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The Modernist Erasure of History Would Halt Attempts To Find Human Origins

The current globalist agenda seeks to erase history, in particular religious history which progressives believe is outdated.

Religion has failed to eliminate war and poverty, deliver equality, provide reparations for slavery, and produce healthy people, say modernists who promise to “build back better.”

The modernist believes humanity will be saved from itself (overpopulation myth) by establishment of an expiration date for all humans (dying on time would be a dream come true for the life insurance industry), and save the planet from the false proposition of global warming/ climate change by limiting greenhouse gases (CO2). However, NASA shows carbon dioxide (CO2), which is nourishment for the oxygen-making plant world, comprises just 0.04% of the atmosphere, which is a vital nutrient for the entire plant world, and if reduced too much, all life ceases to exist.

The 4th Industrial Revolution

The agenda of the globalists is to create a global citizen by ending national sovereignty, and borders, and impose a centralized digital currency linked to a social health credit score, in which no one would be able to buy, sell, or travel without it, (the banking side of the Biblical “mark of the beast”).  Access to money may only be granted to those who are vaccinated.  Donations to church may be denied as worship centers are designated as terrorist, racist organizations.  Worship will be to the all-powerful unelected global government.

“The 4th Industrial Revolution” will be ushered in; the idea that automated intelligence will mate people with technology to produce super-enhanced humans here on Earth. And with this super-brain power also comes a promised eternal health via synthetic biology – – machine-grown organ transplants can finally replace the promised renewed bodies in heaven of antiquated Christianity.  This is the dystopian world being forced on human populations around the globe at the present time via the banking and healthcare system.

The god of technology

In this cancel culture era, a progressive website claims one objective of progressives is to ban the words “God” and “Jesus” from use by the year 2030.   The god of technology will replace the historical God.  Technocrats will run the world.  Pseudoscience has taken a front seat in the current global pandemic, and everyone can see its contrivances and failures.

Humanity is now taking instructions from “scientific experts” who know what is best for the rest of us. The pandemic is just the first page of the unveiling globalist agenda.

The Bible: a collection of fables and old wives tales or “scientifically accurate?”

According to evolutionists, by now we should all know that humans evolved from an ape-like ancestor tens-of thousands of years ago.  But as scientists look in the mirror, they find their published-in-print ideas are not cast in stone.  To the contrary, science validates the Biblical rendition of history and human identity.

The question of human identity can only be answered by genealogy

Klaus Schwab, designer of this dehumanizing, dystopian new world, says the 4th Industrial Revolution “will fuse our physical, our digital and biological identities.”  Essentially, humans will no longer have a mind of their own.  Automated intelligence is going to “change who we are.”

In fact, the only answer to the question “Who are you?” is through your genealogy. You ARE “the daughter or son of your mother and father.”  That is who you are.  Or, going further back to creation, you are a child of God (created in the image of God).

It is important for humans to know where they came from. History is important, personally and generationally.  Adopted children always want to know who their real birth parents were.

Sidetracked by carbon dating

Anything shown to have lived over 6000 years ago would overturn the Biblical account of “the beginning.”

Ah, but you have been taught the fossil record is far older than that.  However, the fossils are dated by the rock layer they are found in, and the rock layer is dated by the fossils found within, which is circuitous reasoning.

What about carbon dating of fossils that shows dinosaurs lived millions of years ago?  You may need to take a short course about the flaws of carbon dating.  Believe it or not, living organisms have been carbon dated to be thousands of years old.

A biological clock betrays the notion humans evolved long ago

So, with the question “where did I come from?” in the back of our minds, geneticists have attempted find a clock in our body that would tell us when the first humans lived.  To repeat, anything dating back further than 6000 years, the Biblical time span from creation to the present, would invalidate the scriptures.

There is a genetic clock in the human body. This clock is located in the mitochondria within every cell of the human body.  Mitochondria can be likened to small rechargeable batteries that produce energy inside cells.

These small power plants within living cells develop flaws we call mutations over time, and like a clock,  assuming a certain rate of mutation, can be back-counted to indicate how long ago they occurred.  This may, looking back in biological time, chronologically indicate how long ago the first person existed on the planet.

Mitochondrial DNA easier to examine

Surprisingly, as intricate as humans are, there are only ~25,000 genes in each cell of the human body.  These genes are housed in the nucleus of the cell.

A smaller number of genes, 37, are located the mitochondria. These mitochondrial power plants, 200- 300 in each cell, reside in the watery cytoplasm outside the nucleus.   It is obviously much easier to backtrack mitochondrial DNA than nuclear DNA.

