims this is due to cyber breaches from previous years, but I do not believe there was a breach. American globalists have been handing China our secrets for decades under the pretense of “security breaches.” The DNA data is needed to progress the global bioweapon vaccine agenda, and through this collected information racial weaponry could be on the table for targeting geographical areas. Websites like are invaluable resources for gene theft, and with all of the “security breaches” out there, I am sure the Chinese got all that info a long time ago.

What about America? Will the Christians rise up out of their confetti churches, repent, and save this nation from the communist overthrow now in process? Or will they remain in a passive condition until every last semblance of freedom is gone? If the church as a whole was in a righteous place, they would not be sitting on the sidelines under a spirit of fear, allowing their freedoms to be snatched away over a mild coronavirus. A blackout of God happened long before Covid-19 was put in motion. This is why a full-fledged communist campaigned without resistance and became president in 2009. And why the church looked the other way when Obama’s perverted law allowed peeping toms to enter women’s bathrooms. (Remember one of the communist goals is to present immorality as “normal, natural and healthy.”) This assault against women and children should have been enough to send millions of citizens of all religions to the White House in protest. Instead, believers let go of the lifeline to their Savior, and tolerated sexual deviance over sanctity of family. Today we see the same cold response by the church as our government orders unsafe inoculations and harmful masks onto our children, robbing them from achieving full natural immunity and the fresh air necessary for healthy brain development.

A large percentage of pastors climbed in bed with the anti-American and anti-God system desecrating our civil liberties, and promoted the untested DNA-altering Covid-19 vaccinations. They snuggled under the covers with the global tricksters, accepting government bribes. More than 10,600 religious organizations took the “silver,” adding up to about $3 billion in coronavirus financial aid. This bribery opened the door for the government to use churches as a means to promote and dispense Covid-19 vaccines. It was the same sort of underhanded tactics our government used to bribe doctors and hospitals whenever they reported a Covid case.

Many big-name pastors are infiltrated communists and one heart with the global system, thus why they promote the Covid-19 vaccinations and tell their congregations that “Jesus would take the shot.” These are wolves in sheep’s clothing. Documented medical reports prove enormous amounts of deaths and injuries have already been caused by Covid vaccinations. As of September 15th, with the knowledge that only 1% of data is reported, 40,666 deaths have occurred from the Covid-19 vaccination in the USA, EU, and UK. Injuries are at 6,626,502. If these were true servants of God, they would not be violating the Fifth commandment and advocating murder. Christ did not kill 40,000 people to save “one lost sheep.”

What I see happening to the cities and towns in this once free nation is terrifying me, and I am afraid for my country. Once the new global government rises to the surface, all faith-based religions will be exterminated. Churches will become warehouses and those who sat in the pews will be sent to camps for re-education, or worse. How sad that American patriots and Christians silently stand by, like at a funeral procession, watching the destruction of this one great nation. The black masks covering their faces is a fitting symbol for the burial of America.

I have chosen my direction, and I have faith in my Savior, but I know the day will come when our lives will be shortened by the enemies of this once free nation. I have a peace because I know this earth is only a waiting room for something much better. I consider myself extremely blessed by God. He brought me to a land full of opportunity, gave me a wonderful family, and almost three decades of freedom. I will resist the upcoming global tyranny, but I do so with Jesus Christ, my Savior, as my shield. I cannot and will not go back to the captivity I came from.


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