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The Fauci Wing of the Libertarian Party

From the Tom Woods Letter:

Lots of people have been disappointing on the virus hysteria.

The Libertarian Party has been a grotesque disappointment. During the critical months of lockdown, not a peep. (Some state and local chapters, by contrast, were indeed very good.)

Oh, they were very exercised about the January 6 nothingness, but the rising dystopia? Meh.

I won’t go into the details, because they’ll only enrage you (and me).

Now you may say: Woods, I don’t care about politics or the Libertarian Party.

I hear you.

I myself care about the Libertarian Party because it has the word “libertarian” in it, so I would prefer it not be a hideous embarrassment.

Not to mention: I would like every institution that has a microphone to be rock-solid on the COVID dystopia.

To that end, on February 15, in the penthouse of a major hotel on the Las Vegas strip, I am hosting a fundraiser and meet and greet for Angela McArdle, who is running for chair of the party (technically, chair of the Libertarian National Committee).

If you can be there, I promise it will be memorable. It will be a small group (the penthouse, big as it is, can fit only so many people) and you’ll get to chat with both of us.

Angela, whom you have heard on the Tom Woods Show, is probably the hardest-working person I know, and that’s saying something. She has been a ferocious opponent of vaccine mandates and passports, for starters. She is a genuinely tireless activist for our causes, and fights for them also in her professional work, in the legal field.

I’m spending my own money on this event, so I’m not asking anything of you that I’m not doing myself. But if you can attend, I would appreciate it. And if you can’t, there is an option to contribute anyway on the registration page.

The Fauci wing has got to be smashed. There can be no excusing the party’s horrendous response to what we’ve been enduring. When Angela wins, the crazies are defeated and one more institutional voice is added to the chorus of dissidents.

I hope you can join us:

And remember: on February 1 I have an announcement coming, the most important I have ever made. It involves your life and mine, and living them well despite the lizard people. Be the first to hear it, because I promise you will want to:

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