Rate of mitochondrial mutation serves as a biological/ chronological clock

Every so many years there is a mutation in the mitochondrial genome (library of genes). The rate of these mutations can serve as a sort of clock. So, geneticists have suggested there were mutations every 6,000 to 12,000 years or so. They then estimated by this back-dating method that humans as a species began some 180,000 to 200,000 years ago.

However, the number of  errors in the genome were very small, only 21.6 flawed nucleotides out of 16,569 DNA differences.  Nucleotides are building blocks of DNA.  So, geneticists realized a much shorter time span must have transpired since “Adam and Eve.”

When their mistake was corrected, they found Homo Sapiens dates back only 6,000 years (a 33-fold mistake).  This error was reported in Science Magazine in 1998 by correcting the mutation rate in the mitochondria of females.  This coincides with the Biblical record that human life began ~6000 years ago.

Not the only mistake

Evolutionary biologists were reluctant to admit there was bias in their backdating of human history. These discoveries were uncomfortable for evolutionists.  And that wasn’t their only mistake.

Since then, there is new data along the male side of mitochondrial history.  The error among evolutionists was mistakenly believing all mitochondrial inheritance came from the mother. It was later reported small amounts of mitochondrial DNA are also inherited from fathers.  But even that was a large error.

Upon reexamination it became evident that 90% of our family tree can be traced back along paternal lines. “There’s not one woman who we can trace our mitochondrial history,” says a prominent geneticist.


Of interest, while the Bible teaches both Adam and Eve disobeyed God, the predilection to sin was specifically inherited from Adam (the man).   And only Adam could pass on the initial mutations that sperm use to reproduce the next generation after the fall, whereas Eve’s eggs were created perfectly before the fall. Women would not be able to pass on mutations until the next generation.  Again, the Bible got it right genetically.  However, there is more to this story.  Gene mutations may not be involved at all.

The misplacement or substitution of nucleotides (building blocks of DNA) results in classically described mutations.  However, there can be long-standing changes in human genes without altering the sequence of DNA.  There is a dynamic aspect of genes wherein proteins are produced.  This is called epigenetics.

Genes can be “expressed” (activated) or “silenced” (turned off) by exogenous factors like radiation, temperature, food, and quite surprisingly, behavior (way of thinking).

Early life behavior can “imprint” and reprogram the brain via epigenetic memory.  A detectable defect in DNA is not evident, but a long-standing epigenetic change can occur.  This is part of learning and memory.

This is consistent with what the Bible talks about when after Adam and Eve disobeyed God’s instructions and ate from the “tree of knowledge of good and evil,” (Genesis 2: 17), all succeeding generations were cursed (genes reprogrammed, epigenetically altered).

The New Testament talks about “all men dying because of one man’s (Adam’s) trespasses, and by one man’s obedience (Jesus) many will be made righteous.” (Romans 5)

Behavior (obedience, compliance, faith) can alter epigenetic memory.  This is called “transgenerational epigenetic inheritance.”

But as interesting as epigenetics is, I’m off topic.  Let’s proceed with the discussion of mitochondrial backdating and the origins of man.

Another revelation: the genetic bottleneck of the Flood

About 1,660 years passed from Creation to the flood, whereas 4,369 passed from the flood to the present day.

This new data reveals via mitochondrial backdating that the human genome (library of genes) went through a genetic bottleneck about 4,500 years ago.  That bottleneck can be explained by the Biblical story of Noah and his family as the only remaining people on Earth after the great Flood.

Then only the DNA from Noah’s three sons and their wives were used to repopulate the Earth.  At this point, investigation into the Y chromosome, which only males carry, is revealing.

Researchers were perplexed to understand, if humans have been around for hundreds of thousands of years, there would be 8 to 59 times more mutations than currently observed in the Y-chromosome DNA.  However, only about 4,500 years of mutations have accumulated in the paternal ancestry, which dates back to when Noah launched his ark to survive the Flood, according to the book of Genesis. Again, another confirmation of the Bible.

So, technically, though Adam was the first man, modern humans are all descendants of Noah if we are to embrace the Biblical creation story followed by The Flood.

A universal gene mutation stunted human lifespan

As an aside, a long-ago gene mutation that affected all humans, disengaged a gene that produced an enzyme that in turn internally converts blood sugar to ascorbate (vitamin C).  Most animals endogenously secrete vitamin C from their liver.  But humans do not.

For that gene mutation to have affected every human, again there had to have been a bottleneck in the size of the human population.  That bottleneck appears to have been Noah’s Flood – only 8 people, Noah and his family, survived.

The Bible explains that humans were living up to 900 years before the flood and Biblical genealogies reveal the human lifespan began to steeply decline after The Flood.

