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The Demonization of the Unvaxxed

In The Silver Chair, book 6 of CS Lewis’s magnificent The Chronicles of Narnia, the first pages describe a “mixed” school, meaning for boys and girls, that was…

not nearly so mixed as the minds of the people who ran it. These people had the idea that boys and girls should be allowed to do what they liked. And unfortunately what ten or fifteen of the biggest boys and girls liked best was bullying the others. All sort of things, horrid things, went on…[and] the people who did them were not expelled or punished. The Head said they were interesting psychological cases and sent for them and talked to them for hours. And if you knew the right sort of things to say to the Head, the main result was that you became rather a favorite than otherwise.”

The school is called Experiment House and it’s a drab, dull place where, even though it gives the appearance of “everyone doing what they liked,” it’s really a place where everyone must fit in and those who don’t are singled out and persecuted.

The two heroes of the story, Scrubb and Jill, don’t fit in at all, and are being chased by a group of bullies when they come up against the wall at the back of the garden. They are trapped, with nowhere else to turn. In the wall is a door that is always locked. But on this occasion, it opens.

They expected to see the gray, heathery slope of the moor going up and up to join the dull autumn sky. Instead, a blaze of sunlight met them. It poured through the doorway as the light of a June day pours into a garage when you open the door. It made the drops of water on the grass glitter like beads and showed up the dirtiness on Jill’s tear-stained face.”

And so, just as they are about to be caught, Scrubb grabs Jill’s hand and pulls her “through the door, out of the school grounds, out of England, out of our world into That Place.”

I wonder if children read these books anymore? I wonder if children read books at all anymore, or if they simply stare at a lit-up screen and talk into it and it talks back. These books could well be banned as white supremacist propaganda soon anyway. Who knows?

Lewis isn’t very nice to adults in his books. But that’s because adults aren’t very nice to children. Adults have lost their sense of wonderment. The boisterous actions of children are hateful because they remind adults of what they have lost. Children must conform.

Every child who is a little bit different understands exactly how Scrubb and Jill feel. For those who don’t fit in, school is a terrifying place of torture and dread.

What we are now doing to our children with masks and vaccines is a way to make children so compliant that they never think another thought that makes them question what is “behind the door in the wall.”

Children are the bargaining chips held over the heads of those parents who are also inclined towards being just a little bit different. The consequences of being different used to be so benign. Now they could very well be death.

Someone who was once considered a friend might sneeze or touch another person’s hand, or laugh too vigorously and they will become infected. Of course it is better to live in isolation, dependent on electronic devices for amusement and companionship. The world outside is just too unpredictable.

In my last piece Happily Slipping into Our Straight Jackets, I talked about the history of drugging our children and how it has led us to so easily give up our children on the altar of Big Pharma. This, in turn, led us to where we are now, allowing the State to administer an experimental vaccine to our children, and soon even to babies.

As of late May over 600,000 children have received a first dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech Covid-19 vaccination. By late June, over ~7 million people younger than 18 have been vaccinated.

Yet it is still only green-lit for emergency use. Why are we doing this? Why are we using our children as guinea pigs to protect adults, when it’s been shown that this illness barely affects children, nor do they easily transmit it?

Most troubling, the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines are the first-ever authorized vaccines to use mRNA. Let me just say, I am not an anti-vaxxer. However, I admit that since the start of this pandemic, I, along with a lot of other people, have begun to question things that I once simply believed because our government told me I should.

A year ago, I was living in Luxor, Egypt, having all kinds of wild adventures while my friends back home were locked in their houses and apartments. I’ve written about those experiences in a series of three essays here. Like most people, I already accepted that not everything I read in the news was true. But I never realized how bad the lies were until the pandemic struck.

From my vantage point far away across the world, in a place that didn’t close down because villages just can’t do that, I began to notice how every single news outlet said the same things. Used the same buzz words. I saw how the tension was building between President Trump and his pandemic task force, in particular Dr Fauci. I watched how at every turn, no matter what Trump said, right or wrong, he had to be discredited.

When Trump closed down travel to China, he was accused of xenophobia. To “send a message” Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi toured San Francisco’s Chinatown, saying there was no reason tourists or locals should be staying away. The day after Trump’s travel ban, Biden accused him of hysteria, xenophobia, and fear-mongering. And yet, months later the media made it out that Trump hadn’t done enough and if Biden had been in charge, he would have done much more. What would he have done? Kept the borders open as he is doing now? Everything is a contradiction.