For that gene mutation to be universal there had to be a bottleneck in the size of the human population.  Here again, Noah’s children interbred and that is when gene mutations often occur.  There is no time machine to validate all this, but the Bible genealogies explain this in terms of human lifespan.   Once again, the Bible gets it right.

Because of this gene mutation, humans experience heart attacks, but most animals don’t.  Biochemist Irwin Stone explained this problem in the 1970s and dreamed of a day when this gene mutation would be genetically corrected.

Modern-day researchers show if internal synthesis of vitamin C is genetically halted in animals, they live only a third as long.  This is the current human predicament.  Elevation of blood vitamin C levels to that of naturally-secreting animals increases lifespan and healthspan by 2.7-fold.

The most likely genetic mechanism (stop codon read-through) to reverse this gene mutation has recently been identifiedIf animal lab data can be extrapolated to humans, correction of this gene flaw would result in humans living hundreds of years!

A nutraceutical that doubles vitamin C blood levels without dietary or supplemental vitamin C has been developed, presumably via correction of that gene flaw.

Any claim such a pill prolongs human life by hundreds of years would be speculative until a decades-long longevity study could be mounted to provide conclusive evidence, but that would be impractical.  However, such a development is now plausible.

This is nothing globalists want to hear about.  Any anti-aging technology is anathema to their current godless agenda, which is to cull the size of the world’s population.

This is despite the fact human populations are in decline numbers-wise in North America, western Europe, Italy and Japan, and birth rates are being curbed in India and China.  Urbanization and stable economies result in women voluntarily limiting the size of their families to two children, which is population neutral.  The book EMPTY PLANET tells the shocking story.  The globalists are living in the past.

Evolutionists are often on the same page with creationists

Evolutionists have attempted to recreate the early Earth environment in the now infamous Miller-Urey experiment where various compounds combined with gases and light energy were employed to re-create the building blocks of proteins that could be combined to produce DNA, the molecule of life.

Some scientists hail this failed experiment, which attempted to find the spark of life.  It is described in great detail at Wikipedia.  If intentional manipulation of all the elements of life could not reproduce DNA, then how could random chance?

It wasn’t till 1982 when it was confirmed that every element in man is found in the soil.  There are 25 elements essential for human life.  According to Moses, man came from the dust of the Earth.   Another Biblical validation. What was missing was “the breath of life.”

What this experiment shows is that man is unceasingly attempting to find his origins.  For now, these efforts are largely determined by predilections and preconceived world views.

Nothing new under the sun

It is not as if there is anything new under the sun, says the Book of Ecclesiastes.

In the 1st Century the Apostle Paul wrote: “In the latter times….there will be deceivers… forbiddance of marriage and abstaining from eating meat.” (I Timothy 4).

That is precisely the World Economic Forum’s globalist agenda and modus operandi.  The world will be genderless, having relations with sex dolls, not making babies, and there will forbiddance of red meat because domestic animals produce a lot of greenhouse gases.  Just how did the Apostle Paul know?

Without red meat there will be massive malnutrition, especially for iron, zinc, and vitamin B12 among growing children and fertile females.

The Mark of the Beast

Two historical scholars speculate the Mark Of The Beast will not only be required to conduct business (Revelation 13:17 – “that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark or the name of the beast or the number of his name”), but will include a carrot – a compelling benefit, to become an advanced human, a god.

The requirements for that will be superior knowledge and immortality in the physical world.  These scholars speculate The Mark of the Beast will be delivered through the healthcare system via an invisible particle (called atma, a Sanskrit word meaning “soul” in Hindu reincarnation teachings).

It is not that globalists don’t want an anti-aging pill, it is that they want to cull the world’s population first and then use life-extending technology to control human populations.  Those who adopt the mark of the beast will be connected to AI.

The most promising anti-aging pill has been quashed and ignored by modern medicine for fear it would worsen the imagined problem of overpopulation and put modern medicine out of business.  An anti-aging pill is to globalists what a garlic ring is to a vampire.

The Bible “invented” super-longevity

According to the Biblical record, super-longevity existed before Noah’s Flood.   Had there been no rebellion against God, there would have been no Flood, and no gene mutation, and therefore humans may have gone on living hundreds of years.  God invented super-longevity, not any biologist.

What is God’s viewpoint of all this?  When God faced a perverse generation, he said this in the book of Deuteronomy (chapter 32):

I will erase their name from human memory,

They are a nation without sense,
there is no discernment in them.
 If only they were wise and would understand this
and discern what their end will be!

The Lord will vindicate his people
and relent concerning his servants
when he sees their strength is gone
and no one is left, slave or free.

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