When Trump tried to reassure the public so as not to create a panic, he was accused of purposefully lying to the American people. Yet this was information he got directly from Fauci and he has never been accused of the same. Fauci waffled back and forth on masks, admitting that he lied to the public about masks not being effective in stopping the spread of COVID. Apparently he did this so there wouldn’t be a shortage for health workers. The press doesn’t seem to have a problem with this.

But if our number-one infectious disease expert admits that he lied to us, how do we know he won’t do it again “for our own good?” What we have learned from all of this is that truth doesn’t matter. As long as the lies are making us feel the way we are supposed to feel, we swallow them.

How were we supposed to know Fauci was right and all the other scientific experts who disagreed with him were wrong? It didn’t matter. There could be no dissent.

I saw how information was kept from the public. I became frustrated and began looking for information elsewhere. I had never really listened to Fox News. So, I checked it out. I quickly learned that I could not share anything I discovered on social media. I would be laughed at, screamed at, and unfriended. I couldn’t say that it was giving me a perspective I wasn’t getting on CNN. Not necessarily right or wrong. Just another perspective. And I needed at least one opposing viewpoint from which to compare the State approved information I was receiving.

New media outlets cropped up like Newsmax. I began to appreciate The Epoch Times. I listened to and watched the videos of journalists like Andy Ngo who were out in the field filming raw footage of the riots that mainstream reporters refused to let us see. I read his book, Unmasked, and learned how he was discredited by mainstream reporters. I have a lot of respect for Andy Ngo and I am grateful for his courageous reporting, in the face of physical attacks and death threats that became so bad, he had to move out of the country.

Way back in April of 2020, Mike Pompeo demanded the truth from Beijing as to whether COVID-19 escaped from the Wuhan lab during experiments and China covered it up by blaming ‘wet’ food markets. This sounded plausible to me. Yet, Pompeo now says he received pushback against any type of investigation. Like so many other plausible theories put forward by Trump and his team, all reference to COVID originating in a lab were removed from the internet. Anyone daring to talk about it was labeled a conspiracy theorist and shut out of their social media accounts.

Now, suddenly, it’s all over the news. A year after TRASHING the theory that COVID originated from a Wuhan lab because Trump supported the suggestion – America’s woke mainstream news outlets suddenly start asking if it’s true!

Why? That is a mystery I would like to find the answer for.

And then there’s Hydroxychloroquine. And, I should add Ivermectin. Although I don’t go into it here, it’s the same scenario and you will see it in the news a lot lately—too late for so many people.

In April 2020, a small French study showed HCQ combined with azithromycin, an antibiotic, was safe and effective in lowering COVID-19’s virus count in patients who had first contracted the disease. Mr. Trump immediately cited the study — as it was good news — the world was at the height of the pandemic and HCQ had been approved and used by physicians for 85 years to treat both malaria and some autoimmune diseases.

Instead of this being greeted as hopeful, it was immediately trashed in the media. Fake news. Not following the science. But I wondered. It didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that Big Pharma in collusion with anyone investing into it had good reason to discredit HCQ. The medication was cheap and easily administered. If millions of people started taking this drug, in conjunction with other therapeutics, and they started getting better, what justification would there be for vaccinating the entire world?

When, in July of 2020, a group calling themselves America’s Frontline Doctors, stood upon the steps of our capital building and spoke of the merits of hydroxychloroquine, describing masks as unnecessary, they were derided as quacks. A video of their impassioned speech immediately went viral and was removed from all social media by the next day.

It became apparent to me that anyone, no matter how prominent, no matter how upstanding, who dared to question the State-sanctioned propaganda were being silenced, discredited and fired from their positions. Why weren’t we listening to them?

If, as Fauci was always saying and continues to say to this day, “we simply don’t know [fill in the blank]”, why wouldn’t they welcome the help of a wider range of expertise? These were doctors who put their reputations on the line to speak out. They were in the trenches, actually treating patients. They weren’t theorists like Dr Fauci, playing god in laboratories, receiving grants from Big Pharma with the understanding they needed to reach the required conclusion.

I was inclined to think maybe these doctors had something important to say. Yet still, when I tried to make that suggestion on social media, again, I was shot down. People were really getting worried about me. I was being brainwashed.

By whom? I was merely comparing possibilities. Once upon a time, that was called critical thinking. Now, everyone’s minds were completely closed to any inquiries. I had never experienced anything like it.

Perhaps future generations will look back on the denial of HCQ and Ivermectin to the public to treat this illness as one of the greatest crimes in history. How many lives could have been saved if these inexpensive and easily accessible drugs, along with other therapeutics, had been used early on? Perhaps millions.

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